4.5 Angle Grinder Reviews And The 4 1/2 Angle Grinder Buying Guide

4 1/2 angle grinder reviews

There are many 4.5 angle grinder reviews can found in online. Based on that it is no doubt that Angle grinders are powerful, versatile and efficient tools that every handyman should have. These remarkable tools have a wide range of functions making your task simple and enjoyable.

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4.5 Angle Grinder Reviews

The DEWALT D28115 is a perfect choice for those who want an angle grinder for extended use.

Since there are different models, I present this angle grinder reviews to give you an easy time when making a choice. With these detailed 4.5 inch angle grinder reviews, it’s a guarantee you will make the best decision to take your workshop to the next level. Check the 4.5 grinder reviews below.

Things to consider when choosing an angle grinder 


When choosing the right angle grinder, the price shouldn’t be the only consideration. If you want an elementary performance, power and safety, then you should look for the following aspects.

Disc size 

Popular sizes include 230 mm or 9 inches and 115 mm or 4.5 inches. Large size means high performance.

Motor Power 

They come in various wattage, amp and voltage. Generally, amp ratings range from 4-15 while Watts range from 500 to 2,500. A lower rating machine will suit most household tasks.

Speed Ratings 

As per most 4.5 angle grinder status, angle grinders should have a speeds ranging from 5,000 – 11,000 revolutions per minute.


A small and lightweight angle grinder is more comfortable as compared to a large machine. However, large angle grinders are perfect for large constructions.

The 4.5 angle grinders are designed for cutting, grinding, sharpening and polishing surfaces and thus a great tool for handymen and also for households.

These 4.5 grinder reviews features the tools that I found very versatile and powerful.

There are more power tools in here which are made, your works easy.

4.5 angle grinder reviews

DEWALT D28115 Heavy-Duty Grinder

As my first 4.5 angle grinder, I will talk about DEWALT D28115 angle grinder. If you want a combination of power and comfort, you should settle at DEWALT D28115. This tool features 9,000 rpm and 13.0 Amp making it very versatile and economical.

I found this angle grinder very durable since it features an effective dust ejection system. It comes with 5 inches keyless adjustable guard and simple operating instructions. Above all, the manufacturer off
ers a 3-year warranty.

The DEWALT D28115 is a perfect choice for those who want an angle grinder for extended use.

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DEWALT D28402K Small-Angle Grinder Kit

In my second angle grinder, I will talk about DEWALT D28402K angle grinder. The DEWALT D28402K comes with 10 amp and 120 volts motor that delivers up to 11,000 rpm. Its ergonomic body makes this tool easy to handle giving you convenience in your task.

Weighing only 4.6 pounds, this angle grinder is very compact and perfect to fit in tight places. I couldn’t leave the DEWALT D28402K in this 4.5 inch angle grinder reviews since its easy-to-control.

It features three-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee. If you have been struggling with heavy and uncomfortable angle grinder, try the DEWALT D28402K.

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Bosch 1380 Slim Slim Grinder

My third angle grinder that I am going to talk is Bosch 1380Slim angle grinder. If you want a durable 4 1/2 angle grinder, the Bosch 1380Slim may be your choice. It has a reinforced wheel guard, and it’s made a sturdy material to give you a long service.

With a powerful 7.5 amp motor, you will be to grind different materials with ease. It accepts 120 volts and offers 11,000 rpm making it suitable for pneumatics, grinders and Sanders.

This 115 angle grinder is ergonomic and slim to reduce fatigue. Though it’s relatively small, I can compare its performance to DEWALT D28115.

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PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 6.0-Amp Angle Grinder

In fourth angle grinder reviews I will focus on PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG angle grinder. The PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG is a best seller, and its popularity has grown significantly due to its exceptional features. It’s powered by a 6 amp motor that gives it a high speed of 11,000 rpm.

This angle grinder features a cast metallic gear case that enhances jobsite durability and longevity.

I featured this tool in the 4.5 grinder reviews since PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG weighs only 5.6 pounds and has a voltage of 120 making it suitable for all household tasks.

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Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder with Aluminum Case

As the last not the list I will talk about Makita 9557PBX1 angle grinder. The Makita 9557PBX1 is designed with comfort and high performance in mind. It has a 7.5 amp motor that offers high output power.

This tool weighs 4.5 lbs and has a barrel diameter of 2 1/2-inch making it cozy to handle. The Makita 9557PBX1 has a lock-on/off feature that allows continuous operation.

Don’t worry about power since this too has an AC/DC to allow alternative power source. I was able to use it with a generator.

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Final Verdict

These grinder reviews includes some of the best and cheapest tools in the market. They are high performing tools that every handyman should consider.

However, ensure you read and understand the features of a particular angle grinder before making the final decision.

Although most people may be inclined to purchase a cheap angle tool, you should know that expensive tools are highly durable and come with all accessories for immediate use.

In the respect of this 4.5 angle grinder reviews we highly recommend for DEWALT D28402K Angle Grinder. Be free to choose the tools in our 4.5 grinder reviews because the reviews are authoritative.