5 Best 12 Inch Disc Sander Reviews and Buying Guide

Best 12 Inch Disc Sander

A sander is a power tool with a rough surface which is used in order to make the wood smooth.  There are various types of sanders and they all serve various purposes. A Disc sander is one of the many types of sanders but today we will discus about 5 best 12 inch disc sander. A disc sander is a stationary machine that has a replaceable sandpaper (round shaped) attached to a wheel. The wheel can be turned by an electric motor or compressed air. Generally, you have to put the wood on a front bench which can be adjusted.

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Fox W1828 Disc Sander buying guide

This review will not only guide the buyers to get the right Disc Sander. It will last for a very long time and it will give you an outstanding service.

If you are a wood-worker or someone who is in the furniture (made of wood) business, you will definitely need to have a disc sander. Plus, if you are a DIYer, then you may consider buying it. Because if you want to make wooden furniture, you will have to make the wood smooth. This is where a disc sander is useful.

Best 12 Inch Disc Sander Reviews


Now, there are a lot of disc sanders out there in the market. Before buying any of them, you need to consider a couple of things- budget, brand, diameter of the product and most importantly, the features that only you need.

There are so many products out there that it is very difficult to choose the best 12 Inch Disc Sander. So in order to help you out, we are going to talk about five of the best Disc Sanders.

Grizzly G7297 Disc Sander:

Grizzly G7297 Disc Sander

Grizzly G7297 Disc Sander is one of those dynamic and visually appealing sanders which will give you the performance you want. It has some of the best features and there is absolutely no doubt that you will love it.

You can surely depend on its 1 horsepower motor in order to operate smoothly. It’s a 66.5-pound product. If you compare it to some of the other 12-in disc sanders, then you will know that it is relatively lightweight. So, you can easily take it anywhere which is a huge advantage.

Its cast aluminum table will tilt from 0-Degree to 45-Degrees. 12-inch PSA discs will be accepted by this product. Plus, a 2″ dust port and a miter gauge will make it a perfect disk sander. So as you can see that it’s full of features that you will love. More importantly, it’s gonna serve you for a long time.

Pros Cons
Comparatively affordable price. Handling problem.
Produce less sound. Not for heavy duty job.
Strong aluminum base table.
On/off switch.

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Central Machinery Disc Sander:

Central Machinery Disc Sander

Out of thousands of disc sanders on the market, this disc sander is a special one. When you see it, you will surely like it. It has some amazing features. For example, it has a 1-1/4 horse power motor, cast aluminum table(which will tilt from 0 degree to 30 degrees), disc guard. Plus, it also includes a miter gauge which is adjustable(from 30 degrees to 90 degrees).

It is a user-friendly disc sander. So, when you use it, you will feel comfortable. It’s an 82-pound product. It’s not the lightest product by any means. But it is fairly easy to transport.  It can easily and quickly smooth your wood pieces. All in all, it’s a terrific product which will fulfill all your needs. Rest assured, you won’t regret buying it. It is highly recommended that you buy this for your sanding tasks.

Pros Cons
Good for small work. Comparatively thin table.
Easy to changing the disk. Little bit vibration.
Safety disk guard.
Aluminum table.

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Shop Fox W1828 12-Inch Disc Sander:

Shop Fox W1828 12-Inch Disc Sander

The Shop Fox W1828 12-Inch Disc Sander is a dynamic disc sander which is perfect for shaping or smoothing the edges. Its 1-horsepower motor is totally enclosed and for protection, it has a fan that will keep it cool. This awesome motor will spin at 1,700 RPM which is good for smoothing the wood. This is one of the best features of the sander. The disc sander also features a ground cast iron table which can be adjusted up to 45 degrees.

The product has a deluxe miter gauge in order to move workpieces into the disc at a particular angle that you want. There is a degree scale which will allow you to know the sanding angle. So, it will give you the accuracy you want.

Finally, this sander also has a safety paddle switch. It will give you safety (compare to the other types of ‘On/Off’ switches) because of its big paddle.

Pros Cons
High quality finishing. A little bit noisy.
No vibration.
Safety paddle switch included.

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RIKON 51-200 12-Inch Disc Sander:

RIKON 51-200 12-Inch Disc Sander

The Rikon 51-200 12” Disc Sander is another disc sander which will give you an outstanding performance. It is perfect for sanding smaller pieces of wood and plastic. Its 1-horsepower motor is perfect for your job.

This Sander features a strong cast iron base which will help to stabilize the unit when you are doing your work. Its rubber feet will reduce vibration. So when you use it, it won’t move away from its original position. Furthermore, the cast iron table tilts up to 45 degrees (in either direction).

When you turn off the sander, you can quickly stop the rotation of the disc. You can do that by applying pressure to the manual disc brake lever.

The disc on this Sander is designed with fan fins in order to draw the dust away from your working area.

Considering all the facts, this sander should surely be one of the best 12 Inch Disc Sanders.

Pros Cons
Durable. Inferior packaging.
Less expensive.
Easy handling.
Table can lock with nut bolt.
Fan and fins through the dust away.

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Delta Power Equipment Corp 31-140 Disc Sander:

Delta Power Equipment Corp 31-140 Disc Sander

This disc sander is one of the best ones that you will find on the market today. The product is long-lasting and it is reliable. It will help you to complete big and demanding tasks with ease. Its powerful 1/2 horsepower motor will make your life easy and comfortable. It’s really great for a smooth operation. Its cast iron table tilts from left to right.

Furthermore, It has a manual brake which is located on the top. So when you are done for the day, you can access it easily to stop the rotating disc in no time. It has an awesome dust collection fan which will draw away the dust from the table. So dust will never be an issue and your place will be cleaner. The Delta

Pros Cons
Very powerful motor. Heavy weight machine.
Made for heavy duty takes. Price is little bit higher.
Safety equipment available.
Accurate angle sand.

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Final Verdict

These are the best 12 Inch Disc Sanders reviews out there on the market. There is no such thing as a perfect product and none of the product mentioned above is perfect. But, rest assured that they are all made of top quality materials and all of them will last for a very long time. When you choose a sander, you have to think about what you need specifically. There are lots of products which may not suit you because they don’t give you what you need. So before buying, think about what you need. This is the way you should buy a product. Now you may wonder about which one is the best 12 Inch Disc Sander that we have described in the earlier sections. Well, all of them are good. But if we have to recommend, then JET 708432K will be a bit better.