Best Small Routers Review and Small Routers Buying Guide

Best Small Routers

Routers are essential for wood workings and most of the professional carpenters use the best small routers for their wood works. Usually the small routers for woodworking are preferable. In most cases as they require lack space to store and use is comfortable.

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Best Small Routers Review

I wanted to get the routers for my own carpentry. I read few reviews for small routers for woodworking. The best small CNC router I could get some ideas about them.

The designs and cuts made with small routers are also perfect for versatile use. As a result, the professional woodworkers use the small routers for their daily use.

I wanted to get the routers for my own carpentry. I read few reviews for small routers for woodworking. And the best small CNC router I could get some ideas about them.

I have found several top level small routers which would be beneficial for my own business.

Best Small Routers


Product Feature
Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip Variable-speed, quick-lock systems, 15,000 – 35,000 rpm, depth adjustment.
DEWALT DWP611 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router with LED’s Durable 1.25Horse Power motor, variable speed control, Soft-starting motor
Bosch PR10E Colt Single-Speed Palm-Grip Router 5.7 amp motor, 35,000 RPM, Durable fixed base, depth adjustment, finger support pockets
PORTER-CABLE 450 1.25 HP Compact Router Fixed/Plunge Combo Kit Compact design, lightweight 1.25HP motor, soft starting motor, full-time electronic feedback

Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router

There is different best small CNC router is available for carpentry use. But Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip is one of the nice small routers  for professional use for its unique features and facilities.

Usually the small routers are not found everywhere and few manufacturers produce them. Bosch has manufactured the Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip.


Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip has different beneficial factors. It has gained fame across the world. Some of its features are –

·      Variable speed ·      Drop forged collet
·      Palm Grip ·      Shat wrenches
·      5.6 AMP motor ·      Straight edge guide
·      Soft grip ·      Limited warranty for one years
·      15,000 – 35,000 RPM ·      Less weight
·      Depth Adjustment ·      Versatile device
·      Finger support pockets ·      Easy trimming
·      Soft start ·      Small compact pack
·      Quick lock ·      Comfortable in use
·      Aluminum construction


At times the lock system may not work properly. It happens mostly when the lock is frequently used. It also lacks refinement.

User Review

Best pick for me

Robert Drowny

I was irritated with the other devices for my wood working. I started looking for the routers for my small work shop.

After lots of reviewing about small routers for woodworking. And the best small CNC router, I bought this one. This device is of great work for me.

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DEWALT DWP611 1.25 HP Variable Speed Compact Router with LED’s

Usually small routers do not come with the LEDs. This specific version Dewalt has been manufactured with the facility.

The light could be used for a clear view of the base. This router can make the perfect design, cut, trimming or other necessary works.

This palm routers are a durable one and come with a strong motor that can go through the toughest wood.


This specific product from Dewalt has different benefits which have made it famous among the professional users and some of the pros are –

·      Durable motor ·      Instant motor speed maintaining
·      1.25 horse power motor ·      Adjustment ring
·      Cuts through the toughest woods ·      Maximum visibility
·      Soft starting motor ·      Controlled bit depth change
·      Variable speed control ·      Spindle lock
·      Full time electronic feedback ·      Single wrench bit change
·      Dual LEDs ·      Multiple shaft lock
·      Clear sub base ·      Quick bit change


The router is not for everyday use as only the heavy duty tasks should be done with it only. This is the only negative side of this router.

User review

Powerful router

By George Greggry

I had bought the router for maximum visibility of the sub base. And found this one form Dewalt as one of the best popular small routers.

It is powerful router and works well on the tough woods.

The right shape!!

By Stevenson

I had been looking for small routers for woodworking and found this one helpful for me. The shape and size of this router is perfect as I had been looking onwards from the best small CNC router.

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Bosch PR10E Colt Single-Speed Palm-Grip Router

This is the other good small routers for professional use and has a powerful motor as well. The router has a rugged aluminum fixed which is commonly not found among the small routers or on the best small CNC router. The Bosch trim router is globally famous for its features, shape and performance. This


Bosch PR10E Colt Single-Speed Palm-Grip Router has several benefits. The most notable pros of the router are –

·      Powerful motor ·      35,000 RPM
·      5.7 AMP motor ·      Enhanced bit capacity
·      Aluminum fixed base ·      Bits accepted of different diameter
·      Made with rugged aluminum ·      Palm grip design
·      Depth adjustment ·      Spindle lock
·      Fast adjustment process ·      One wrench bit change
·      Finger support pockets ·      Quick clamping
·      Durable base ·      Macro and micro level depth adjustment
·      Solid and precise base ·      Soft start feature


Sometimes the plastic-made tools may malfunction and require much times for repairing. This is the most notable depressing impact of the router but it is okay with the other sides.

User Review

A must for professionals

By Robert Young

I have been using the tool for several years and greatly satisfied with its service. I have produced different attractive designs and my clients are happy with my works.

Love this toy!!

By Hanna Elizabeth

This is a wonderful instrument for me with my occasional routing. And I think is the best fine small routers.

I usually make some tweaking of the furniture I receive from my carpenter.

Sometimes the furniture needs trimming or polishing which is not done satisfactorily by the carpenter. And I do those by myself with the device.

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PORTER-CABLE 450 Compact Router Fixed/Plunge Combo Kit

Usually the small routers for woodworking are not always used except some exceptional cases, their productions are not stopped.

They are available around the world and own some special features. This small plunge router is compact in shape and size. This is controllable in any situations.

It made with durable motor and featured with soft starting system.


PORTER-CABLE 450 has some benefits and those are –

·      Compact shape ·      Easy clamping mechanism
·      Less weight ·      Soft starting motor
·      Durable motor ·      Controlled bit depth change
·      1.25 Horse power motor ·      Combined depth ring and clamping mechanism
·      Comfy use ·      Fixed base
·      Easy control ·      Plunge base
·      Full time electronic feedback ·      Versatile use
·      Adjustment ring ·      Palm grip
·      Depth change ·      Heavy duty wood workings
·      Depth ring


There are no visible cons have been found yet for which are common on the other best small CNC router. It could be used for serving your purposes.

User review

Nice compact router

By David Carlson

This is a small routers and I have been using it for several months.

The overall performance of the router is satisfactory. I am highly pleased with its service. The size of the router is also adorable.

Love the small piece

By Warlord

I like it most for its small size. The size can carry in all places and useable at any environment. I like the router most.

These are the best trim router 2015 and best palm router 2016 also. Do not  confuse as they are called multiple name for their features.

I never had to get any repairing service for the router. Before getting the best small routers, people should consider some issues like the compatibility of the routers with their respective tasks.

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The first and most important thing is that the routers are for professional use. The small routers for woodworking can use for other purposes too. A good small routers are useable for the professionals people who engage with carpentry as students.

The small routers could also use for the occasional users.

There are a large number of manufacturers available who produce different routers and accessories for the carpentry.

We have reviewed all the available resources over the best small routers. I have found that Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip is the best one and the potential users could get one for their regular use.