Bosch PR20EVSK Review And Buying Guide of Bosch PR20EVSK

Bosch PR20EVSK Review

Working with wood? Have you gone through Bosch PR20EVSK review today before starting your work? If not, you are missing a lot of things for your professional carpentry.

Bosch PR20EVSK


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Bosch PR20EVSK variable speed router

The device being small is comfortable for home use and sometimes the carpentry learners.

If you are working with Bosch woodworking tools for your professional carpentry or Bosch variable speed router for your different level wood workings, you are to go through this review to know about the features of the devices and use them perfectly to get the required design.

In the current days, carpentry has reached in the level of a sophisticated art form that has been being continued for time immemorial. People prefer wood furniture as they are durable and gorgeous while the design done within your budgeted time and client requirement.

Bosch woodworking tools or Bosch variable speed router is a professional tool and mostly used by the carpentry professionals. Bosch PR20EVSK review has found the tool is useful for different purposes and small in size.

Thereby, the device being small is comfortable for home use too and sometimes the carpentry learners are seen using it too for their academic projects.

Bosch PR20EVSK Review


Variable speed

The Bosch woodworking tools come with variable speed feature. In this feature, the users are allowed to control the speed of the router. Sometimes the speed needs to be controlled as all the woods are not the same. Regarding the soft woods, it requires a lower speed while the harder woods require a good speed and all the routers are not featured with this system.

Powerful motor

The motor is highly powerful and it contains 1.0 horse power which is best for the small size wood routers and a 5.6 AMP motor to generate the required power for cutting through the woods. Besides, the motor spin rate varies from 16,000 – 35000 RPM.

Depth adjustment

Bosch woodworking tools and other Bosch variable speed routers are featured with the depth adjustment feature. For the depth adjustment, the users are able to adjust the bit height and depth so that they could get a precise cut of the wood pieces. Many of the contemporary routers do not have such facilities which cause troubles for the users.

User friendly

Basically the Bosch woodworking tools and other Bosch variable speed routers are user friendly and designed to have comfortable working.

The devices are rated best by the Bosch PR20EVSK review for their user friendliness like ergonomic handles, easy bit changing capacity, easy locking system, easy use, easy clamping system etc. are the most notable user friendly features of the router.

Compact size

This router is compact is size in comparison with the other contemporary small routers. Usually the Bosch woodworking tools and other Bosch variable speed routers are made compact so that they could be useful for the end level users.

Sometimes, the users feel disturbed or annoyed with the large sized and uncontrolled routers but this compact piece has made carpentry easier for them.

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  • 15,000 – 35000 RPM
  • 6 AMP motor
  • Soft grip
  • Aluminum constriction
  • Moderate weight – 11.8 pounds
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Micro fine adjustment
  • Stable motor speed


Sometimes the router may slip from the base if it is not set properly. Some of the users have experienced the trouble that the router is still slipping even after making the lock tighter.

Frequently Asking Questions

Question: Is there any warranty for the router?

Answer: Yes, the router comes with a limited warranty of one year.

Question: Does the router fit with all the accessories of Boshc?

Answer: No, the router requires special types of accessory for its use.

Final Verdict

So, if you have gone through the Bosch PR20EVSK review, I think you are now well informed about the features, benefits and negative impacts of the Bosch woodworking tools and Bosch variable speed router.

Considering the negative impacts, the benefits are more and so you can have one of the pieces for your carpentry or other wood working needs.

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