5 Fundamental Rules When It Comes To Budget Kitchen Remodel

Are you trying to add some values to your house? Renovating kitchen can have a dramatic influence on your home and it can increase your home’s resale value too. This article is going to focus on how you should budget kitchen remodel.

Kitchen is considered as the epicenter of family life. We all love food and kitchen is the place from where you get your meal to satisfy your appetite. All kinds of celebration is incomplete without food and obviously without the kitchen too. The interior of your kitchen holds an importance in your life too. If you are looking forward to budget kitchen remodel, this piece of writing might help you.

Let’s Talk About Budget Kitchen Remodel Process


How to Update an Old Kitchen on a Budget?

Want to have your kitchen renovated but budget is the issue? Okay, keep calm and have a look on the following tips to know how you can budget kitchen remodel.

  • Update your kitchen cabinets without replacing them
  • Get your kitchen walls a new paint
  • Update the cabinet knobs
  • A microhood is good for the kitchen renovation
  • Play with the lights
  • Upgrade to a fancy kitchen faucet
  • New curtains would create a vibrating look
  • A fancy backsplash is a must try for renovating the kitchen

If your kitchen lacks of space, then these small kitchen ideas on a budget might erase your tension of thinking about kitchen renovation on budget.

  • Using a shimmering and glossy texture
  • Choosing the light color for painting the kitchen walls
  • Letting the window uncovered
  • Installing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry
  • Keeping your kitchen scheme simple
  • Not letting any place go to waste
  • Supersizing the sink


Kitchen remodel cost breakdown

It’s not an easy task to budget kitchen remodel. You surely need to run an extra mile to create a plan within your budget. Before budgeting, the cost breakdown of kitchen remodel needs to be identified.

Usually a kitchen remodel cost breakdown might look as follows:


  • Cabinetry and Hardware: 30%
  • Countertop materials + Installation: 20%
  • Appliances: 10%
  • Electrical work:7%
  • Flooring: 9%
  • Lighting: 5%
  • Walls and Ceilings: 4%
  • Design cost: 4%
  • Doors and Windows: 5%
  • Faucets and Plumbing: 4%
  • Other: 2%

This is not the perfect figure but it gives you an idea about how will you spend for each steps in kitchen remodeling. After calculating your estimated budget, you should save some extra money for the unexpected expenditure.


Fundamental Rules to Follow

Doing a kitchen makeover is time consuming and need lots of money too, but the outcome is also beautiful. If you want to budget kitchen remodel in an effective way, then you must follow these fundamental rules:


Refresh Instead of Replacing Cabinets:

Installing new cabinets would cost about 30 to 35 percent of the total budget, a big chunk actually. Do you really need to change the entire cabinetry?

No, most of the time the cabinet is okay but the front side needs an update. You can change the doors and keep the cabinet. Keeping the cabinet will save a larger portion of the entire cost.

Keeping the same cabinet and avoiding the new one is ecofriendly too; tons of glass, plastic and other materials take centuries to degrade.

Some tips to refresh the cabinetry to change your kitchen’s entire look:

  • Following the classic method of refreshing outside, get your kitchen cabinet painted.
  • Going for the resurfacing option will be a cost-effective idea if the cabinets are in good condition.
  • Adding new thermo foil or wood to the outside of the cabinet.
  • Replacing the drawer portions and the doors.

One way to edge cost of wall cabinets is to fix some open shelving. You can feel the vibe of a commercial kitchen within a limited budget.


Cling to the Same Kitchen Layout:

Changing the entire layout will bring a dramatic change but it will drive up the budget surely. On the contrary, keeping the existing layout while changing the elements will give your kitchen a new look within your budget.

If not necessary, moving the existing plumbing is not a good idea. Plumbing services like dishwasher, refrigerator or sink to the opposite wall entails hiring a plumber, which will increase the labor cost. If you move the electrical services like lights or GFCI outlets, you might have to tear out the firewall.

Working within the current layout is cost-effective and it saves your time and labor too. If possible you can add a kitchen island to provide more space and storage.


Paint the Floor Rather than Replacing:

Paint the floor rather than replacing. Sounds weird? Actually it is a budget friendly idea and it really works well in kitchen remodeling.

You can turn your old wood floor into a classy one by getting them painted. It might not be a popular idea to paint wood floor but it will bring a good change. Professional refinishing might cost you up to $2,000, while painting costs $200 only.

$200 or $2,000 is your decision. As we are talking about budget kitchen remodel, of course saving every penny is essential.

Using polyurethane-based porch and floor enamel would be the ultimate choice for a durable finish.


Fix and Refurbish Your Appliances:

People used to toss all the kitchen appliances during the course of a kitchen remodel or renovation. Thankfully, the scenario is a bit different now because many municipalities have restrictions against dumping the kitchen appliances to the landfill.

It’s quite easier now to fix the appliances, there are facilities of readily available information. You can take the help of online services too.

You can fix appliances like:

  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Induction cookers
  • Juicers and mixers
  • Water heater
  • Oven
  • Water softener
  • Garbage disposal

Buying an entire set of kitchen appliances is way expensive, you can easily skip this expense by fixing the old ones. But yes, if they are in good condition.


Limit the Expert’s Cost: Doing it yourself:

Hiring a professional is surely an expensive issue, is it wise to do all things by yourself solely? No, you can’t do all the required jobs to renovate your kitchen, you need to hire a professional. But you can limit the cost of hiring an expert by doing the easier tasks.

If you have time you can do the below listed works by yourself rather than getting it done by a professional to save money:

  • Installing baseboards
  • Hanging drywall
  • Interior painting
  • Installing vinyl
  • Coating floors
  • Insulating open walls
  • Fixing an outlet
  • Ceiling light changing


Kitchen is the heart of your house. Besides adding value to your home, a kitchen renovation would bring a lucrative impact on your home environment. To get the best result within your resources, it is vital to follow the required steps and the tips and tricks too.

You can create a to-do list for better execution of your ideas and plans. Within limited resources beautiful kitchen renovation is possible. You can blend experts’ suggestions and your ideas together to get the desired makeover of your cookhouse.