Dewalt DW618B3 Review and Dewalt DW618B3 Buying Guide

Dewalt DW618B3 Review

Dewalt DW618B3 review is one of the best ways to get Dewalt woodworking tools or the best Dewalt router for different wood working activities.

Dewalt DW618B3


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Dewalt DW618B3 plunge and fixed base router

Dewalt DW618B3 is considered as the best Dewalt router combo among the Dewalt woodworking tools.

Wood working is not limited now with hammers or chisels rather modern tools and devices are also being used frequently to bring a different design and change in the wood works.

I have seen the learning carpenters to complete their projects with this device. All the three types of users could use the router without any troubles.

Dewalt DW618B3 Review


Electric variable speed

The routing tasks, the users need to control the speeds following the wood types. The user need to increase the speed while the wood is soft, a lower speed does the rest. The device is featured with electric variable speed that allows the users to control the speed level after their needs.

Depth adjustment

It has found that the depth adjustment feature of the device is very useful for the users. If the right depth do not find, then routing will not be a good one and the design may not be the one as it was planned before the routing. So, the depth adjustment plays an important role and like the other Dewalt woodworking tools, this one is made for the comfort of the users.

Column dust collection

Many of the routers come without the column dust collection feature. When the feature is added with the device, The working area remains cleaner comparing to the other environment of the other routers. As a result this device is considered as the best dewalt dw618b3e router combo kit. Besides, almost all of the dw618b3 home depot woodworking tools are featured with the feature.

Versatile tasks

There are three features included with the router – fixed base, plunge base and a D handle router. Three different combinations are rare among the other wood working tools and thus it is considered as the best Dewalt router among the Dewalt woodworking tools. The users could use the router following their respective categories and working condition.

Vertical adjustment

Sometimes the users need to adjust the router vertically or horizontally after their needs. But all the routers do not come with the adjustments. The Dewalt DW618B3 review has found that the vertical adjustment is beneficial for the user form different aspects. Sometimes the user may need to increase the height of the wood vertically while sometimes s/ he may need to decrease but the other manufacturers’ devices  do not allow such adjustments except the Dewalt woodworking tools.

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  • 12 AMP motor
  • 2- 1/ 4 horse power
  • Variable speed
  • 8,000 – 24,000 RPM
  • Soft start feature
  • D-handle
  • Fixed base
  • Plunge base
  • Depth adjustment
  • Dust collection
  • Constant speed level
  • Quick base change


There not much cons are found with the device but some of the users are on the view that the design is not efficient for a long time use.

Frequently Asking Questions

Q: Does the router come with a warranty?

 A: Yes, the router comes with a three years limited warranty.

Q: Does the router needs any specific table?

A: No, the router does not need any specific or customized table. The device could be set up at any suitable table.

As a result this is one of the best ways to learnt about different Dewalt woodworking tools from the best Dewalt router review. Here is comprised of the important features of the best Dewalt router so that the users could get the right thing for them.

Wood works are now considered as an art form while the carpenters are the artists. Their success depends on the quality of router they are using for their ‘art work’.

This plunge and fixed base router useful for the professionals. Like the other best Dewalt router, this Dewalt DW618B3 Plunge Base and Fixed Base router useful for the professionals. Besides, this is a perfect device for home use too.

Therefore, based on your needs and requirements, you can have this router. The Dewalt DW618B3 review has highly evaluated the router for its performance and durability. Besides, the users have provided a great positive feedback in favor of the router.

So, if you want a economic deal during your router buying, try this. It is worth the money.

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