How We Improved Our EASY CHEAP FLOORING in One Week

When setting up a new floor in our home, the first thing we look at is the quality and look. But at the same time, we consider the cost as well. If we have a large budget, we can easily find the best quality and best look for our home floor. But when it comes to easy cheap flooring, it isn’t very easy for sure.

Obviously, the new flooring cost is higher. But if you have good ideas, then you can easily reduce the cost yet get the best result. But how can you do that?

Well, I have done all the hard work for you. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can do easy cheap flooring. All you have to do is to follow the process I am going to tell you.

Easiest cheap flooring for your new home

When it comes to easy cheap flooring, vinyl flooring is surely the best. It is good looking, easy to install, and most importantly, inexpensive. That is why it can be a good option for you, and that is the reason I am going to tell you how you can install vinyl flooring in your home. So, without any further due, let’s get started. Here we go.



How to install vinyl flooring

Installing vinyl flooring is easy, for sure. But it is not that easy you are thinking at all. But the thing is that the effort you are going to put into installing it is worthy of it. When you are done installing the vinyl flooring, you will feel the vibe of the flooring.


Every flooring requires preparation. But when it comes to vinyl flooring, it needs more preparation than others. But don’t worry, taking preparation for vinyl flooring is no hassle at all. You can do it easily. But you have to do it carefully.

The reason is that if you keep a protruding nail on the floor before installing the vinyl flooring, it will form bump overtime on your floor. And you have to tolerate this uneven surface all the time. So, make sure you have prepared the floor for installing.

Step 1: Remove the existing floor: Some of the vinyl products allow you to install it on the existing floor. But most of the products need to be installed directly on the floor. That is why it is important to remove your existing floor. Because if you do not remove your existing floor, it might remain uneven, and that will not be an ideal option for you. So, your first task will be removing the existing floor with tools.

Step 2: Level the subfloor: Now, check the subfloor after removing the existing floor. You know, after removing the existing floor, it will be uneven. And as you learn, the vinyl floor is not good on the uneven subfloor, right? So now it is time to level the subfloor.

However, if you find out that the subfloor is even, then you are ready to go. You do not need to do anything at all. Moreover, if you install plywood underlayment on the floor, make sure it is even as well. Use caulk to fill all the holes caused by screws while installing plywood underlayment.

Step 3: Clean the floor: And lastly, clean the floor. As you know, having any particle on the floor may cause a bump in the vinyl flooring. So, make sure you have cleaned the floor thoroughly. At first, use your broom to clean all the dust and debris on the floor. And then you should use a vacuum cleaner along with a hose so that no particles remain on the floor.

Step 4: Measure: While measuring the floor, you need to design how you can layout your tiles. When planning for layout, you should measure perfectly. I hope you have done measuring while ordering the vinyl flooring. Measuring is the most important thing to prepare yourself for flooring.


After completing all the preparation, it is time to go for the most important and skillful task, installing the floor. It would be best if you were more careful while installing the vinyl floor. One-inch mistakes can destroy the beauty of the floor, and that can destroy out easy cheap flooring idea.

Step 1: Start Installing from the First Row:

The first step of installing this easy cheap flooring is to choose a corner you find convenient and start working. With the under edge of the vinyl, lie the first plank down facing to the wall. One thing you have to make sure here is a quarter inch gap between the plank and the wall.

This small gap will provide you with the support for the subfloor expansion as well as contraction. Once you are done with this part, you need to place the second plank                successively.

In this stage, you need to start working at any corner of the room and with the under edge, lie down the first plank facing the wall. When you get ready to install, make sure that there is quarter-inch difference between the wall and the planks. When you do this, it will give you support for subfloor contraction and expansion.

Boards should run along the longest wall

Also, you need to lay all the vinyl boards parallel to the longest run of your floor. For example, if your floor is 12 feet long and 10 feet wide, your boards should run along that 12 feet wall. It looks best.

Make sure that you keep a 45 degrees angle

When this is done, you will need to place the 2nd plank. Make sure that you keep a 45 degrees angle with the overedge on that undersize. During the task, always keep the board as tightly as possible and then press the seam. Now it is time to reinforce the grip strips bond. To do that, use your hand roller. You can do it easily.

It seems confusing and hassle, but trust me, it is not. And this little hassle can give you the best result you are looking for. If you find out that the seams are not tight enough, separate all the planks and start from the beginning. But be cautious here about damaging the grip-strip.

Carefully, pull the top panel from the bottom of the vinyl board and then adjust the board and again roll the seam. Continue the process of placing the board and rotate the seam until the rows are finished.

Step 2: Install the Planks Carefully:

When placing the second plank row, snap the first plank to make the seam stick minimum six inch from the first row. At the same time, keep in mind that you need to keep continuous gap in the wall at the end of each row. Spacers can help you get this job done.

When it comes to installing the plank in any opening area, the best thing you can do is to cut the door casing. Why? Because it will enable the blade to slide it down. Simply keep the casing intact by placing the plank next to the casing and then, with the help of jam cutter or a saw cut the doorcase.

You are done.


Installing these new flooring ideas is simple. And the best part is that this new flooring cost very less. Also, it needs less maintenance, it is durable, and it adds some value to your home.


As we said, it is one of the best new flooring ideas that can reduce the new flooring cost. But what is the cost of the flooring actually?

Well, it depends. It depends on the quality of the materials you are going to use and also, it depends on the size of your floor. So, in general, the vinyl costs $2-$8 per square foot. That means in order to complete your 220 square foot vinyl floor without any stair, it will cost around $800-$1600. But it is worthy of it for sure.


When using vinyl flooring on your bathroom or kitchen, you should be cautious. Why? Well, vinyl flooring is cost effective and long lasting for sure. But the problem is that the seams of the flooring create opportunity for water to seep between your tiles. And that can result rot to your subfloor. As a result, in the future, you might need to spend a lot of money repairing it. So, it is better not use vinyl flooring in the kitchen or bathroom.

In addition to that, vinyl flooring is good for the place where you can control the temperature. Excessive heat or cold can damage the floor and you know; it will cost a lot to repair. That is another reason not to use it in the kitchen. Similarly, if you are thinking of using it on the veranda, make sure the temperature is under control. Otherwise, you will regret.


You know, good flooring can change the look of your home. You will feel lively if you have good flooring. But if having that expensive floor is not an option for you, you can try vinyl flooring. It is one of the best new flooring ideas for you. I hope this easy cheap flooring will save your new flooring cost.

It will make your home look classy, make you feel comfortable even though it is inexpensive because of its look, and most importantly, it will save you a lot of money. So, without any further tension, design your home with easy cheap flooring-vinyl flooring.