6 Best JigSaw Review, Buying Guide an Tips You Will Read This Year

Best Jig Saw

If you want to have the Best Jig Saw, you need to go through the best JigSaw Reviews to have some ideas about how to use a jig saw. This is in fact a tool that is used to cut woods in different shapes.

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Best Jig Saw

This is the most important tool for the wood workers who are working in professional level.

This is the most important tool for the wood workers who are working in professional level. This wood working tool is considered as the finest machine to make straight or curved cuts to get the desired shape.

Before buying a Jig Saw, one should consider the use of the tool. Usually the Jig Saw Review is on the view that the hand held jig saw is applicable in all cases of cutting woods, plastic or metals.

Actually the jig saw is using for woodwork. Combined with wood router it can be produce beautiful deigned furnitures.

So, the users could use the tool for diversified use.

Best JigSaw Review

Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw

This is one of the Nice Jig Saw among the hand held jig saw hand held jig saw following the Jig Saw Review. The Jigsaw has some specific features that have made it as the best one.


·         Powerful motor

·         Optimized cutting application

·         Variable speed

·         Speed setting 800 – 3000 rp,

·         Diversified cutting

·         Cuts wood, metal

·         Tool free blade change

·         Limited warranty for 2 years

·         Auto optimization

·         Less weight

·         Works with different shank

·         Cuts very smoothly


  • May tilt on the base
  • May have unintentional assembly defects

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 DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw with Keyless Blade Change

This is another popular Jig Saw according to this Jig Saw Review. So, it is considered as one of the most important tool for both the professional and non-professional users.

This hand held jig saw is also comfortable to use and the users are satisfied with the tool.


  • Quick blade change
  • Easy blade change
  • Metal lever
  • Keyless blade change
  • Several orbital position
  • Dust blower
  • Anti-slip gripping
  • Finest cut quality
  • Variable speed
  • Easy bevel cutting
  • Dust blower adjustment
  • Heavy duty jigsaw
  • Cordless
  • Accepts universal t-shanks
  • Counter balance mechanism,
  • Faster cutting
  • Professional quality
  • Three year warranty
  • One year free service


  • Blade adjustment may fell off
  • Blade may sometimes come out
  • Battery conditions not up to the mark

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Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E has been adored by the global users. The tool is excellent to work with.


  • Fast insertion
  • Tool less blade change
  • Blade ejection lever
  • Several orbital actions
  • Different blade actions
  • Large in size
  • Die-cast foot
  • On-board bevel wrench
  • Secure clamping system
  • No need to touch the hot blade
  • Dial set to control speed
  • Trigger control operation
  • Low vibration
  • Accurate cutting
  • Precision machined plunging
  • Ambidextrous lock-on button
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Blades may overcut
  • Clamping system often gets loose
  • Sometimes vibrates more than usual level
  • Difficult to cut in curving ways
  • Blades may bend

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PORTER-CABLE PC600JS 6 Amp Orbital Jig Saw

Most of the Jig Saw Review has opined that PORTER-CABLE PC600JS is the other popular Jig Saw in this arena for its extraordinary features.


  • Heavy duty motor
  • 6 Amp motor
  • Handles toughest applications
  • Variable speed
  • 3200 SPM
  • Optimal cutting
  • Keyless blade change
  • Fast blade replacement
  • Easy blade removal
  • Several orbital positions
  • Cuts different materials
  • Variable speed dial
  • Versatile cutting
  • Tool free bevel adjustment
  • Lock-on button
  • Protective cover
  • LED light
  • Easily cuts through soft materials


  • Blade release mechanism made with cheap rubber
  • Orbital feature may not work always
  • Raw materials used to make the tool are cheaper
  • Plastics break easily

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Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable-Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw

Makita 4329K is another Jig Saw for the professional and occasional carpenters. This is of a great use to them.


·         Several orbital setting

·         Powerful motor

·         3.9 AMP motor

·         Rubber grip

·         Ergonomic design

·         Straight cutting

·         Comfortable use

·         Easy control

·         Counter weight balancing

·         Die cast aluminum base adjust

·         Variable speed

·         Speed dial

·         500 – 3100 SPM

·         Optimal cutting

·         Cuts through different materials

·         Large trigger

·         Lock-on button

·         Low noise

·         Easy blade replacement


  • Uses tang shank only
  • Performance levels turns low
  • Requires cables to operate the device

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Hitachi CJ110MV 5.8 Amp Top-Handle Variable-Speed Jig Saw

Hitachi CJ110MV is one of the nice Jig Saws that have been backed by the Jig Saw Review. This is the hand held jig saw that could be used for several used.


·         Heavy duty motor

·         5.8 Amp motor

·         Top mounted LED light

·         Four stage orbital action

·         Tool-less blade change

·         Quick blade replacement

·         Easy blade change

·         Ergonomic design

·         D-shaped handle

·         Built in dust blower

·         5-year warranty

·         Cast aluminum

·         Less weight


  • Blade mounting difficult
  • Blade falls out often
  • Lacks variable speed controller
  • Blade changer may fall out without any notice

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Final Verdict

Based on the reviews above, it appears that Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw is the best one among the other jig saws. Though all of them have some advantages and disadvantages, the Black & Decker has some special features which the others do not own.

Thereby, the jig saw performs very well comparing the other tools. Besides, the jig saw is great and reasonable in price. So, I think it is better to get one of the Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw as this is also considered as the Best Jig Saw by the Jig Saw Review.

This is one of the most sought hand held jig saw and the users are able to work with this one even if they do not have the slightest knowledge over how to use a jig saw.

Best Circular Saws Review and Circular Saw Buying Guide

Best Circular Saws

The Best Circular Saws play a great role in wood carving which is considered as an art form in the current world. There are a wide number of designs are made on the woods using the best cordless circular saw or with the circular saw with laser.

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Best Circular Saws Review

DEWALT DC390B helps to get the desired shapes and cuts within a short span of time. This is a cordless tool and convenient to shift from place to places.

Most of the circular saw reviews has found the hand held electric saw is of great use for the carpenters. It helps them to get the desired cut within a short span of time. Besides, these Circular Saws have blades placed either in right or in left side for the use of diversified users.

Circular saws is one of the most essential woodworking power tools. There are more power tools are available in the market that you will need for complete your woodwork.

Some of the prominent websites dealing with the circular saw review advised me to compare some of the features of the available saws. And then considered the right one after my requirement, quality and budget range. Here is a comparison table of the products that I picked from the websites –

Best Circular Saws Review

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B 6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw

Amid a wide number of circular saws for wood working, this review help the users to cut through the toughest woods.

DEWALT DC390B helps to get the desired shapes and cuts within a short span of time. This is a cordless tool and convenient to shift from place to places.

Global users usually admire this DC390B for its outstanding features.


·       Fast rip cuts ·       3700 RPM
·       Carbide tipped blade ·       Magnesium shoe
·       Increased durability ·       Several bevel capacity
·       Fan cooled motor ·       Replaceable brush
·       Multi applications ·       Circular shape
·       Less weight (8 pounds) ·       Battery powered
·       Cordless ·       Upper guard provided
·       18 volt battery


  • Less stronger than corded tools
  • Thick base plate
  • Thinner metal base
  • Poor balancing

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User review

Great saw for home use

By Andrew Allan

Hi! I think this is one the popular Circular Saws I have ever used. The features have made it as the best cordless circular saw for home use.

Sometimes I need to adjust some of my furniture and found this best cordless circular saw working great for me. Most of the circular saw review has opined that this is one of the nice Circular Saws for regular use.

Sometimes I like to work with the circular saw with laser later dismiss the idea as this best cordless circular saw has filled all of my necessities.

4 years and counting

By Lilliard Spanol

This DEWALT DC390B is one the Top Circular Saws I have ever used. The saw is considered as the best cordless circular saw ever made by Dewalt, and most of the circular saw review is on the view that the saw is perfect for almost all types of use.

I have experiences to use different types of saws including circular saw with laser but none of them are as good these Circular Saws are. I have been using one this Circular Saws for past four years without any troubles.

Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

If you are looking for a powerful circular saw, you can have this one for your regular use. The CS5 from Bosch is one of the wonderful tools with a left blade that makes the work easier for the users of all ends.

Moreover, the circular saw is lightweight that makes working with the tool convenient.

It is also preferred by many of the global users for its professional features.


·       Powerful motor ·       Line of sight
·       Left blade ·       Anti-snag guard
·       15 AMP motor ·       Lightweight
·       Circular saw ·       Clearest line
·       Easy bevel cut ·       Cordless
·       6200 RPM ·        Greatest bevel capacity
·       ¼ inches ·       Smooth cutting
·       13.3 pounds ·       120 volt


  • Less durable
  • Bearing displaces
  • Weak plate
  • Not for professional use

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User Review

Bosch CS5 15 AmpLess Durable

By Samantha Jhones

I am a non-professional user of one this Circular Saws but found that this best cordless circular saw is unable to meet my needs.

Many of the circular saw review has opined this tool but in fact this is of no use at all. I am not happy with these Saws. The materials used to make this so called great Circular Saws need to be improved.

Nice blade

By James Gauge

I have been using one of this  Saws and found that this is in fact the best cordless circular saw I have used ever.

Before having this Circular Saws for my professional use, I have read circular saw review and found that this is the one of the nice Circular Saws made ever by the company. Thumbs up for the saw.

SKIL 5680-02 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch SKILSAW Circular Saw with Laser

This is the other circular saw that has been being used for several years by the professional and irregular carpenters and people to meet their specific needs.

This tool is set to provide the exact cut with the woods. And the users could use the laser to determine the exact cutting line and a perfect finishing.

Besides, the circular saw is featured with bevel adjustment to make the cutting convenient.


·        Accurate cut ·        Laser cut
·        51 Degree bevel ·        Power on indicator
·        Bevel adjust ·        Safety lock
·        Guarded trigger ·        Stable cutting
·        Wide foot plate ·        Increased accuracy
·        Lighter ·        User friendly features
·        Single beam leaser cut ·        Durable
·        14 AMP motor ·        2.5 HP motor
·        Ball bearing motor construction ·        Multipurpose use
·        Wrench storage ·        Easy blade change
·        Quick blade change ·        Faster cutting
·        Innovative safety features ·        Rear depth adjustment


  • Uses specific blades
  • For home use only
  • Blade often jams

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User Review

Good one for me

By Robert Junior

I am a home user and bought one of this Circular Saws for my home use. And I found that it works very well for me. I have used this best cordless circular saw for multipurpose and everything worked well.

This circular saw with laser is considered as the best one after the circular saw review. Thereby, I like it most than the other circular saws.

Easy to use

By Stephanie

This is the best circular saw I have used so far. There are a good number of features for the saw and the most important thing is that the saw is easy to use.

When I allow my son, who is 16, to do something with the saw, he easily performs the intended task.

Black & Decker BDCCS20B 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Circular Saw Bare Tool, 5-1/2-Inch

If you want to have a circular saw that is easy to use, you can have this Black & Decker BDCCS20B.

Undoubtedly this is one of the Best Circular Saws for all types of users. The design of the saw is ergonomic and easy to use with tool free adjustment.

When you are to use the saw, you will see that the adjustments are made easier which are difficult and need the help of external tools.

Besides, the saw has some other special features which has made it preferable than the other tools.


·        High torque motor ·        Easy bevel adjustment
·        Tool free adjustment ·        Easy use
·        Compact design ·        Depth adjustment
·        Cut adjustment ·        Circular saw
·        Accurate cuts ·        Angled cuts
·        Tough cuts ·        Frequent use
·        Blade included ·        Battery run
·        Less weight ·        6.7 pounds
·        20 volt battery ·        Lithium ion battery
·        Limited warranty for 2 years ·


  • Battery does not last longer
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Cannot have long cuts

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User review

Handy for me!

By Alxendra Bufoet

I think this Saws I have ever used for my home. Often I have to take some cutting initiatives as my kids always destroy the plywood stuffs and I repair them.

During the cut, I need this best cordless circular saw as it is very comfortable to use.

Meets my exact needs

By Bryce Jay

This is the best cordless circular saw that I need for my use. Before buying the saw, I read circular saw review to know about the Features and cons and found that this one is more effective than the other circular saws.

This is serving me for over one years and exactly meeting my needs.

Makita 5477NB 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Hypoid Saw

The use of oil bath technology has brought almost a revolution in this arena of wood cutting with the circular saw.

Besides, the caw contains a sealed gear housing which is also beneficial and keeps the internal tools and parts protected from external troubles.

Moreover, the motor is stronger than the other contemporary circular saws.


·        Hypoid gears ·        Powerful motor
·        Oil bath technology ·        Efficient gear
·        Sealed gear housing ·        Less maintenance
·        High quality raw materials ·        Several bevel capacity
·        Heat treated hypoid gear ·        Longer lasting performance
·        15 amp motor ·        Increased productivity ensured
·        Greater surface ·        Ergonomic design
·        Rubberized grip ·        Improved control
·        4500 RPM ·        Different cutting depth
·        Spindle lock ·        Depth adjustment
·        Large cutting depth ·        Easy blade change
·        Easy to read markings ·        Carbide tipped blades


  • Saw may bend for frequent use
  • Long extension cords troubles
  • Unusually heavier
  • Makes user imbalanced

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User Review

It’s a beast!!

By Albert Gracher

I bought this Circular Saws for my professional use and found that this works great. This circular saw runs fast like a beast and I am highly pleased with the performance.

Wonderful saw

By Bob Douglas

This  Saws has served me for long and still I am counting. I bought the saw a couple of years ago and the service quality has remained the same from the day it started working.

Our Recommendation

Finally, based on the conversation above, it appears to me that DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B circular saw is the best one among the other circular saws. The tool comes with great features and price is comparatively reasonable as well. So, whatever you are planning to do with the woods, plastic or other materials, you can get this tool for a smooth cutting or making any shape or design.

Final Verdict

Before getting a Circular Saws, it should be considered that who will be the potential users of this electric saw. Usually the electronic devices are used for cutting woods and give them shapes after the needs of the carpenters.

As a result, some of the Saws come with laser or cordless features for a comfortable use. Generally the professional carpenters are in need of the best cordless circular saw as those could be handled and moved very easily from place to place.

Besides, the circular saw with laser is also useful for the professional users. But the circular saw review has found that the device could also be used by the irregular users and novices. Besides, one should also consider some other aspects like quality and budget.

While planning to get the best cordless circular saw for my home project, I visited several websites to learn about the product and came to know that there are many factors to know and consider before getting one. The websites guided me step after step and finally I developed an idea over how to get the Best Circular Saws from my surrounding.

Best Portable Table Saws | Top 5 Portable Table Saw Reviews

Best Portable Table Saws

Hello, Today I am going to write a review on best portable table saws. The human evolution from the earliest days to a technology driven generation has evolved with the evolution of tools. Saw is one such tool which played a vital role in development of civilizations and mankind. Over the time the saws have evolved enabling a faster development of civilisations.

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Best Portable Table Saws

The top tool manufacturing brands looked at this issue as an opportunity and developed some of the top rated portable table saws. It is not easy to select a portable table saws, one needs to understand the qualities that make these saws special.

In the earlier days it was a common understanding that “The Bigger, The Better”. However, the twenty first century has changed the mindset and smarter solutions with compact tools are evolving. One such evolution are the portable table saws. Some of portable table saws are more powerful than the large table saws and can cut through the hardest varieties of wood with great ease.

The lack of space and a good number of onsite cutting applications created a lot of trouble for the carpenters. The top tool manufacturing brands looked at this issue as an opportunity and developed some of the top rated portable table saws. It is not easy to select a good portable table saws, one needs to understand the qualities that make these saws special. Here are a few qualities that earn a position for the popular portable table saws reviews.

Best Portable Table Saws

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Table

Dewalt DW 745 is one of the top rated portable table saws with 15 Amps motor which powers it to cut through all varieties of wood. The Rack and Pinion fence rails make the fence adjustment very easy and 20 inches of cutting capacity allows the saw to perform most of the cutting tasks. The metal roll cage provides a much better stability and a weight of 45 Kgs allows the users to take the saw wherever they want.


  • Ultra-light weight cutting saw weighing just 45 Kgs.
  • 10 Inch blade works at 3850 RPM’s to give clear cuts through hard surfaces
  • Modular guarding system is a great safety feature
  • Durable carbide blades last very long.


  • It does not comes with a wheeled stand
  • One has to lift the machine during transportation.
  • The machine has poor scale with no marking system for frequently used measurements.

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User Reviews

If you work in buildings where you need to lift the machine for several floors, there is no machine better than this. One can easily carry the Dewalt DW 745 table saw for several floors without any troubles because of its lightweight body.

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw with Rolling Stand

The Dewalt DWE7491RS is one of the best table saw portable available in the market. The table saw is equipped with a powerful 15 amp motor and has a 32.5 inches ripping capacity.

The rolling stand designed for the table saw makes it easy to use in every condition. One can take the table saw anywhere by rolling it on its wheels. It is undoubtedly one of the top rated portable table saws available in the market.


  • 2.5 inches dust port for easy dust collection using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Three years warranty is a great benefit.
  • Lightweight body with just 110 pounds weight.
  • Large wheels make it easy to move the machine.


  • The motor is fairly weak in comparison to the table routers. It is a small 1.25 Hp motor while industry average is above 2 Hp.
  • Some users find the motor a little bulky than other models available in the market.

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User Reviews

DWE7491RS Table Saws is one of the best portable cutting saws from Dewalt, the stand gives a great support and large wheels make it easy to move the machine. The users find this variant better than other variants coming from Dewalt.

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Bosch GTS 1031 is a powerful table saw equipped with a powerful 4 Hp motor with a high RPM of 5000 RPMs. The table saw offers great safety features and ergonomics that enhance the ease of use.

It is one of the most favored table saw by the carpenters. There are a lot of accessories provided by Bosch that further enhance the performance and ease of use of the table saw.


  • Squarelock rip fence is a great feature that comes only in this table saw.
  • The powerful motor cuts through all kinds of wooden materials.
  • The all steel design make it more durable.
  • Smart guard system makes this table saw the best table saw available in the market.


  • The dust bag is not efficient, a lot of dust goes outside the dust bag.
  • The original factory fitted blade is not a great blade. It can be replaced by a high quality carbide blade for better efficiency.

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User Reviews

Apart from the dust bag efficiency and weight of the machine, the users cannot find any problem with the table saw. It is the best table saw available in market and loved by a large number of professionals. Bosch GTS 1031 portable table saw was really difficult to get a negative review of the saw as most of the professionals love it.

The top rated portable table saws are loved by the professionals because of the enhanced safety features and ergonomics. During the portable table saws reviews, a large group of users were found using this saw because of safety.

Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

The Rockwell RK7323 is a great table saw for use at a spot. It has a plastic body base that make it a poor choice for transportation.

The table saw has a 5.5 amps motor that offers a maximum blade speed of 3000 RPM’s. The portable saw comes with a three year warranty that ensures users for a trouble free operation for three years.


  • 5.5 Amps powerful Motor works at 3000 RPM’s for clean cut.
  • The table saw is very light weight weighing just 14.7 lbs.
  • The table saw comes with a three year warranty.


  • There are very few accessories available for this model
  • The plastic body takes away the basic property of transportability.
  • Very lousy dust pickup

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User Reviews

Users find the Rockwell RK7323 3000 RPM’s table saw  a little slow for 5.5 amps motor and the plastic base is a real deal breaker. Only the users who wanted a table saw to use at a fixed place appreciated the saw. Those who needed to move the saw, did not share a pleasant review as the plastic base makes it weak.

Delta Power Tools 36-6020 10″ Portable Table Saw with Stand

Delta Power Tools 36-6020 is a powerful yet light weight portable table saw. It weighs just 87.8 pounds and operates at 5000 RPM’ using a 15 amps motor. It is a great portable saw and can be easily moved using its large wheels set on a foldable stand. The best feature of the portable saw is the five year warranty which ensures complete peace of mind.


  • Large east to access On/Off switch comes in handy.
  • Easy to wrap the cord on rear of the saw.
  • Blade retracts for easy cleaning.


  • A little noisy compared to other portable table saws because of a bigger motor.
  • The instruction manual is not very helpful during assembly.

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User Reviews

If you need a powerful portable saw, Delta Power Tools 36-6020 is the best model available in market. Powered by a 15 amps motor, the cutting saw can cut through any variety of wood. It is one of the best cutting saws available in the market for heavy duty usage but it is a little noisy because of its larger motor. If it were not for its noise and high power consumption, it would have been the table saws available in the market. The top rated portable table saws are loved by the professionals because of its powerful motor and a very stable stand.

Things To Look For

Table saws are different from other machinery, every brand has a different structure and method of operations and transportation. However, there are some features that make a table saws portable. These features must be known to you before making a buying decision and to understand the reviews.

Compact Structure

Compact Structure2Compact structure make a compact table saws portable. The table saw should not take space in either folded or unfolded forms for enhanced portability. Usually the structure is made by metal which can be fold. During work time it is unfolded and total machine cabe stand on the structure.



Large wheels, compact design, detachable trolley stand etc. are some of the features that make compact table saws portable. These features must be studied carefully in order to understand the requirements of the saw before a purchase.


Blade Controls

Blade ControlsIt should be very easy to adjust the position of the blade without any tools. There are occasions when one needs to change the position of the blade every few minutes. In such cases, an easy blade control makes the table saws which offer great convenience.



When selecting table saws portable, one should look at the safety features in both folded and usage conditions.  A table saw is equipped with a powerful motor and a deadly blade, if the safety features are not in place, the saw can pose a great danger.  Safety is the primary parameter for selecting the suitable portable table saws. These features are carefully studied in this portable table saws reviews.

Who Needs A Portable Table Saw?

Portable table saw is needed by professionals like carpenters, interior decorators etc. who either have a congested workspace or work on various customer sites. There are professionals who need to work on a new site every day and in some cases they have to take their equipment several floors up using the stairs.

In such cases, a portable table saw is the best solution. During the table saw reviews most users told that lack of space is a common problem that they face everywhere.

Why One Needs A Portable Table Saw?

There are two cases when table saws portable come in handy.  The first case is lack of space in the workshop. In this case the portable saws replace large sized table saws and save a lot of space in the workshop. The second case is when a professional works out of a moving van or works on several small projects and keep moving between several locations.

In such cases they need portable equipment. The best portable table saws are designed to fit into a van. These two features are essential in the best portable table saws which we have carefully examined in this portable table saws reviews.

If you need to make finishing in small area of wooden-work, you should use wood router.

How The Products On This Review Were Selected?

Products SelectionPortable table saws are very different from other professional equipment while other equipment look similar to each other, portable saws are very different. In order to scale them, we needed professional guidance.

At first, we shortlisted all the popular models in the market and created a list of twenty most successful models available in the market. Then, we went to the experts like carpenters, craftsmen who use these table saws portable and have decades of experience to know their opinion and recommendations on these models.

At last, we did a review on these models and created a list of five top models that made a mark in the market. It was not an easy exercise as most of the models cannot be compared with others because of their different designs and operational specifications. After working with the portable table saw, it is need to work with wood router for the finishing touch.

Final Verdict

Bosch GTS 1031 are the favorite top rated portable table saws for most of the carpenters. The large wheeled base provide great mobility and the enhanced safety features protect the users against all kind of dangers. It is one of the best portable table saws available in the market.

It produces a very little noise and has a powerful motor to ensure that it cuts through the hardest varieties of wood with great ease. The model is slightly heavier than the other models but the users do not need to lift the equipment because of its great stand and large wheels. We highly recommend this model because of its enhanced safety features.