Does Energy Efficient Windows Make Your Home Environment Better?

We are living in an era of technology. Technology is making our life better and better. Energy efficient windows are one of those amazing technologies that come to make our life better. It is not popular among a lot of homeowners.

There are two reasons for its popularity. As the name implies, it helps you efficiently use the energy and thus reduce the energy cost of your home. And the second one is that it makes the home environment better.

However, still, a lot of people are confused about whether energy efficient windows can make the home environment better, and if it does, then how it makes the environment better. If you are one of those people, then this is the article for you. Read until the end, and you will find your answers.

Details About Energy Efficient Windows


What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows are windows designed to prevent cooled or heated air escaping from your home so that it can use energy efficiently and thus save your energy consumption. And thus, it save your bills. At the same time, it keep your home environment better. How? We will talk about that later. These windows are also called energy-saving windows.

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient? 

So you have come to know that these windows save your energy and bills. But the question is what makes a window energy efficient. What are the factors that present in the window that can help it to save energy and use energy efficiently? Well, here are these factors that make a window energy efficient.

Multiple Window Glass Panes

One of the main factors that make the window energy efficient is the multiple window glass panel. Some glasses named double-paned windows or triple-paned windows are made of multiple layers of glasses. And there are gaps between every layer. These gaps are filled with different gases that make the glasses energy efficient glass.

These gaps are sealed shut to prevent any air from entering as well as escaping. These multiple layers of glasses prevent any heated or cooled air comes to your room or goes from your room. Because of this mechanism, your room remains heated in the winter and cool in the summer.

Quality Window Frame Materials

No matter how Energy Efficient Glass you have for your window. It won’t work if the frame is not good enough to prevent air from entering or escaping. A well-made, good quality window frame can help the window to prevent air from entering and escaping to save energy.

Wooden frames are high efficient where aluminum frames are least efficient. Good thermal insulation glass, along with good energy-saving frames, can significantly reduce energy consumption. And that is when it can reduce your energy cost every year. Some other frames are Fiberglass, Vinyl, Combination, and Composite. These are well-made, good quality materials for the frame.

Glazing/ Glass

Glazing is a term that often use to describe double or triple glazing use in the latest windows. Unlike traditional old glazing, this modern glazing incorporates coated glasses. These prevent the hot or heated air escape through your windows.

This glaze is designed in such a way that it makes the glass thermal insulation glass, and as a result, it saves your energy a lot. This coat can consume or prevent the heat that might come to your room. Also, this can consume or prevent the cold air from entering your house. And that is how it helps you save a lot of money every month and keep your room fresh.

Energy Efficient Glass

Other than these, there is energy efficient glass. The glass is made in such a way that it reduces the carbon dioxide of your home and at the same time, prevents heat or cool air from escaping. As a result, your room remains cool or heated all the time, and also, your room remains fresh, and most importantly, you can reduce the carbon footprint from your home.

One of the main problems is carbon dioxide in this era. And the main culprit to damage the room environment is this gas as well. This efficient glass can keep yourself out of this dangerous gas and make your room environment better.

Low-E Glass Coatings

Low-E Glass Coatings is another great factor that can help your home remain cold during the summer or heated during the winter. In other words, these coatings, also known as low-emissivity coatings, are designed in such a way that it can keep hot air out of your room in summer and cold air out of your room in the winter.

In addition to that, these coating can prevent ultraviolet, as well as the infrared light entering your house. At the same time, it allows the sunlight passing through the glass and entering your room so that you can get enough light, and your room remains to refresh all the time.

In the northern world, where heat gain is desirable, this low-e-glass coating can work reverse. It allows the full light to come into the room and at the same time, keep the inside heat trapped. As a result, it creates a greenhouse type effect and keeps the room warm as well as lighted.

Window Gas Fills

And the last factor is gas. As you know already that in the double or triple pan, the gas is filled between the layers of the glasses. It creates an Insulated Glass Unit, and this Insulated Glass Unit protects the outside air from coming inside, and at the same time, the inside air goes outside. Krypton, argon, and other gases are used in these gas filling.

These gas are non-toxic, colorless, and odorless. So you will have no problem with these gases. Also, your room environment will not be hampered because of this gas. You can have a healthy environment despite the presence of this gas.

4 Ways Energy Efficient Windows Make Your Home Environment Better

Well, now you have understood the factors that make the energy efficient windows. But do you know how these energy efficient windows can make your overall home environment better? Here are four ways of how these windows make your home environment even better.

Reduced Heating Bills

One of the biggest benefits and one of the main ways to make your room environment better is that it reduces the heating bill. About 15% of the overall heat escapes from the room. Besides that, if the window is old, old-fashioned, and flawed, then the amount of wasted heat is more than 15%.

That means a large amount of additional heat energy needed to keep your room warm. Now to produce this additional heat need more energy. And when you are using more energy to produce more energy, you are wasting more money, and you are damaging the environment of your room by producing more carbon gas. By reducing the energy-wasting, it is saving your bills and keeping your home environment better.

Re-Sale Price

You need extra money as energy efficient windows cost. Though it is less than the money, you are saving from energy efficiency. But when you sell your house to someone, he or she will agree to give you more money for this energy efficiency.

When you can make anyone understand that he or she can save a lot of energy and thus money, and at the same time, he or she can keep his or her room environment better, he or she will agree to give you more money for your house. That means you will get a more re-sale price for this feature.

Environmental Impact

As I told you, to produce more heat during the winter or to keep your room cold during the summer, you need a lot of energy. And when you do not have energy-saving windows, a large amount of additional energy is wasting. The more energy you are consuming, the more carbon and other dangerous gas-producing.

And when this happens, you are ultimately damaging the room environment as well as the overall environment. But if by reducing the waste of energy, energy efficient windows can reduce the impact of these gas. It is your responsibility to make the environment free from this gas.

Aesthetic Value

And lastly, it increases the aesthetic value of your house, and thus it makes your room environment better. One is that when you use the good frame and glass for energy-saving windows, it makes them look better. Besides, when you use these glasses or windows, it enables more light to come in and make your room looks fresh and dynamic.

Also, from the outside, it looks better than previous when you are using energy-saving glasses. It has some aesthetic values, as well. That means when you are using energy-saving windows, these are adding some aesthetic value to your home.

Energy Efficient Windows Cost

Now we have come to the most common question. How does the energy efficient windows cost? Well, it depends on many things. It depends on brands, energy-saving features, frames, and window glasses. Based on all these, the average cost of energy-saving windows starts from $335. 

However, you need to add labor costs, as well. So overall, the minimum cost with star rating can start $385 on average. And this is for a vinyl window with double panel glass. But if you are looking for a large window with a wooden frame, then you should have a budget of $825 on average. 

But the thing is that you can save around $27-$111 per year for this window. Maybe you think that it takes several years to earn back your money. But saving money is not the thing you should calculate. A home with energy-saving vinyl windows can add up to $12000 additional value when it comes to selling. So you can easily imagine that it is more than worthy to set these windows.


So overall, energy efficient windows can help you save your money, add aesthetic value to your home, increase the overall price of your home, and, most importantly, improve the home environment even better. As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to having these windows.

So for any smart homeowner, it will be the right decision to install these energy-saving windows not only for saving money or adding extra value to the home but also for reducing the impact of dangerous gas on the environment. So be responsible, save your energy for the next generation and be happy.