Makita RF1101 Review | The Buying Guide of Makita RF1101 Router

Makita 1101 review

Wood works has become modern in the current days and accordingly the tools are also being modernized gradually. All of the Makita rf1101 review has endorsed about the innovation of the tools for wood working. It is also considered that Makita 1101 router kit is stronger and longer lasting with a better performance comparing the other wood working routers.

Makita manufactures variable speed routers for different uses and a longer lasting comprehensive performance. The routers are made with stronger accessories for regular use by the professionals.

Makita RF1101 Review


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Makita RF1101 router Review

Makita RF1101 plunge base router is also suitable for the professionals but it is more suitable for the beginners as the plunge lock is easy to use.

Besides, with the advancement of technology, the tools and devices are being more improved for professional use.

As a result, Makita 1101 is being preferred by the global professionals to meet their regular wood working needs and in some cases the novices also select the device for the wood works.

This variable speed routers are a professional device for wood routing and it is easily useable. The user friendly device is suitable for all those people who frequently work with woods and make different designs or cuttings.

But mostly it is also usable for the following people:

  • Begineers
  • Experts

Makita RF1101 Review


Powerful motor

Most of the Makita review has adored the powerful motor of 11 Amp. The motor is strong enough to get into any harder wood surface and make the necessary design.

Not only that, the motor rotates from 8000 – 24,000 RPM with speed control dial to ensure the right speed. Since the speed is controlled electronically, there are no chances to lose speed or get imbalanced during the work.

It becomes easier to go with the work without any further thinking with the Makita 1101 router kit.

Soft start feature

Firstly Many of the wood router motors need a manual start while this Makita router kit has a soft start button to make the operation easier.

Secondly, the soft start does not make any louder noise which is another important feature of the router.

Makita produces variable speed routers that allow the users to work efficiently. The aluminum housing for the motor has made is risk free for the users.

Flat top design

Majority percentages of the Makita router review has considerably praised the flat top design of Makita router, and thereby the router has become durable and stable during the work.

The bit changing process is also irritating for some cases but the bit changing process has become easier than before for the flat top design. The tools are longer lasting for the ball bearings as they are damaged hardly.

Fixed base

All of the Makita rf1101 review has greatly acknowledged that the fixed base Makita 1101 router kit is suitable for professionals for its industrial cam-locks. The cam-locks allow the depth adjustment easily and in a very fast manner.

Moreover, the motor removal in the fixed base router is easier. The large depth control ring is made to adjust the depth easily. The wood handles are also attached with the router for easy handling.

Plunge base

Makita rf1101 Fixed baseMakita rf1101 router kit is also a plunge base router. This plunge base router is also suitable for the professionals but it is more suitable for the beginners as the plunge lock is easy to use.

Besides, there are 3 dept stops for a smooth and consistent cutting on the plunge base. The plastic shield is attached with the router to protect for external troubles. The tools in the plunge base last longer as those are plated with nickel plating.

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  • Easy to use
  • Longer lasting tools
  • Professional locking system
  • Aluminum motor housing
  • One year warranty


No cons are found yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it suitable for all users?

A: Yes, Makita 1101 router is suitable for all types of users.

Q: Is the reviews are written from firsthand experiences?

A: Most of the users of the router composed Makita router review as they were pleased with the service. So, you can rely on the reviews.

Q: How long will the router last?

A: In fact the longevity depends on the use but generally the routers last for over one year and you can have continuous work during the period.

Final Verdict

anufacturer for to be used for different purposes. It is producing tools for around 100 year with great sincerity.

So, if you are engaged in wood cutting or business and need any router to make designs and attractive cutting of your woods, you can pick the Makita 1101 kit for your purpose.

Thank you fore reading the Makita RF1101 Review.