Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your FRONT DOOR PAINT

Are you thinking of repainting your front door? If yes, then this article is for you. There are some mistakes that you might make, and these will destroy your front door paint for sure.

You know, after a few years of painting your front door, the colour fades away. The door is the first and foremost impression of your house. If the door cannot create a good impression, the chances are high that your inside cannot make a good impression as well.

That is why we need to repaint our front door to retain that fantastic impression. But during the repainting, you might make some mistakes that can destroy the external door paint.. Here are five vital mistakes that can destroy your front door paint.


5 Mistakes of Your Front Door Paint


1st Mistake: Painting over existing door paint

The first mistake people do during the repainting is colouring over the existing colour. People do it for two reasons. One is that they want to save money. But unfortunately, it costs more. When you repaint your door over the existing paint, it is not called repainting. It is called covering.

That means you are covering your problems with paint. As a result, your problems will come up very soon. That means you have to paint it once again very soon and that is going to cost you more.

Another reason to repaint over existing paint is laziness. People do not want to put a little bit extra effort to eradicate the existing damaged paint. But as I said, this simple laziness will cost you a lot.

So never do it. It will cost you more, and at the same time, you will not get an excellent finish, which eventually makes your door looks ruined.


2nd Mistake: Not taking off the door

Another mistake people often do is not taking off the door. When you paint your door with the other stuff of your house, you generally do not take off your door. This is because you color your door first and then the walls.

But when it comes to repainting, you are not dealing with your walls, and your walls are good. So when you do not take off your door, the chances are high that you will end up coloring your walls as well. You know what I mean.

That is why make sure you always take off your door and then repaint it. It will save your time to remove colours from your walls and floors.

It does not take too much time to remove the door from the spot. Also, it does not require many tools to remove. Pull the pins in the hinges and remove it smoothly.

But one thing you need to remember here. If you feel like it will be tough for you to remove the door and there is a chance of breaking it, then do not go for it. This might happen because of the old hardware. So if you are not confident enough, do not go for it. Instead, take help from experts.


3rd Mistake: Not using sandpaper

We all try to follow the easiest way to do anything. When it comes to removing existing paint from the door, we generally try to use paint remover. But the thing is that it damages your door and it cannot completely remove the paint.

That is why all the professionals use sandpaper to remove the paint and make the door smooth so that you get a perfectly smooth finish.

But if you do not use sandpaper, you are not going to get the best finish, and that will destroy your front door paint for sure. So use it.


4th Mistake: Not choosing the right color

It is essential to select a color that can match your internal door colors as well as home color. If you choose a color that looks awkward, then what is the meaning of coloring your front door? As I said before, we are repainting our external door to create a good impression.

So make sure you have chosen the perfect wooden door paint colors that can match your home color. For example, if you have a soft white color in your walls and you color your door with red, then it is not going to look well for sure. So, make sure you choose the right wooden door paint colors

Another important thing you should consider here is the paint brand. A good paint brand will keep your door shiny and colourful for a long time. So choose it wisely.


5th Mistake: Don’t keep it unfinished

And lastly, don’t keep your painting unfinished. Keeping your painting incomplete is worse than keeping it unpainted. When you start painting your door, you should complete it. Otherwise, two things will happen.

One is that your door will look terrible. Just imagine a scenario. You have a door with half painted. And the remaining part is either unpainted or damaged. How will it look? It will look terrible for sure. 

And the other one is, you cannot match your previous painting to a new one. When you keep your painting unfinished, the completed part will be dried after a while.

Then when you start painting the remaining part, you will see a difference between the two paintings. You cannot match those two-time paint. So make sure you do not keep it unfinished. Otherwise, it will destroy your front door paint. Instead, try to complete it and if you have a problem, leave the entire door unpainted and do it in the future.



Repainting is important. It gives your house a brand new look. But if you cannot repaint it properly, it gives a punk look. I have mentioned five mistakes that you should avoid to not destroying your front door paint.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you will easily get a stylish look, and it will make your home look like new. And if you do not want to take any risk, you should hire a professional who will do it nicely for you without making these mistakes.4