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Porter Cable 895PK Review And Porter Cable Buying Guide

Porter Cable 895PK Review

Originated in Mexico. The Porter Cable 895PK router is considered as one of the best wood working routers by most of the Porter Cable 895PK review .  Porter Cable accessories and Porter Cable router tables are also made with quality materials to meet the increasing needs of the users.

Porter Cable 895PK


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Porter Cable 895PK variable speed control router

Porter Cable 895PK router is the perfect match for the users with versatile needs.

Carpentry has become an art today and requires highly sophisticated tools and materials to get the right design with proper angel and cuttings.

There are a large number of manufacturers are producing wood routing devices. The materials produced under the Porter Cable is the perfect match for the users with versatile needs.

The Porter Cable accessories, Porter Cable router tables and other routing devices are made and designed for different level of users.

However, those are mostly used by –

  • Top level professionals
  • Occasional users and
  • Beginners

Porter Cable 895PK Review

Soft start

Sometimes the users are to struggle to start their routing motor. At times the motors do not get start without troubles. The soft starting feature of this device allows you to switch on and off the device easily.

The soft starting feature also saves time for the users. Most of the Porter Cable 895PK review suggests to get this router for your wood routing needs.

Energetic motor

The router has a 12 AMP motor which provides the necessary power for cutting or having the required design. Sometimes routing needs a high motor power to cut through the roughest or hardest wood and if the motor is not powerful enough. The motor blades cannot go through the wood and the wood surfaces and edges remain harsh. The 12 AMP motor helps to go get the works done smoothly.

Electronic Control

The electronic motor speed control is the other important feature of the device. It has been adored by the other Porter Cable 895PK review for it electronic speed control.

Sometimes the motor needs to be speedy enough to penetrate through the woods. If the speed level is not up to the mark, the router motor cannot create the required revolutions to insert the blade through the right place.

Moderate weight level

The router is of 14 pounds which is a moderate weight for the device. Some devices are too light to make that steady. The Porter Cable 895PK review has favored the weight of the device as it helps to execute the routing smoothly.

It becomes easier for the users for its weight to keep the router on a steady level during the cuttings or designs.

Dust collection

The dust collection feature of this specific router is a good one to get the piece. Most of the routers come without the dust collection facility and thus the users are to collect the routing dusts manually which is a kind of wastage of time for the users.

The dust collection feature reduces the troubles for the users by automatically collecting the dust.

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·      Soft start

·      12 Amp powerful motor

·      Variable speed control

·      Fixed base

·      Plunge base

·      Steel guide rod

·      Brass brushing process

·      Column dust collection

·      Adjustable depth rods

·     User friendly design

·      Low noise level

·      Durable motor

·      Height adjustment

·      Easy motor release

·      Made with die-cast aluminum

·      Transparent sub base


  • Noise level increases for continuous use
  • Sometimes the motor shifts from the base


Q: Where the router is originated?

A: It is originated in Mexico and now available across the world.

Q: Is there any warranty for the router?

A: Yes there is a limited warranty for the router based on few conditions.

Q: Does the router have any case to carry or store?

A: Yes, the router is contained in a fine case and you can carry or store the router easily.

Other PORTER-CABLE popular tools

Porter Cable is the name of popular brand in the power  tools world. They are producing a lot of machine and tools related wood router. Out of the all name of the porter cable 894pk, porter cable 890 motor only, porter cable router 890, porter cable 42690 edge guide, porter cable plunge router base are mentionable.


It is evident that PORTER-CABLE 895PK is one of the best routers. It also has other Porter Cable accessories or Porter Cable router tables for the users. You will the the porter cable 895pk manual in the box. By this you can understand how to operate it.

The users could have any of the accessories or router table designed specifically for different use. If you get the accessories or tables from the same manufacturer, you will have the chance to work efficiently by without experiencing any troubles.

If you are planning to start carpentry or a student of carpentry, you can get the device for your use. It will make everything easier for you.

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Porter Cable 690LR Review and Best Buying Guide

Porter Cable 690LR Review

In the current days Porter Cable 690LR review has turned into the most important part for every user to go through before getting the best router for woodworking.

Porter Cable 690LR


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Porter Cable 690LR single speed router

Many of the users have been using the Porter Cable 690LR router for long time comparing the other routers

It helps the users to learn every pro and cons of Porter Cable fixed base router. So that they could get one and use it for their respective purposes. Currently, many of the manufacturers are producing routers for wood works with different features.

Lets them know about the specific features. And the necessary information why to buy the router as there are lots of other brands are available in the market.

Once you have finished reading this review, your knowledge about the router. And its accessories will expand to a notable extent to comprehend the logic behind picking the router. This single speed router is a professional tool to make different designs on woods and could be used by all types of people who are related with the wood working or carpentry.

The device could be used by –

Hardcore professionals,

  • Beginners,
  • Temporary
  • Short-term users

Porter Cable 690LR Review

Features of the Porter Cable 690LR

Powerful Motor

All the Porter Cable 690LR is as the best router for woodworking for its powerful motor 11AMP motor.

The motor is enabled to produce the necessary power for the router to perform the necessary cuts or sleek designs within its 1 -3/ 4 horse power motor. Like the other contemporary wood working routers, Porter Cable fixed base router is also recognized as a device to penetrate through the hardest woods for its extraordinary power. Here we will show some porter cable 690lr parts as bellow.

Single Speed

Powerful-MotorMany of the routers are of versatile speed or the speed could be controlled through the speed controller. But Porter Cable 690LR fixed base router is designed with single speed works. The router has been shaped in the way to keep the speed level constant. And thus it is not possible to reduce or increase the revolutions of the motor. The motor could run 27,500 RPM.

Motor Housing

At times the router motors are kept in plastic container made with light or heavy plastics. But Porter Cable fixed base router motor is housed in an aluminum base which ensures the maximum durability of the motor.

Besides, the base of the router is also made with aluminum. And thus all the Porter Cable 690LR review is on favor of the router.

Hight Adjustment

Height-adjustmentMany of the routers are made with fixed height and you are to adjust yourself or your work position with the height.

But Porter Cable 690LR fixed base router is considered by the professionals. As the best router for woodworking for its height adjustment feature. The users are able to adjust the height of the router using it cam lock levers to their desired level.

Dust Sealing

Dust-sealingMany of the routers come without the dust sealing facility. And as a result, different sorts of dust go inside of the motor and cause its early damage.

But Porter Cable fixed base router comes with a dust sealing systems that disallows the dust particles go inside strictly. And thus the longevity of the router is increased comparing the other routers.

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According to the Porter Cable 690LR review, there are several pros found for the router and those are-


  • Fixed base motor
  • Powerful and efficient motor
  • 1 -3 / 4 horse power motor
  • 27,500 RPM
  • Precise cut
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Collets accept 1/ 4 inch shank bits
  • Auto release collect
  • Cam lock lever
  • Easy and fast bit removal
  • Steady performance


It has only found that the router is featured with single speed which is a bit troublesome for those who has to work differently with speed control. The router speed remains the same round the day and thus the carpentry required versatile speed is.

Frequently Asking Questions

Q: Is the device useable with speed controller?

A: Yes, the device is useable with any sorts of speed controller device.

Q: What does LR means?

A: The word LR refers to Lever Release. It is used to release the levers during the base change for the motor.

Q: Does the device come with any warranty?

A: Yes, the device has limited warranty.

So, if you are planning to have the best wood working router for your own business, you can undoubtedly get the piece for its superb quality and continuous performance. You can visit Amazon for the porter cable 690lr manual. Many of the users have been using a router for long time comparing the other routers and the routers also required less servicing by the same time though they have been used round the day.

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