12 Questions Answered About WALL PAINTING IDEAS FOR HOME

Are you looking for some exciting and interesting wall painting ideas for home? Do you want to give your home a new look? Your living room color is boring, are you thinking of trying some trendy wall painting designs? Lots of queries, and  I am here to help you with the 12 questions answered about wall painting ideas for home and get the best suitable answers.

Let’s get started with the most important questions about wall painting ideas for home.



1. How do I select the perfect color of paint for my living room?

Living room is the center of a home, where you spend a quality time with all family members. Your taste of interior will reflect by the overall image of your living room. Choosing the right one among popular living room is the toughest part of painting your home. You can choose among these five colors-

  • Green- the splash of life will be brought by green color.
  • Blue- looking for a calm and stabilized look? Blue will do the rest.
  • Beige- if you love the minimalist look go for beige.
  • Black- want to try something unexpected and dramatic? Black is the right color for you.
  • Gray- will do great for comparatively small spaces.

2. What factors I should consider before start painting for my home?

While searching wall painting ideas for home, certain issues should be considered, such as-

  • Budget
  • Room orientation
  • Sources of light
  • Fixed and furnished elements
  • Surfaces
  • Paint finishes
  • Mood

3. How to prepare a room for painting?

Some steps of preparing a room for painting are:

  • Taking furniture out
  • Removing wall decorations
  • Unscrewing all switch plates and outlet covers
  • Covering the outlets
  • Filling in any holes with spackle and let it dry for 1 day
  • Sanding the walls with sanding block or 220-grit sandpaper
  • Wiping your walls with soapy water to remove any dirt and stains
  • Putting shields over furniture
  • Laying drop cloths on the floor
  • Applying primer if you are using a dark color

4. How do you clean walls before painting?

Before painting your walls you should clean them. After removing the wallpaper or old paint, washing down the targeted surface with warm water and liquid detergent is necessary. While painting the kitchen, don’t forget to use a stronger detergent as the walls are greasy. You must leave the walls to dry completely after rinsing off all the residues.

5. What is the best way to paint a room?

Following the right order is the best way to paint a room. The following painting order should be maintained:

Ceilings > Walls > Woodwork > Floor

Covering the larger space would be a wise decision because it will make you work quicker.

6. Should entire house be painted same color?

You can go for just one color to paint the entire house. It would be a less expensive wall painting ideas for home and you need not to think much for choosing separate color for each spaces. If budget and time is no issue, then you can choose different colors for different spaces.

While one single color for the entire house might look monotonous, different shades add more color and fun to life. For kitchen you may go for yellow or red, bright color will give you more energy; but for your bed room a light green or warm white instead of red would be more suitable as you will feel relaxed and calm in a light-colored room.

7. How to paint a ceiling?

Several steps are required to paint your ceiling:

  • Using the perfect roller and pole
  • Choosing a flat paint
  • Covering floor
  • Moving furniture
  • Covering the trim with tape
  • Applying the stain-blocking primer before painting

8. What color should I paint my trim?

Use a lighter color trim on dark walls, it will look good. On light walls, any dark color specially black or gray will a good choice.

9. How to choose the kitchen wall colors?

If you want to feel fresh in the beginning of your day, your kitchen color should be white. Vibrant colors like red or yellow will increase the appetite, so you can choose any between them. Light green or warm grey would also do well.

10. What would be the ideal exterior wall paint colors?

If you are searching for the best wall painting ideas for home, then you might be serious about the exterior wall paint also. The exterior represents your personality, so be wise while choosing the color. Colors like chocolaty brown, warm green, creamy white or brick red will look both traditional and classy.

11. Should I paint walls before installing trim?

It’s tougher to cut a line on the woodwork, so before painting the walls you better sort out things with the trim. Using a 9 inch roller would really help you paint the walls.

12. Should I fit skirting before painting?

Yes, you should fit skirting first to avoid hassle of touching up afterwards and it will save your time also.

These above-mentioned Q&A would certainly help you find the interesting wall painting ideas for home. Home is the place where live and breathe, so making it beautiful is everyone’s desire. Choosing the perfect colors will bring an outstanding impact to your home and life as well.