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Best wood router

When it comes to woodworking, a wood router is one of the important power tools that you need. What is a wood router? Well, just by hearing the name you can pretty much guess that it is a tool that is somehow related to woodworking.

A wood router is a power tool which workers use in order to hollow out an area in a piece of wood. It’s extremely important if you want to make furniture from wood. As a professional, you should buy the best wood router that is available.

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Bosch 1617EVSPK Plunge and Fixed Base Variable Speed Router

If you want the top rated wood router, you can get one of the Bosch 1617EVSPK as most of the router review has placed it on their favourite list.

In the olden days the needs of people were limited but with the advancement of time, the needs are now limitless. Accordingly the pattern and fashion of wood working has been changed to a great extent. To get a perfect router you need to concentrate on your needs. Since people use timber for different purposes and working with the timber has become a skilled profession named carpentry, the woods need to be shaped. And resized perfectly to make required designs or cut the wood pieces.

At the same time, People mostly need woods to make their necessary furniture. Like bed, cabinet, chairs, tables and many other things for their home and in some cases woods are used for different other purposes like making house, building a bridge, making boats etc. But in all the cases, the woods need to be from the finest quality for a durable use.

Things to Consider:

You will find so many wood routers on the market that it may become difficult for you to choose one. When you buy a wood router, you need to consider some basic things so that you can buy a perfect wood router which suits you. Here are four things to consider, when you buy a wood router-

  • Good Brand:

It’s always good to buy a product from a trusted brand. Good brands will rarely cheat with their customers and more often than not they will provide you a warranty.

  • Durable:

You should buy a wood router which is durable. It should last for a very long time and give you an outstanding performance. Before buying the product, check out its materials in order to be sure whether it’s durable or not.

  • Motor:

Make sure that the motor is great and has enough power for your job. It is crucial if you want to have a smooth operation.

  • Convenience:

No matter what kind of product you buy, it should be convenient to use. When you buy a wood router, you should make sure that it is easy and comfortable to use.

Who Needs This Particular Product:

If you are a passionate DIYer who loves to do work with different types of tools, then this is the right product for you. Also, if your daily job revolves around wood, then at one point you will surely need to buy a product like this.

Why Do You Need This Product:

You can use a router on materials like wood and plastic. If you are in the furniture business, then it is necessary for you to buy a wood router. So there is no doubt that it’s a useful tool for you. Here are a number of reasons why you need this product-

  • Make a dynamic furniture:

You can do so many things with this tool. For example, you can cut grooves and rebates, shape your wood, profile edges and so on.

  • To create a beautiful design:

It’s mighty effective when you want to design your wooden furniture. You can give your furniture the shape that you want. So it will help you to create an awesome design.

  • Helps you to become thoroughly professional:

If you are in the furniture business, you have to create furniture which is not only dynamic but also beautiful. This tool will help you to do that. So, as a professional woodworker, you need to have this.

Let’s look at some of the best wood routers available in the market

Further more, the woods need to be shaped and trimmed accordingly, thus different wood routers are available. Which was impossible to think of in the past days.

 Bosch 1617EVSPK Plunge and Fixed Base Variable Speed Router Kit 

Rating: 4.64

If you are looking for a versatile wood router, this will definitely be it. Its quality and performance are almost overwhelming.

If you buy this, you will get EVS Motor, plunge base, fixed base, fixed and plunge base chip shield, collet chucks, rugged carrying case. Plus, you will also have 16-mm and 24-mm bit change wrenches, and T-handle hex-height adjustment wrench.

It can take on the toughest routing jobs because of its 2.25 HP(Horse Power)/12 Amp motor and its speed range of 8,000- 25,000 RPM. You can easily increase or decrease the speed with the variable speed dial.

One of the best features of the product is its durability. It’s an 18.2-pound product which is made of Aluminum. In addition, the power switch is dust-sealed. So there is no doubt that it is durable.

The product is fit for both fixed-depth routing and plunge routing. Its plunge base has soft grip handles. As a result, it is comfortable to operate it. The fixed base’s “bit height adjustment system” will help you to adjust the bit height. Finally, you will have a case where you can keep all of your components and they will be safe and sound.


  • Highly durable.
  • Powerful 2.25 HP/12 Amp motor.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Ridiculously easy to use.
  • Its application is endless.


  • For some customers, the design isn’t really great.
  • Could have been just a little bit lighter


Great Router!! Bosch 1617EVSPK User Reviews 

By Steven Achinson

I had bought the Bosch router for the router kit only as I heard about the features. and they were perfect for me in different carpentry. Also, I had used some other brands but could not found them as much satisfactory as I am with the model of Bosch.

Worth the bucks!

By Robert Drecking

Although, the specific model comes with some special features. And the money I have invested for it thought to be wastage. But later realized that the router is worth the money.

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 DEWALT DWP611PK Variable Speed Compact Router 

Rating: 4.64

This model from Dewalt is surely one of the best wood routers you will ever find. This product from DeWalt offers you everything to make your life easy. It is compact, lightweight and very easy to use. Everything about it is just nifty.

Firstly, let’s talk about its performance.  Not only the product is durable but also it features a 1.25 Horse Power (hp) motor. Hence, it is always ready to take on the most difficult job.

The router comes with a variable speed. So you’ll be able to change the speed of the bit according to your own will. You can easily change the speed from 17,000 to 27,000 rpm and thus it will be more dynamic.

It also features dual LED light. Consequently, you will have maximum visibility when you operate with this product. This is one of the many reasons why it is so easy to use. Furthermore, let’s not forget that it is only an eight-pound product.

Its rubber handles (which are over-molded) will give a safe grip (for plunge base). Furthermore, the extended sub-base gives awesome work surface contact (for fixed base). As a result, the user can control it easily.


  • Convenient for any professional worker.
  • For heavier operation, the large plunge base platform gives extra stability
  • For accurate depth setting, the plunge base also contains adjustment rod.
  • You can easily place the motor between both fixed and plunge bases.


  • It is really light and for that reason, it’s easy to use. But if you want to do a real heavy work, it may not serve you as well as some of the other products.


Perfect match for me! DEWALT DWP611PK User Reviews 

By Ben Abraham

This is a perfect router for me with my small carpentry, especially roundovers and easily adjustable too. And the router is also a heavy-duty piece with spindle locks that helped me more to adjust the router. The LEDs also helped me to get a clearer view.

Powerful router.

By Robert Downy

In my intermediate wood working I had been looking for a powerful router, a neighbor of mine referred me to get this compact dewalt router. The router is good in size and of great quality. I mostly liked the small size of the router too and the performance level improved for the bright LEDs.

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 Bosch PR20EVSK Fixed-Base Variable Speed Router 

Rating: 4.54

The Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Variable Speed Router with Edge Guide is an awesome tool which is perfect for carpentry. It is equally good for trimming laminate flooring, mortising hinges, and dovetailing.

What will you have if you buy the whole product? Well, you will not only get a router but also a carrying case, fixed base, drop-forged collet,  straight edge guide,  1/4-inch self-releasing collet, shaft wrenches, and instruction manual.

Its 1.0-horsepower, 5.6-amp motor is one of the many reasons why this product gives an extraordinary performance. It spins at a variable speed of 16,000 to 35,000 RPM. Plus, depth adjustment is just ridiculously easy with this product. Micro-fine adjustments are also easy because of the wheel which is on the back of the base of the router.

You will also see an instruction manual which will help you to find the correct speed that you need for your job.

This tool is really user-friendly. The speed dial is located on top of the tool. So you can access it easily. Because of its “Quick-clamp System”, you can also effortlessly move the motor from base to base. In the end, it is a terrific product for a carpenter.


  • The motor is just outstanding for the size of the product
  • Start-up torque is minimized by its soft-start.
  • The product is really sturdy.
  • Depth adjustment is just ridiculously easy.


  • At times, you may find it difficult to remove the router bits.
  • Some customers complained that it is difficult to keep an eye on your project while working.

Good for me
 PR20EVSK User reviews 

By Jennifer Lawrence

Out of my frustration to perform the routing jobs for the furniture. That I made for a client, I picked Bosch PR20EVSK though I have another one. it could not bring me the desired result. The light weight router helped me greatly to perform all the unfinished tasks smoothly like edge trimming and rounding.

No problems!

By Robert Daniel

I have heard that Bosch PR20EVSK has some troubles and some of the reviews also opined so. But when I used the router by myself, I found not errors. The so called errors might have appeared for the lack of knowledge in using the router.

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 PORTER CABLE 690LR 11- Amp Fixed-Base Router 

Rating: 4.64

Porter-Cable is definitely one of the well-known brands in the router industry. Porter-Cable started its journey way back in 1906. They have been serving the carpenters for over hundred years by producing some of the most innovative products. This model from Porter-Cable is one of those products.

It features a powerful 11-amp motor which is always ready to take on difficult tasks. The “quick fixed-base motor release” will make sure that you are able to move the motor between the plunge and d-handle bases. But, keep in mind that each of them is sold separately.

There are some valid reasons why this wood router is user-friendly. It features an auto-release collet system. So it’s very easy to remove the bit. There is an under-table stop which will not allow the motor to rotate out of the base accidentally.

The router is constructed in such a way that it will definitely last for a long time. The power switch is dust-sealed and the base is made of aluminum. Plus, there’s also a sealed ball-bearing construction guard in order to avert the wear and tear which is likely to happen in a difficult environment.


  • The ergonomic molded grips will make sure that your hands are comfortable while operating.
  • Easy to operate even if you are an amateur
  • Well-designed
  • Durable
  • The price is fair for the quality it brings.


  • You won’t have a case to carry the router.

Standard Router
 PORTER CABLE 690LR User reviews 

By Fernandez Cliff

This is a standard router for versatile wood works. Being variable speed, I controlled the motor speed during the use of large bits. Plunge based appeared good to me. Motor changing for bases is also easier.

4stars for the router!!

By Ashley Jenisson

I will allot a 4 star for the router for its extra ordinary performances and smoothness of the work. All the tools associated with the router worked very well. I am satisfied with the router.

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 DEWALT DW618PK Plunge and Fixed-Base Variable Speed Router Kit 

Rating: 4.66

Dewalt is one of the most reliable brands in the world. This is the reason why this model from Dewalt can easily be considered as one of the best wood routers right now. You will have an experience of a lifetime with this router. Its superior 2-1/4 hp, 12-amp electronic variable speed motor will make sure that you can route smoothly.

The best thing about the product is that you will have a lot of accessories if you buy it.  For example, you will get large-hole sub-base, DW618M motor pack, vacuum adapter, fixed base, plunge base, wrench collets (1/4-inch and 1/2-inch ), gauge, and kit box.

Its electronic variable-speed trigger will give you the option to choose from 8,000 and 24,000 rpm. So the range is great. Furthermore, the motor’s soft start will lessen the start-up torque which is great.

Its fixed base has a micro-fine depth-adjustment ring which will provide accurate bit adjustments. On the other hand, let’s take a look at what the plunge base offers. It offers an adjustable five-position turret stop.

Moreover, the sub-base and other bases are built in a way that you can effortlessly change the bits. Quick-release motor latches will make sure that you can easily remove the motor from base to base.


  • The handle is really comfortable
  • Changing the bits is ridiculously easy
  • Durable base
  • The base offers a patented “through-the-column dust-collection system”. It means that a vacuum will be attached to your router and it won’t block your line of sight.


  • For some customers, the weight and the price can be an issue.

Best from the short list.
 DEWALT DW618PK User reviews 

Before getting a router, I made a list of several available routers and at last picked the dewalt 618 router for its outstanding features and the manufacturer is a reliable one in making tools for different works. I compared all the features and it appeared that it is enviable than the other routers in comparison. So, it made the deal for me.

Great deal!!

John Michael

In the beginning I wanted to get a router only when it was about the combo kit, I decided that it is better to have the kit. The kit comes with different accessories and tools that were too helpful for me in my projects. The furniture moldings were up to the mark. I mounted the router on a table. Really it was a great deal for me.

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 Hitachi M12VC Variable Speed Fixed Base Router 

Rating: 4.66

Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed Base Router is also one of those routers that you should consider buying. The price of the product is reasonable and you will have awesome accessories if you buy this router. For example, you will have collet chuck, centering gauge, 16mm and 23mm wrench, 4mm hex bar wrench, and hex socket.

Its powerful 2-1/4 peak horsepower motor makes sure that you can cut through all types of wood. It is equipped with electronic speed control. This router produces a speed of 8,000RPM to 24,000 RPM. As you can see, it maintains a constant RPM and it is very easy to manage. Despite having a powerful motor, you can operate quietly with it. It means that your working station won’t produce the noise that can be harmful to you.

There are so many reasons why it is comfortable to use. Firstly, the router is ergonomically designed tools. It makes sure that you feel comfortable while routing. Secondly, it’s a 7.3-pound product. So it is comfortable to operate with it. Plus, the handles of the router are wrapped in Elastomer compound. So the vibration will be reduced and slippage will never be an issue. All in all, it’s a great product.


  • Powerful motor makes it a nifty product
  • Depth adjustments are also effortless.
  • It also features “nickel-plated motor housing” which helps to reduce stains on the router.
  • Works on every type of wood.


  • No case to carry all the accessories.

Helpful router
 Hitachi M12VC User reviews 

By Big John

The router I bought was Hitachi M12VC and it worked well and the results are good as well. But I also experienced some troubles with the collet releasing bits due to a strange design. Nonetheless, the router is still working smooth.

Solid Router!!

By Rowell Atkinson

I like the router most for its solid structure and good looks. The motor of Hitachi M12VC is heavy-duty and serving me for about one and half years without any troubles. I preferred this router mostly for its special reviews and publications on different wood working magazines. All of them praised highly for the model.

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 DEWALT DW618B3 Plunge Base and Fixed Base Router 

Rating: 4.66

Like most other Dewalt products, this product from Dewalt will also fulfill your expectations.  It offers some of the most amazing features with some awesome accessories. Along with the router, you will get DW618M motor pack, fixed base, plunge base, D-handle base, collets(1/4- and 1/2-inch), operating instructions.

The router has the motor which will help you to cut through any kind of wood. The router also has electronic variable-speed trigger and it allows you to select from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM. Moreover, the start-up torque will be reduced because of the motor’s soft start.

Its fixed base features a micro-fine depth-adjustment ring. This ring will provide precise bit adjustments. Furthermore, the D-handle base will also offer 1/64-inch micro-fine depth adjustments. Finally, you will have the plunge base that features a five-position turret stop.

Routing jobs can produce a lot of dust. Any woodworker who has used a router will agree to that. This is why this product features a dust-sealed switch. It will protect your tool from dust ingestion. Thus, your tool will last longer compared to some of the other wood routers.


  • Each of the bases has rubber over-molded handles. Consequently, the router is extremely comfortable to use.
  • There is a vacuum attached to the router which means dust won’t be an issue.
  • Easy motor-pack removal.
  • Easy to operate.


  • The product is not for the common people as it will cost you a lot of money.

3 bases in a kit, saves money!!!
 DEWALT DW618B3 User reviews 

By Johnny Passpartu

I liked the D-handle of the router that is really handy to continue specific carpentry. The soft power start is adorable and contains three bases in a single kit makes the router economic. Besides, the less noise level was a plus for me as I do not prefer working in noise.

Interchangeable motor.

By Emilly Ferret

The DEWALT DW618B3 router is extremely helpful for those like me who are to change the router motor frequently. I got the router for some inlay works with a dovetail machine and found that it works well. The basses hold the brass bushing to different templates. So, I think this is a nice machine.

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 PORTER CABLE 895PK 12 Amp 2 and One Fourth -Horsepower Fixed and Plunge Base Router 

Rating: 4.66

This is one of those router which is not only user-friendly but also durable in nature. Its efficient 2-1/4 HP motor is one of the reasons why the Porter-Cable 895PK is becoming more and more popular among the woodworkers.

Not only the motor is responsible for a superior operation but also the sound is really low when you operate with it. Also, there is the variable-speed control feature (10,000-23,000 rpm). Therefore, the bit speed can be optimized according to your own will.

Its plunge base offers through-the-column dust collection. So the dust removal will be easy and your workshop will be clean. You can easily remove the bits with just one hand.

This is one of the many reasons why this product is so user-friendly. The product is made of die-cast aluminum. So, you can pretty much guess why this product is so durable.

The router comes with a CD-ROM, a carrying case, a transparent sub-base, collets, a wrench, dust collection insert, and table-top height adjustment handle. In the end, you can trust this product to give you the performance of a lifetime.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • The motor is great.
  • “Through-the-column dust collection” makes dust removal easy. It also improves the cut-line visibility.


  • Although the router features variable speed control, It ranges from 10,000 rpm to 23,000 rpm. According to some customers, the range should be from 8000 to 25000.

Superior router
  PORTER CABLE 895PK User reviews 

By Small Carpenter

DEWALT DW616 is probably the best one as far I have used. All the performances of the router are quite fine. I have several wood routers for my professional work but the features are fewer than DW616. The low weight has made it handy to use and capable to do both the light and heavy works.


Huge Sampson

During my long 15 years of works with the wood routing, I have found this one as the all-rounder. It can easily cope with all types of wood routings and the price range is reasonable too.

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 DEWALT DW616 Fixed Base Router 

Rating: 4.66

As a woodworker, you definitely want to buy the best wood router on the market. DEWALT DW616 1-3/4-Horsepower Fixed Base Router is one of those wood routers.

If you buy this product, you will get a motor pack, fixed base, 1/4- and 1/2-inch collets, sub-base concentricity gauge, two wrenches, and an operating instruction

The very first thing that a wood router need is a good motor.  Its 1-3/4-hp, 11-amp motor is more than just a good motor. It will give you the power to operate smoothly and it’s ready to take on the toughest wood.

You can count on accurate adjustment in 1/64-inch increments with a micro-fine depth adjustment ring. The sub-base concentricity gauge will enhance accuracy. It’s easy to work with it because it has rubber handles. So it’s very easy to hold the router and you can work with it hour after hour. This is one of the coolest features of the product.


  • A “dust-sealed switch” will protect the switch against dust ingestion. So the switch-life be prolonged.
  • A clear, Lexan sub-base will ensure durability and visibility.
  • Quick-release motor latches will make it easy to remove the motor pack in order to change the bit and the base.


  • No variable speed controller.
  • No carrying case (unlike some of the other Dewalt wood routers.)

Best depth adjustment
 DEWALT DW616 User reviews 

Steven Douglas

The router has the best depth adjustment capacity and should be used on a router table for better and comprehensive performance. When the depth is adjusted, the cuts become excellent and the device is specialized for larger cuts. The power switch is located in a perfect position that makes switching on or off easier.

Quieter router.

By Victor August

I have found the router with less noise. Working with the router is a pleasant experience. The cutting is very smooth with the router and provides the better performance on a table. Besides, it is handy enough to tackle with one hand.

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 Milwaukee 5615-20 Body Grip Router 

Rating: 4.66

If you want to remodel your house and want do some crafty carpentry, then Milwaukee 5615-20 1-3/4-Horsepower BodyGrip Router can be a good option for you. It can be a good solution for your routing problem. You can trust it blindly and suggest your friends and families to buy it. It will not disappoint you

The model includes the BodyGrip Router, collet wrenches, 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch collet, and operating manual.

This wood router is durable & very easy to work with. This Chinese manufactured wood router has 1-3/4 hp motor which works really fast. It’s only an 8.8-pound product. So you can pretty much guess how light it is.

Its “above-the-table depth adjustment” is brilliant. its sub-base has a special access hole for a 3/8-inch hex extension wrench. Thus, it is perfect for table applications and dismisses the problem of reaching under the table to set the bit height.


  • Really light and durable
  • Coarse and microfine adjustments are really precise
  • The linear dept adjustment system is awesome.
  • 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch collets are self-releasing
  • Thanks to its rubber handles It’s really comfortable to hold the product while working with it.


  • No variable speed controller.

Best depth adjustment
 Milwaukee 5615-20 User reviews 

Steven Douglas

The router has the best depth adjustment capacity and should be used on a router table for better and comprehensive performance. When the depth is adjusted, the cuts become excellent and the device is specialized for larger cuts. The power switch is located in a perfect position that makes switching on or off easier.

Quieter router.

By Victor August

I have found the router with less noise. Working with the router is a pleasant experience. The cutting is very smooth with the router and provides the better performance on a table. Besides, it is handy enough to tackle with one hand.

But which one is the router or how to select the good one?

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Type of The Top Wood Router

You will see different types of wood routers and it will not help you if you want to buy all kinds of routers. You have to know what you really want. Here, we are going to describe the various types of wood routers-

  • Plunge Routers:

When you want to route in the middle of a piece of wood, you can push the bit into the piece of wood with the plunge router. If you are a professional woodworker, then this type of router will be the perfect router for you.

  • Fixed Base Wood Routers:

Compare to plunge routers, these routers are a bit lighter and they are ideal for beginners. These types of routers are good for edge cuts. The worker has to set the depth of the blade before using the router.

  • CNC Wood Routers:

Generally, CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) routers can be found in the industry. These routers are controlled by a computer and you can find these in big factories.

  • Laminate Trimmer:

These types of routers are very easy to use because they are small and lightweight. They are designed for edge work and perfect for beginners.

So, you should follow the following issues:

  • User friendly: Before you buy the best wood router 2018, check properly if it is user friendly or not. It may appear that the router is very attractive but you feel difficulty in its operation, then you should move for the next one or go through any wood router review to have an idea. Availability of router accessories is one of the impotent issue of the router.
  • Durability: Check the routers before you get them that if those are made with durable raw materials and if the protective measures attached with it are okay to make it a durable device as you cannot invest for the router in every month.
  • After sales service: majority of the wood router sellers do not provide any after sales service and in some cases they claim charges too. So before your get the router for your purpose, makes sure your seller provides warranty or after sales service.
  • Electronic features: Checking the electronic features is another important fact. Articles like how to use a wood router tells to use the electronic features for smooth operation and you have to check the features if they are working well or not.

Wood working is in fact a hazardous work and mostly people try to avoid this. So, the routers are required basically for three types of people

  • Beginners with wood router projects at the carpentry schools
  • Experts who are professionally engaged in carpentry
  • People who work at home occasionally.

 It may be required for different reasons and the most prominent causes are as followed: 

  • Learning Stage

You are learning carpentry or wood work. So, you are always with woods and cutting, shaping and making design of them.

Hence, you need a best woodworking router to buy, especially the router for your purpose. Since you are unskilled, you may not sharp or shape the edges, and a wood router will do the rest on behalf of you.

  • Professional Stage

professional carpentryAs a professional, you are to trim woods, make specific designs or insert something inside the wood. You cannot perform all the tasks all by yourself.

You will need an extra expert hand to make the perfect design instructed by your client, and it is the router.

  • Furniture users

Wood tableYou have bought a wood table but did not notice the rough surface and now it is troublesome to contact with the sellers or producers and they most of the time denies to provide after sales service.

If you have the wood router, you fix the surface all by yourself.

Before selecting the router, you need to follow some process. At first go through a wood router review to learn how to use a wood router.

In my case regarding the  selection, I have discussed with some experts and also read some reviews over wood router projects to get my router. It is a very good idea to have some talks with the experts to get some advice over having one.

Moreover, the reviews will also give you some ideas and tips to buy the right one according to your needs.

My recommendation

Woodworking isn’t just a mere carpentry. It never was. It is far more important than that. Nowadays, woodworking can be considered as a form of art. People want to have a beautiful house. Wooden Furniture is a pretty important part of a house. You need to have a wood router in order to make beautiful wooden furniture.

But there arises the question-“Which wood router is the best for my job”. In this article, we have talked about some of the best wood router available on the market. But at the end of the day, you have to choose only one. In that case, you should buy Bosch 12 Amp 2-1/4 Combination Horsepower Plunge and Fixed Base Variable Speed Router Kit 1617EVSPK with 1/4-Inch and 1/2-Inch Collets. Not that other routers aren’t good but this wood router is one of a kind.

Final Verdict

Based on the above descriptions, it is not too difficult to sort out a good router for you wood routing. The routers vary in price in consideration of their features.

Not only that you can compare between Bosch 1617EVSPK vs DEWALT DW618PK or DEWALT 611 vs 618 router from the said 10 router reviews. Naturally, people want to compare between Bosch 1617 vs DEWALT 611 router for the professional task.

Besides, manufacturers’ brand is also a considerable issue. Most of the manufacturers try to produce the perfect wood router but in some cases there might be few unintended manufacturing faults which should be ignored.

So, if you are looking for the right wood router, go through the Best Wood Router review for a clearer idea about the type and features of different sort of wood routers.