Best Dewalt Router | Top 5 Dewalt Router Reviews

Best dewalt router

Dewalt is one of the renowned manufacturers of different kind of tools including wood working best dewalt router of different size.

The tools are made in such a way that it ensures the safety and security of the users. And by the same time will perform the wood workings smoothly. The devices and accessories are useable to perform any form of woodworking.

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Best Dewalt Router

The Dewalt DWP611pk router is the finest Dewalt router with its global fame for its smooth execution of wood working.

People who are related to wood work could use the products after their needs. The devices are made in a way that even the novices could work with the best Dewalt wood router. And bring out the great design and cuttings.

Moreover, the experts could make the masterpieces with these Dewalt routers. Since I was looking for a suitable router for my wood factory. I have read some reviews and discussed with some of my fellow men and most of them suggested to use the Dewalt wood router for my purpose.

Best dewalt router


Product Features
DEWALT Router DWP611PK 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router Combo Kit with LED’s 1.25 Horsepower , Dual LED, Adjustment ring, multiple shaft lock
DEWALT DW618PK 12-AMP 2-1/4 HP Plunge and Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router Kit 2- 4 Horsepower , depth adjustment capacity, dust collection system
DEWALT DWP611 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router with LED’s Durable motor, Speed control feature, soft start, Dual Led to clearer view
DEWALT DW618B3 12 Amp 2-1/4 Horsepower Plunge Base and Fixed Base D-handle,  2- 1/ 4 Horsepower , speed control, depth adjustment, dust collection
DEWALT DW618 2-1/4 HP Electronic Variable-Speed Fixed-Base Router 12 Amp motor, 8000 – 24,000 RPM, depth adjustment, quick base changing, quick motor release.

DEWALT DWP611PK Variable Speed Compact Router

The Dewalt DWP611pk router is the most popular Dewalt router with its global fame for its smooth execution of wood working. The current product is featured in this dewalt router review with different characteristics, and among them notable features are:

  • The Dewalt DWP611pk wood router is durable for its 1.25 horsepower motor

  • Speed control feature

  • Maximum visibility for dual LED

  • Adjustment capacity

  • Adjustment on plunge base

  • Depth setting

  • Several shaft lock

  • Depth ring

  • Aluminum motor housing

The Dewalt DWP611pk router is based on an easy to handle procedure so that the users could carry. And use the router easily. Besides, there are different sizes of the router and Dewalt small router is perfect for the small scale jobs.

The device has been used by a large number of people. And none of them have a single allegation against it such as bad performance, frequent damage of the parts etc.

However, the plastic switch makes the starting and switching off a bit difficult. But it has to be done to make the switches durable. Besides, the Dewalt DWP611pk router is powerful enough to perform almost all forms of wood routing. And it has also the electronic speed controller allows to control over the speed that never changes unexpectedly.

DEWALT Router DW618PK Plunge and Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Kit

DEWALT DW618Pk is another category in the dewalt router review of wood router made with a Dewalt router base for wood cutting activities. Due to the strong motor, this Dewalt wood router is able to go through the hardest type of wood for carvings or design.

The notable features of the router are:

  • 2 -1/ 4 Horsepower motor
  • Variable speed
  • Depth adjustment in micro-fine level
  • Adjustable motor
  • Motor speed 8000 – 24,000 RPM
  • Quick base change facility
  • Quick motor release system
  • Exact plunge stroke
  • Detachable cord set
  • Dust protection

The motor is ideal for heavy tasks like cutting a hard wood and making a sophisticated design after the needs. Besides, the DEWALT DW618Pk router lasts longer than the other tools for its nickel plated motor housing. And it has also depth adjustment facility.

Moreover, the self releasing mechanism of the router has made it easier to eliminate the frozen bits and gives a better bit retention. The soft start mechanism has made it easier to start and stop.

The device as and when necessary and thus has made routing easier than before. Not only thet, the handle of the router is easy to use. In this way the maximum accuracy is available.

DEWALT DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router with LED’s

Dewalt DW611 is the globally renowned working tool manufacturer as per in the router review of professional people. DWP611 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router with LED’s is another useful tool manufactured by the organization for wood routing works.

The device is popular and considered as a good Dewalt router for its following features:

  • Dual LEDs
  • Extended slot
  • Durable 1.25 Horsepower motor
  • Variable speed control
  • Clear view of sub –base
  • Soft starting motor
  • Adjustment rings
  • Multiple shat lock system
  • Depth ring adjustment
  • Easy motor transition

The Dewalt DW611 router is able to go through the most difficult woods to make the design, cut or any form of routing works. The motor speed in controlled by the electronic speed controlling device.

The dual side LEDs covers the maximum sides during the operation. The depth changes are made easier for the adjustment rings while the multiple shaft locks make the work rapid and comfortable.

In addition, the motor is durable for the aluminum housing. The extended sub base allows the extra surface to work on. The average motor rotating speed is 16,000 – 27,000 RPM.

DEWALT DW618B3 Plunge Base and Fixed Base

Most of the Dwelt products are versatile and belong to the finest quality. The Dwelt DW618B3 made with the professional grade raw materials. Thus, they are considered as the top quality and in some cases.

As a great Dewalt router for the handling of diversified jobs at a time in the woodworking arena.

It is featured with the following characteristics:

  • Micro-fine depth adjustment
  • 2 – 1/ 4 Horsepower
  • 12 AMP, variable speed motor
  • Electronic variable speed
  • Soft start mechanism
  • Dust collection system
  • Detachable cord set
  • Dust sealed switches
  • Spindle lock button
  • Quick release motor
  • Nickel plated motor housing
  • Self releasing system

The best Dewalt router is the device that can make the wood routing work easier. The versatile activities are performed by the device. The device Dwelt DW618B3 is mostly used for different professional activities. It is made accordingly to meet the growing demands of the wood carving professionals. This is not dewalt router cordless, you have to user power cord to operate it.

The stronger motor can handle almost all forms of pressures and could rout event the sturdiest wood within seconds.

It has three bases including fixed, plunge and D-handle for the variety of jobs. Due to the electronic variable speed, the motor can rotate from 8000 – 24,000 RPM.

DEWALT DW618 Variable-Speed Fixed-Base Router

DW618 2-1/4 HP Electronic Variable-Speed Fixed-Base Router is another best Dewalt router for professional use. The router completes the tasks smoothly with its special motor and rotation speed.

Most of the Dewalt router base is made with aluminium or nickel plating. Thus, durable than the other wood routers.

Notable features of the router are as follows:

  • Flat top
  • Adjustable cam lock
  • 12 Amp speed motor
  • 2 -1 /4 Horsepower
  • Depth adjustment in micro-fine level
  • Motor rotation from 8000 – 24, 000 RPM
  • Quick base change
  • Spindle lock button
  • Rubber handle
  • Aluminum base motor housing
  • Nickel plated motor housing
  • Dust protection
  • Quick motor release

Many of the global professionals with wood working use this specific type of router for their works. This fixed base router allows starting softly and finishing works smoothly without causing much noise in the workshop.

At times the professionals are troubled with the hard wood pieces, but this specific device is able to pass through the woods like cutting butter with a hot knife.

Sometimes the Dewalt DW618 router turns difficult to handle the router due to the steel or wood made handles. But the rubber grip of the router makes it easy to carry or handle during the work.

Final Verdict

dewalt router baseDewalt manufactures the best Dewalt router home depot, Dewalt small router, Dewalt router base, and Dewalt wood router, etc. Most of the routers are made to meet the professional requirements of the wood workers and who work on a large scale.

In response to the deep observations our recommendation will go fro the The Dewalt DWP611pk Router. The routers are also user friendly for the beginners. Who want to have small scale tasks.

Whatever the application is the router is suitable for the users. Including expert and beginner and the most important issue is the pricing. The router prices are reasonable comparing the other manufacturers.

So, if you are looking for a suitable router for your purpose, you can have a DWP611pk wood router for your use.