Bosch 1617evsPK Review | Buying guide of Bosch 1617evspk router

Bosch 1617evspk review

Most of the Bosch 1617evspk review has found that bosch router 1617evspk and bosch 1617evspk manual as the best routers for versatile routing applications. In fact wood routing has become an art in the current days of modernization and almost all of the furniture is polished and trimmed with bosch router 1617evspk as it serves the best services to the users, according to this review.

Bosch 1617EVSPK router review


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Bosch 1617EVSPK  Router

You can get the Bosch 1617EVSPK wood router review has placed it on their favourite list.

So, before you move to buy a router for yourself, it is imperative to consider different facts and issues to get the best thing. Since the routers play one of the important roles in wood working, it is better to get the right thing for your needs so that you could get the desired design, cut or trimming with the router.

Bosch 1617evspk review


Many of the review have found that the bosch router 1617evspk and bosch 1617evspk manual is useable by all types of users.

But this is mostly preferable by the professional users as they use it frequently. Besides, it could also be used at home too while the beginners or carpentry learners may also be benefited with this router.

Electronic variable speed

Electronic-variable-speed Bosch 1617evspk reviewThis review has adored the electronic variable speed feature. Using this feature, the users can control the motor revolution speed based on their working category. It refers that they could control the motor speed electronically like increasing when the woods are tougher and decreasing when the woods are softer. This feature has made bosch router 1617evspk different from the other contemporary routers.

Aluminum construction

Aluminum-construction Bosch 1617evspk reviewThe entire body of bosch router 1617evspk is made with aluminum which has made it strong. The Bosch 1617evspk review has found that many of the routers are made with plastic bodies which cause troubles for the users – mostly they break down at an early time and applying on the hardest surface is not possible. But bosch router 1617evspk or bosch 1617evspk manual is free of that problems for being made with durable aluminum.

Comfortable handles

Comfortable-handles Bosch 1617evspk reviewThere are two types of handles for bosch router 1617evspk and bosch 1617evspk manual – wooden handle and rubbery handle. Wooden handles are used with the fixed base router while plunge base uses the rubber handle and both the handles are great to use. As a result it suitable for all forms of use either professional or occasional.

Bit depth adjustment

Bit-depth-adjustment Bosch 1617evspk reviewSetting up the bit to the right height is a great concern for the professional carpenters. As a result, the need to set the bit depth and in some cases they are to adjust. It is found that the bosch router 1617evspk and bosch 1617evspk manual comes with the facility of bit depth adjustment. It is of great help for the users and thus they are in love with the device.

Soft Start

Soft-Start Bosch 1617evspk reviewSometimes the users are to start the router with manual starting handle but this bosch router 1617evspk comes with a soft start feature. The users just need to switch the button on or off to start the router motor. It has reduced their labor and saved time to a great extent.

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  • Soft start
  • Electronic variable speed
  • Micro fine depth adjustment
  • 2 – 1/ 4 horse power
  • Fixed base
  • Plunge base
  • Rubber handle
  • Wooden handle


At times there might be manufacturing errors which are entirely unintentional and unwanted.

Frequently Asking Questions

Q: Can I mount the router on a table?

A: Yes, you can mount the router on a table and there is knob to adjust the router height with the table height.

Q: Is there any warranty with the router?

A: Sure! The router has a one year limited warranty. Though the users do not need to use the warranty, it is offered to ensure their mental satisfaction.

Final Verdict

So, if you are looking for a Bosch 1617evspk review you can read this article and then decide whether to get it for your carpentry needs or not. But one important issue should be kept in mind that it is highly important to check if the routers are durable or not.

You are not buying routers every day and a router should serve you for at least over two years in general. So, make sure the router you are having is worth your money and has the reputation to serve continuously without causing troubles.

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