DEWALT DW616 Review And DEWALT DW616 Wood Router Buying Guide

DEWALT DW616 Review

We are in different needs of wood works and DEWALT DW616 review has found that the Dewalt woodworking tools, especially the Dewalt router dw616 is one of the best for this wood working purpose.



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DEWALT DW616 fixed base router

DEWALT DW616 router is mostly preferred by high skilled professionals as it provides a smooth service to them.

The wood works are highly sophisticated and requires proper attention and skill to make the right thing or design or cut from the toughest wood. If the tools and devices for the wood works are not the right ones, then the carpenter would not be able to make the desired pieces.

So, The carpenters and all level users to get the right thing for them to save their time, labor and money and recommends Dewalt woodworking tools, particularly Dewalt router dw616 for their all forms of wood works.

The device is mostly preferred by high skilled professionals as it provides a smooth service to them. Besides, this router being comfy some of the home users also use the device for their emergencies or on different occasion to trim their furniture and other wood made things.

DEWALT DW616 Review


Moreover, the device is economic and thus the carpentry learners are also using the device for their learning purposes.

Strong Motor

The DEWALT DW616 router has a strong motor. The motor belongs to 11 AMP and as a result it could penetrate through the hardest surface of any sort of woods. Sometimes the carpenters are in frustration with their routers but the Dewalt tools have resolved all of their troubles within a short time.

Depth adjustment

Some of the routers come with the dept adjustment facility so that the users could be able to adjust the depth of the router to get the right or desired cut. This Dewalt Router is made carefully so that the depth could be adjusted perfectly to get the right cut for the wood piece.

The carpenters are to just adjust the depth using a lever and it is too easy for them and  learner of carpentry could also do this easily.

Easy bit removal

Sometimes the bit removal becomes a trouble for the professional carpenters. They are usually busy all the time and thus lack the necessary moments to be spent behind the bit removing process. But DEWALT DW616 review has recommended Dewalt woodworking tools, especially the Dewalt router dw616 for its easy bit removal facility.

Solid locking

Sometimes the carpenters allege that the locking systems of the wood routers are not perfect for them and the locking systems collapse within a few days after use. But the Dewalt woodworking tools, especially the Dewalt router dw616 is made with sold materials and the locking system is also made solid for a durable stand.

Clear sub base

Many of the routers come with sub base which are not transparent, and as a result the carpenters or wood workers cannot see what is happening with the router motor or if the blade is running perfectly or if the desired cut is getting happened or not. But the Dewalt router dw616 comes with a clear sub base allowing the users to check if the work is going well with the piece.

So, the DEWALT DW616 review considers it as one of the best Dewalt woodworking tools.

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  • 1 -3/ 4 horse power
  • 11 AMP motor
  • Micro fine depth adjustment
  • Gets through the toughest wood
  • Motor cam lock
  • Adjustable motor
  • Quick motor release
  • Easy bit changing
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Clear sub base
  • Depth adjustment ring


Since the motor is powerful it creates noise comparing the other contemporary routers and some of the users are irritated with the noise.

Frequently Asking Questions

Q: Does the router come with warranty?

A: Yes, the router comes with three-years of limited warranty.

Q: Is there any LEDs with the router?

A: No, there are no LEDs or any sort of lights are offered with the router.

Based on the review above, it appears that Dewalt router dw616 is considered as one of the best routers of its class. DEWALT DW616 is effective to go through almost all forms of wood works and thus it is suitable for all regardless of their using category.

Therefore, if you decide to have Dewalt woodworking tools, you can have this Dewalt router dw616 as it is recommended by almost all of the DEWALT DW616 reviews.