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Hello, today our topics is Dewalt dw618pk Review. DEWALT dw618PK kits is the latest woodworking tool. It helps the professional furniture makers to design their furniture in a perfect shape and get the desired smoothness on the top.



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DEWALT DW618PK plunge and fixed base router

DEWALT DW618PK helps the professional furniture makers to design their furniture in a perfect shape and get the desired smoothness on the top.

The router kit is associated with a professional 2-1/4 HP motor, two bases, one plunge router with a fixed router base. The router kit is featured with different attractive characteristics that have made it top among all the other wood furnishing tools.

Moreover, some of the basic features have made its use easier. Thereby, the DEWALT router dw618pk is suitable for both the professional and beginners. In line with a standard speed, the router is easily maintainable.

The performance of the mid-size router in a cam motor housing is satisfactory. The extra features will make the craftsmanship easier comparing the other routers for the same purpose.  The DEWALT router dw618pk price is affordable too than the other router kits.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

The product is designed for professionals but it can be used to execute craftsmanship and furnish the wood pieces by

  • Intermediate level people
  • The Beginners
  • Students with wood projects



Easy operation

Many of the routers are not that much easy to operate (switching on or off), but the current one is easy to operate. It has expressed that the router is set with a soft starting device to reduce pressure on motor.

The device allows the router to start immediately after pressing the start switch and thus requires less electricity than the other routers.

When the router motor is loaded with light weight, it usually lasts longer. Due to easy operation, the router is sought everywhere.

Horse power matters

Horse power is another important issue for the wood furnishing routers. If the routers do not have any adjustable horse power capacity, they do not perform very well.

DWP618Pk is made in such a way that the horse power is adjustable. As a result, you can use the DEWALT router dw618pk on any surface and accordingly could adjust the motor to provide you the necessary horse power.

When there are imbalance regarding horse power distribution, usually the wood surface cannot be smooth rather there are some rough spaces created.

Speed control

In most of the cases the routers are made to run in the same speed on every surface which is dangerous for work. So, if the speed is controllable, you could avoid such unwanted issues.

The DEWALT dw618pk router is set with a speed controller that checks the speed in a regular manner and thus you can handle the tool easily and make the necessary designs and polish the surface after your requirements.

The router is adjustable between 8000 – 24,000 rpm speed by using the speed controller to manage the loads and prevent any accidents. Most of the DEWALT dw618pk review has praised the speed control feature.

Fixed bases and plunge

At times it becomes difficult to determine which one would be useful – fixed on or the plunge. So, DEWALT router dw618pk is associated with a plunge and a fixed base.

Usually the fixed base router is able to be more stable than the plunge routers but both of them have different uses.

When you are working on plunge, you would be able to lift the router up or down to get the right design and cut while the fixed one is unable to move from its place to get the design until you are unlocking it.

Handy to use

dw618pk reviewWhen you are busy with crafting woods, it will be difficult for you to move from place to places in your workstation.

So, an easy to use tool is suitable for you and if the tool becomes handy, you can make any moves including backward or forward.

Most of the dw618pk review has described the tool as a natural one to make even different delicate designs for its handy movement. The cuts become clean and smooth, but you are to make sure that there are no rough surfaces when you are on the plunge.

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Majority of the review have mentioned the following pros for the product:


  • Handles all forms of woods
  • Speed changing feature
  • Maximum warranty
  • Adjustable on surfaces
  • External accessories availability
  • Removable power cord
  • Handy
  • Adjustable clamps
  • Dust removal feature

It has found less cons of the product and they are as followed:


  • Limited cord length
  • Centering tool unavailable with the package
  • Trouble with adjustment ring

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this router suitable for all?

A: Yes, the router is suitable for including the intermediate and beginner level users.

Due to its simple use feature, it is usable at any level and even if you do not have any knowledge about the wood furnishing or cutting, you can easily make your desired cut or design.

Many of the DEWALT dw618pk review are on the same opinion.

What is the length of the power cord?

Usually the power cord is eight feet and ample to perform your jobs. The other DEWALT dw618pk review has slightly criticized the shortage of wire without any real justification.

Q: What designs can I make with the router?

A: Almost all forms of designs could be made with the router including polishing the wood surface, cutting the woods in round or other shapes, but for that you are to add some extra tools.

Q: Do I need a table?

A: If you want to fix the base, you need to place the router on a table and fix that with a clamp.

If you are on the plunge, you do not need any table but make sure you are working smoothly lest there are any unwanted cuts or rough surface remains on the wood.

Q: Is there any warranty for the router?

A: Yes, the company provides a warranty of three years. If there are any internal troubles with the tools, you can have replacement after following the proper procedures.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a smart and handy tool to help you shape your designs, make the wood polishing the smoother, in this DEWALT dw618pk review I will suggest you to get one of DEWALT DW618PK Wood Router Kit without any second thought.

It is helpful to make your things come true.