How We Improved Our EASY CHEAP FLOORING in One Week

Do you want something to renovate your room, bedrooms, bathroom or kitchen? Do you think how we improved our easy cheap flooring? The interior of your living room will be as beautiful as you keep the floor of the room. If you want to make your house more attractive then use home flooring to renovate it. The great news for you is that in this article you will get an easy and one of the best new flooring ideas to renovate it.

Designers could be the best options for refurbishing a home or improving it beautifully. You can get designers in different budgets. I will exclude this option as you won’t have much money. If you think cheap flooring is impossible without a designer then that is your mistake. Some research, creativity and intense desire will help you achieve your goals.

The idea I would share for easy cheap flooring is “TrafficMASTER Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank”. It can be the best option to get the best results at the fastest time and the lowest cost.


 What is TrafficMASTER Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank:

 TrafficMaster is a well-known brand that is owned by Shaw Industries, Inc and it was opened in 1954. This brand comes with 46 varieties of wooden laminate which allows you to choose your favorite one from some popular materials. You can find this product in various places like hardware and flooring retailers or even at Home Depot.

The first thing I will tell you of this new flooring idea is the installation of TrafficMASTER Allure. Since you are unwilling to hire a designer, you need to have a good idea about the installation process of it. So, let’s get started to it.


1st Step: Prepare Surface in a Convenient Condition

 Trafficmaster Allure is useful for installing on different types of surfaces such as wood, concrete subfloors, tile flooring or even existing vinyl. If you want to install vinyl flooring on an existing tile floor, one thing you must keep in mind is that the grout lines are not larger than a quarter inch.

If you see that the grout lines are large, you need to level the floor using a patching compound. On the other hand, if you want to install vinyl flooring for the concrete subfloor, you must check the moisture of the concrete. If you see the humidity level above 5% then you must use 6mil poly underlayment for it.


Step 2: Take the Right Measurement for Installation:

 At this step, you need to take the dimensions of the length of the rooms and use the length of the planks to divide them. While taking the dimension of the length, keep in mind that it should be a quarter inch gap on both ends. If you notice that the resulting level is less than 12 inches, and then you need to avoid less than 12 inches on the other side of the room, and for that, you need to cut the first board according to that size.

After taking the measurement of the length, you need to measure room width and after it, divide the width of the board. If you find that the result is shorter than half the width of the board, then you need to cut down the first and last rows of the same width. Performing all of these tasks will help you have a balanced appearance. Will you feel bored to do this, you better not.


Step 3: Start Installing from the First Row

 In this stage, you need to start working at any corner of the room and with the under edge, lie down the first plank facing the wall. When you get ready to install, make sure that there is quarter-inch difference between the wall and the planks. When you do this, it will give you support for subfloor contraction and expansion. When this is done, you will need to place the 2nd plank. While placing it, make sure that there is an angle of 45 degrees with the overedge on the undersize.

Always try to keep the board tightly and then press on the seam. Now your job is to reinforce the grip strips bond and for that, you can use a hand roller so that you can do it easily.

Have you already lost patience to do this? Please do not lose patience, you obviously know that patience results sweet.

If you find that the seam is not tight, you need to separate the planks and then start from the beginning. Of course, make sure that the grip-strip is not damaged and therefore pull the top panel very carefully from the bottom board. Now adjust the board again and roll the seam. Keep placing the boards until the rows are finished, and continue to rotate the seams.


Step 4: Install the Planks Carefully

 When you are going to place the second row of the plank score, you need to snap the first plank so that the seam is stuck at least 6 inches from the first row. Of course, keep in mind that at the end of each row, there should be a continuous gap in the wall and for this, you can use spacers on both ends.

While installing the plank in the opening area, the best way is to cut the door casing as it will allow the blade to slide down. Place the plank next to the casing on your own and keep the casing intact. Now, cut the doorcase with a saw or jam cutter.

Installing vinyl flooring is a very easy task that you can do yourself. This is the best way for easy cheap flooring, it is extremely durable, virtually maintenance-free and it will create a beautiful addition to your home.


New Flooring Cost (Vinyl Flooring)

 As I mentioned earlier, the idea of this easy cheap flooring is quite cheap so there is no reason to worry about it. Of all the ideas that cheap flooring has, this is one of the cheapest options that can give you the best service. Since Trafficmaster has appeared in many styles, you can buy most of its styles for $ 0.50 to $ 2.00 per square foot. Another great thing is, you can get most of the laminates with the warranty of a lifetime residential or limited commercial or 15-year residential. 


Facts to Know

Some users have noticed that TrafficMaster planks have some issues in those areas that have high humidity such as a kitchen or bathroom. in areas with high humidity in areas such as kitchen and bathroom. For this reason, before you install this new flooring idea in this area, you need to dry the cisco space carefully and take extra care. You also have another option which is, avoid using new vinyl planks in those areas.


Final Thoughts

Does your home need flooring but you don’t have enough money? There is no reason to despair, just chill, you have many options available for easy cheap flooring. However, not all options or ideas may be useful, so you must take careful action in this regard.

We have detailed in our article the idea of ​​easy cheap flooring which will an exceptional innovation you to your home at a very small cost. There can be no better option than this idea to ensure effective installation with a low-price tag. So, follow this idea properly and renovate your home.