Hitachi KM12VC Review and Buying Guide of Hitachi Router

Hitachi KM12VC Review

Most of the Hitachi KM12VC review has termed Hitachi as a renowned manufacturer of diversified tools and produces different devices and tools for numerous purposes.

Hitachi KM12VC


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Hitachi KM12VC plunge and fixed base router

The experts on the KM12VC review have opined about the electronic speed control feature that it is of a great help for the carpenters and other people with wood working to get the desired RPM.

Hitachi router accessories are globally acclaimed for their outstanding features and facilities. As result, Hitachi woodworking tools are always preferred by the global carpenters for their different needs.

It produces both the fixed and plunge based routers. And sometimes people get the right piece for their needs or at times they get the entire review of the router kit to be used when needed. Wood working is considered as an art due to its perfections and innovative designs.

As a result there are a large number of people who are working with the Hitachi KM12VC wood routers. And the this review finds the router useful for the following people –

  • Expert Carpenters
  • Student of Carpentering
  • Occasional users

Hitachi KM12VC Review


Powerful Motor
The Hitachi woodworking tools usually comes with powerful motors for longer life and this is not an exception.

All of the Hitachi KM12VC review has provided very positive feedbacks. The motor is on 11 AMP and thus it is powerful enough to perform the wood cuttings and designs smoothly. Particularly it helps to get precise and controlled cuts from the wood. The hard woods are designed almost silently and without any setbacks.

Electronic Speed Control

Electronic-Speed-controlUsually the speeds need to be varied from woods to woods. The experts on the KM12VC review have opined about the electronic speed control feature that it is of a great help for the carpenters and other people with wood working to get the desired RPM.

The RPM is necessary to get the right cut and if there is imbalance in the motor speed. It would not be able to provide the accurate RPM and the woods will be ruined.

Nickel Plated Motor Housing

The motor of Hitachi woodworking tools are usually housed in a nickel plated place. It makes the motor durable and safe from any external disturbances.

Besides, the nickel plated housing allows the users to adjust the depth during the cut. If the depth is not adjusted in the right manner, the cuts are not smooth and sometimes there are rough surfaces found on the wood.

2 Stage Motor Release Clamps

2-Stage-motor-release-clampsMotor release clamps help to remove the motor from the base and place that on any other suitable place. There are two quick motor release clamps are available with Hitachi KM12VC router. And all the Hitachi KM12VC review from experts has been favoring it.

The motor release clamp is easy to use and helps to remove the motor from the base very quickly. And the users can also adjust the clamps based on their needs when placed on any other surface.

Reduced Noise Level

Reduced noise level is another feature for the Hitachi woodworking tools. Usually the noise level is kept lower so that the work environment could be calm and quiet. It has found that the motor does not produce so much noise as it is done with the other routers.

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  • Fine depth adjustment
  • Silent working environment
  • 2 – 1/ 4 horse power motor
  • Versatile cuttings like fine groove cutting, window cutting, trimming, shaping etc.
  • 2 stage motor release clamp
  • Portable for less weight


  • Troubles may occur for bit release
  • Carbon brushes may turn inappropriate

Frequently Asking Questions

Q: What about the warranty of the router?

A: Hitachi is a global brand and does not make any troubles with the warranty. If you do not damage the tool by yourself and it occurs automatically. Your tool will be replaced or serviced at free of cost.

Q: What comes with the router kit?

A: Usually the kit contains  KM12VC Fixed and Plunge bases, Motor, 1/2-inch collet chuck, 1/4-inch collet chuck, seven template guides, lock nut, centering gauge, 16-mm wrench, 23-mm wrench, 10-mm wrench, 4-mm hex-bar wrench, sub base (B), 10 hex socket HD bolt M5x10 etc.

As an expert user of wood router, I have read different Hitachi review and found that Hitachi KM12VC review router, Hitachi router accessories and other Hitachi woodworking tools belong to the best quality.

They come with the necessary tools and made with solid raw materials. As a result, they last longer and require less servicing than the other types of routers.

So, if you are planning to get a wood router for your job, make sure the router is the perfect one and contains the necessary features you need to accomplish your tasks smoothly.