Milwaukee 5615-20 review and Milwaukee Router Buying Guide

Milwaukee 5615-20

This Milwaukee 5615-20 review intends to make the readers aware about the router and Milwaukee router parts so that the users could get the right wood router for their regular use. This routers consider as the first router that comes above the table adjustment mechanism. The hand-grips are tactile that has made routing easy with the router .

Milwaukee 5615-20


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Milwaukee light waight router

Milwaukee 5615-20 router is able performing the routing smoothly for its speedy and stronger motor.

This is a fast router for almost all forms of routing works with an attractive design and a comfortable carrying case. The router is able performing the routing smoothly for its speedy and stronger motor. Besides, the rubbery handgrips are also comfortable to handle the router.

The router Milwaukee 5615-20 and Milwaukee router parts are appropriate for the professional use for their ergonomic design. The use not limit for the professional carpenters. Home users have also are using the router for their infrequent and minor wood routings.

The learner carpenters are in love with the device for its easy and comfortable use. The router application is so easy that it is said that the router could be used by the people who even have no idea how to operate a router.

Milwaukee 5615-20 review


11 AMP motor

This Milwaukee  router for its extra ordinary speed. The router has an 11 AMP motor that is able to go through the toughest woods or even the hardest surface. The router make to help in heavy cuts where the regular routers are unable to go through. Thereby, it is preferred by most of the professionals.

Rubber grips

Many of the routers come with wooden grips which is sometimes uncomfortable to hold. The wood workers cannot do the jobs perfectly as the handles slip sometimes or gets sweated which make the workers feel uneasy with the device.

The rubber grips of router Milwaukee 5615-20 allows the users to apply the router on the right place. The router handles are attached with the base which is another important feature of this router.

Depth adjustment

The Milwaukee 5615-20 review is on the view that the other routers are unable to perform a linear depth adjustment which could be done with this router.

If the depth is not adjusted correctly form above and under the table. The design could not be made perfectly and there might be some rough surfaces on the wood or furniture which may look odd.

Comfortable case

The wood routers come with a plastic containers or cases which are not so much durable comparing the case of router Milwaukee 5615-20. The case make with heavy duty metal hinges. It us comfortable and easy to carry and contains other accessories. The case is impact resistant which protects the router from different external impacts.

Moderate weight

The Milwaukee router is happy with the moderate weight of the device. Its weight is only 8.8 pounds which is of great comfort for the users. The users do not feel that they have something on their hand due to the less weight. Thus they get the perfect cut or the routing works.

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·       11 AMP motor

·       1 -3/ 4 horse power

·       Easy use

·       Rubber handle

·       Limited warranty

·       Comes with collet wrenches

·       Durable carrying case

·       Less weight

·       Linear depth adjustment

·       Steel motor cam lock

·       Cuts heaviest woods

·       24,000 RPM


The router requires a router table to work with which is uncomfortable for the users who like to use the routers with their hands.

Frequently Asking Questions

Q: What about the above the table height adjustment?

A: The Milwaukee 5615-20 review the router allows the users to adjust the height from above the table which makes the routing easier.

Q: Is there loud noise with the router?

A: No, the router does not make any loud noise. You can work quietly with this router.

Therefore, it does not matter whether you are a professional carpenter or not, you can use this router for all forms of your routing tasks. Almost all of the Milwaukee 5615-20 reviews are on the view that router Milwaukee 5615-20 or Milwaukee router parts are of great use to them.

They have never found any sort of troubles with this router. There may have some manufacturing errors which can ignore comparing the larger benefits. If you need a router for your wood works or home use, you can have router Milwaukee 5615-20 without any other thoughts.