MLCS Router Bit Review and Wood Router Bit Buying Guide

MLCS Router Bit Review

MLCS is a popular brand as wood router accessories that point outed by most of the MLCS Router Bit Review.

MLCS is undoubtedly the most preferred tool spares for carpenters and other professionals who use equipment like routers, sawmills etc. All of the router bit review has endorsed about the innovation of the tools for wood working. While in most of the machines the carpenters need another spare or consumable when the current one gets worn off.

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MLCS Router Bit Review

MLCS is undoubtedly the most preferred tool spares for carpenters and other professionals who use equipment like routers, sawmills etc.

However, every router is a completely different machine, it requires different types of bits to give different designs. Unlike most other machines, the bits are very durable.

A high performance bit works for hundreds of hours if used properly. However, a carpenter needs hundreds of them to have a wide array of design options. The more the number of MLCS bits you have, the more designs you can carve using the same router.

MLCS Router BitWe can clearly say that while selecting a router bit set, the number of design options available in the set is one of the biggest factors to select them. Before coming to the review of some top notch this router bits let us have a review that makes a router bit set an excellent buying option.


MLCS Router Bit review

So, we did a lot of research on our own, tried out different bits and compiled a list of some of the best MLCS router bits available in the market. The research indicated that the router bits were not only great products but they also enhanced the value of the equipment.

We compiled a list of more than 20 popular options which looked to be terrific performers and a great buying option. Then we went to the domain experts, the carpenters and the professionals who use these bits. We collected their reviews on each of the models and compiled a list of top five buying recommendations based on router bit review.

MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set

It is a great starter set for the carpenters and professionals who have just bought a new router and are getting a hold of it. The set comes in a stylish and durable wooden box that makes it an upmarket product for those who love to keep their tools organized and well protected.

The MLCS 8377 tool has 15 different bits with carbide tips for durability. The set has standard inch carbide shanks.


  • Durable carbide tips
  • Wooden box for easy storage
  • Great design options for a starter
  • Economical router bit set


    • Only great for starters as it has only inched shanks.
  • There are a limited number of cutting options in this set.

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User Reviews

The MLCS 8377 is a great starter kit and people love it. However, professionals who have been using routers for several years feel it’s incomplete but a value for the money bit set for its price. This set is a great kit for those who are buying or have bought their first router.

MLCS 6077 1/4-Inch  Router Bit Set, 15-Piece

This set is an amazing router bit set for starters and users who pay much heed to the economy. T

he MLCS 6077 set has

15 bits each having a ¼ inch shank and a carbide tip for durability. It is a great set for DIY enthusiasts as they mostly need ¼ inch shank. The wooden box gives the bit set an elegant look and a great product to



    • Wooden Storage box is a great advantage.
    • Best value bits than the other competitor.
  • High quality carbide tips for durability


    • Standard ¼ inches shanks with no other shank variation
    • Not a great kit for professionals who need variable shank sizes
  • It does not come with a great user’s manual to elaborate the purpose of every bit.

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User Reviews

Being a product that’s especially meets the requirements of DIY users, the wooden router’s bits should have a user’s manual stating the use of every bit. The MLCS 6077 set  is a great bit for beginners and DIY enthusiasts but most professional users do not prefer the set due to its standard shank size of ¼ inches.

MLCS 8384 Router Bit 4-Piece Boxed Set

A high quality router bead set specially designed for rounding of the beadings. The bits can be used to create innumerable designs by using the bits at different heights. MLCS 8384 set has four rounds over router beading bits which come in a wooden box.


    • High quality carbide tips for durability.
  • All four most popular sizes of round over beading bits are there in the set.


The MLCS 8384 bits which come with the set are usually a part of a large set, so most users don’t need to buy them separately. Not as durable as other higher priced router bits.

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User Reviews

The MLCS 8384 Round Over Beading Router Bit is a four piece router bit set that has four different bits for rounding the edges. It is a great kit for those who do a lot of rounding than cutting. For most of the users, the set is not as useful because it is only a rounding set and other cutting functions cannot be performed using these bits.

MLCS 8369 1/2-Inch Router Bit Set, 30-Piece

For an MLCS bit set to become professional, it should house all kinds of router bits required for different purposes like cutting, carving etc. The 30 piece MLCS 8369 is a complete set with 30 cutting bits. The carbide tipped highly durable router bits are high quality inch shank bits manufactured for professional use.

Inches being the most popular shank size allows the users to use the bits with a wide variety of routers with great ease for a wide variety of applications.


    • Complete set of router bits.
    • Highly durable carbide tips with long life.
    • Value for money bits with low price bit.
  • Designer wooden storage box.


    • Preference is given to cutting down the price, so the quality suffers a little.
  • High performance, but not as durable as some top brands.

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User Reviews

Users love the MLCS 8369 set because it is complete, comes in an attractive box and is very economical. Most users who bought this set love it and recommend it to others.

MLCS 6084 1/4-Inch Router Bit Boxed Set, 4-Piece

Packed in an attractive wooden box these rounds over beading router bits are great for those who do a lot of edge rounding using an inch shank. The MLCS 6048 router bits are high quality bits, but are limited to a few applications. The set is not suitable for most of the users, but is a great product for those who spend a lot of time in edge rounding.


    • Great kit for edge rounding with carbide tips.
    • Comes in an attractive wooden box.
  • Can create multiple designs by adjusting the height of the bit.


    • Not for general users.
  • It can perform only rounding applications.

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User Reviews

This The MLCS 6048 router bits are very durable ¼ inch shank carbide bits for rounding applications. However, these bits are available as a part of a large router bit set, these are very useful for those who spend a lot of time rounding the edges as these are a perfect replacement for the rounding bits.

Things to Look For

When we studied  on router bits and discussed them with the professionals they emphasized that the performance of the router is pretty much dependent on the quality of the bit. It is the bit that suffers the most during the cutting process. Here are a few features of MLCS router bit review that make it a high performance bit.


mlcs router bit setThis router bit set should be made of high quality material. It is the material that gives performance to the bit and gives it life. A high strength material bit can cut through thousands of wooden materials without any drop in performance.

Reinforced Tip

The tip is the point of weakness for MLCS bit. It was very evident that the bits which make a mark in the market mostly have a specially reinforced tip, most of them having a carbide tip for added protection and durability.

Design Options

During this review, it was very clear that the number of bits in the set is also a significant factor when considering a bit. A large bit set gives the carpenters and professionals a wide spectrum of design options to show their creativity. They are not limited by the limited design options.

High Precision Compatibility

There are many router manufacturers, MLCS is a brand which manufactures precise spares for each design. There is no play in the fitting and the bits work in complete harmony with the router.

Who Needs A Router Bit Set?

Every router comes with a limited number of bits. Most of them come with a single bit for cutting purposes. However, the real time application of a router is completely different.

When a router is used with a large set of bits, a carpenter or a professional becomes an artist who can create a wide array of designs.

So, without a router bit set a router is useless. That makes it a necessity for everyone who owns a router.

Why One Needs Router Bits?

The basic definition of a router says that it is a cutting device. However, in real applications, it is more used for crafting than cutting. Cutting can be done by other machines, but router specializes in crafting. From beautiful cuts to curved designs, a router can cut any design of your choice. This review gives us an idea that there are three types of cuttings that can be done using an MLCS bit set.

  • Straight Cutting
  • Rabbet Cutting
  • Spiral-Up Cutting

There is a different bit for a different need and design, so a larger set of bit is more useful than a smaller set.

How The Products On This Review Were Selected?

mlcs router bitWhen we did a review on the routers, we came across a lot of users who suggested the use of MLCS bits instead of default bits coming with the equipment. We were amazed by the way people suggested the bits. Most of them suggested that an underperforming router will improve as soon as the bit is replaced. So, we were compelled to do

Final Verdict

Each MLCS bit set is an amazing product which makes it very difficult for us to select one particular product. However, we recommend MLCS 8384  Router Bit Set, 4-Piece set as it offers a carbide tipped bits in quality that can create  a smooth wide array of designs and styles of cuts.

The MLCS bit set is perfect for all kinds of applications and are a necessity to have an artistic advantage in these competitive professions. All the bits in this MLCS router bit review are high performance carbide tip bits most suitable for specific purposes.