Porter Cable 7518 Review and Porter-Cable 7518 Buying Guide

Porter Cable 7518 review

When you are working with wood, you must be in need of a porter cable 7518 review to know how to complete your tasks smoothly. This review helps the users to know about the pros and cons of about any wood router.

Porter Cable 7518 product review


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Porter Cable 7518 buying guide

This review will not only guide the buyers to get the right router. It will also help them to get the porter cable router parts as well.

Usually wood routing has become an essential task in the current age to cater different needs of people. As a result, different types of routers have been invented. We have tried to helps people to pick the right router for their needs amid the thousands.

Porter Cable 7518 Review


The product porter-cable 7518 has several features and some of the notable features are –

15 Amp motor

The device has a 15 amp motor and all the porter cable review has adored the feature. Due to this feature, the device is able to perform all types of routing works. And it could deal with the toughest applications.

The porter cable router parts are made in a way to deal with the tough woods and other materials.

Versatile use

The device is versatile. There are some other routers available which are made and could be used only for some specific purposes. But this porter-cable 7518 is able to be used in different circumstances.

The router is able to be set with bit cutting applications and diameters.

Soft start

It has found that the soft start feature is able to be comfortable with the users. Due to soft start, the starting noise level is reduced to a great extent. So, the users are in love with the feature.

Besides, the feature also helps to reduce torque during the startup of the motor.

Aluminum housing base

Porter Cable 7518 3The porter-cable 7518 has an aluminum housing base which is highly helpful for the users. This aluminum motor housing is suitable to work on rough and tough job-sites. It is strong enough to grip the powerful motor of porter-cable 7518. The aluminum base helps the motor to remain safe from any external unwanted force.

It protects the motor heavily and as a result the internal tools become durable.

Five years warranty

There are a good number of routers available at the market which comes with a limited warranty. But the porter-cable 7518 offers the users with a five-year warranty which is almost rare in the current age.

The warranty includes the porter cable router parts and other necessary tools. But there are some other conditions should be applied here.

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Pros and Features

·       Five speed router ·       15 AMP motor
·       Auto release collet system ·       Easy bit removal
·       Dust sealing switch ·       Sealed ball bearing
·       Durable motor ·       Deals with heavy cuts
·       Soft start ·       Smooth performance
·       Wear and tear prevention


  • Gets shot shortly
  • Difficult to handle for heat
  • Speed fluctuates
  • Gets damaged by dust

Frequently Asking Questions

Question: Does the router have any warranty?

Answer: Yes, the router has a five-year warranty. But you are to ensure that no external damage is done by you.

Question: Can I mount the router under table?

Answer: Yes, the router is made in a way that it could be placed under you routing table for a better performance.

Question: What is the weight of this router?

Answer: The weight of this router is about 14.5 pounds. So, it is not difficult to use through a router table.

Porter Cable 7518 buying guide

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This review will not only guide the buyers to get the right router. It will also help them to get the porter cable router parts as well.

This porter cable 7518 review will not only guide the buyers to get the right router. It will also help them to get the porter cable router parts as well.

The product has been designed for different level of people including the professionals. Besides, often the home users are also seen applying the device for their irregular works. Sometimes the carpentry students also use the porter-cable 7518 for their different projects.

Finally, to conclude, if you want to have a router for your wood works, you can have one this porter-cable 7518 for your regular use. The router is good enough to meet your daily needs. And most of the porter cable 7518 reviews have favored the router.

Though there are some demerits, I think you could adjust them with the merits and benefits of this router.

Besides, the porter cable router parts are available everywhere and you may change the parts if there are troubles after the warranty period expires.