Is the Way You Energy Efficient Insulation Worthless? Read and Find Out?

Energy Efficient Insulation

An old house has all our memories, fun, emotions, and everything. And it looks antique and unique at the same time. But the problem with the old house is, it remains hot in summer and cold in the winter. That means there is a problem with insulation.

If you can use Energy Efficient Insulation, then you can solve the problem. But surely you do not want to invest a lot of money on your old house. Also, you do not want to increase your energy bills. That is why you need to know how to insulate an old house cheaply with Energy Efficient Insulation.

If you can insulate your old house with energy-saving insulation cheaply, you can save your money on energy bills, and you can keep your room warm and cold at a cheap rate. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the main part.

Types of insulation

Before going to know the types of insulation. There are different types of insulation you can use in your old house. But these five types of insulations are mostly used nowadays for home. Here are those.

Blanket Batts and Rolls

Blanket Batts and Rolls is a great inexpensive way to insulate your house. These batts and rolls are made of fiberglass, although some versions are made of mineral wool, cotton, and plastic fibers. And the best part about this type is that it can fit perfectly in wall studs, attic rafters, and even floor joists in width. However, you need to cut it for proper length.

 These rolls and batts can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And at the same time, it can save your energy bills because it prevents air from come in and come out.  When it comes to costing, it costs $0.64 – $1.19 per square foot. That means, it is less costly for sure.

Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation other types of insulation for insulating existing homes. The main task of spray foam insulation is sealing the leak between the walls. Maybe you do not know that there some leaks between your walls that we cannot see by naked eyes.

You need to spray liquid polyurethane is sprayed into the cavity of the wall.  And then it expands as well as hardens into the solid foam. Though it is an inexpensive way of insulation, it costs more than Blanket Batts and Rolls. But it will get your job done for sure. It saves your energy bills and insulates your old home perfectly.

There are different types of spray foam insulation available in the market. Based on the type, the cost varies from $0.44 to $1.5 per board foot.

Blown-In Insulation

Blown-In Insulation is the best type of insulation for existing finished area or hard-to-reach spaces or irregularly shaped. A machine applies it. A machine blows paper-like materials into the area that need to be insulated. These materials are made of rock wool, fiberglass, or reclaimed cellulose material.

It is the easiest method of insulation in your old house. And it is an Energy Efficient Insulation as well. But you should hire a professional to get the best result. You know, you do not have the machine, and you do not want to screw it up.

Now the question comes how much it costs. Well, it depends on many things. But on average, it costs $1.5 per square feet/ it seems cheap to me.

Foam Board or Rigid Foam Panels

Unlike the previous one, the Foam Board or Rigid Foam Panels are suitable for the unfinished areas. And the best part about this one is that you can use it in almost every part of your room to make your home insulated. From a floor to an unvented low-slope roof, the foam boards or rigid foam panels can help you get your job done.

These provide excellent insulation and reduce the heat amount conducted through your room wall. As a result, your room remains cold during the summer and hot during the winter. A lot of homeowners rely on it for insulating their old house.

Just like other types of insulation, it is cheap as well. On average, it costs $0.75 to $1.65 based on the use and when are you using it.

Reflective or Radiant Barrier

And the last type of insulation we are going to discuss is Reflective or Radiant Barrier. And this type is unique and different from any other kind of insulation. Where most of the insulations work from inside and outside and protect the air from coming in and out, this one just protects the heat away from home by reflecting.

That is why it is suitable for hot climate only. The insulation is made of some reflective barriers placed over a substrate material that reflects the heat. People usually use it in the attic so that the direct sunlight cannot make the home hot during the summer.

And when it comes to costing, the material costs 10 and 25 cents for every square foot for single-side barriers. And the rest depends on how you install it. If you install it yourself, it costs only that. And if you hire experts, the cost depends on the expert.

How to insulate an old house cheaply with Energy Efficient Insulation

Now you have known the types of insulation used to insulate the old home. Now let’s check How to insulate an old home cheaply with Energy Efficient Insulation.

Doors and Windows insulation

If you consider Energy Efficient Insulation, then doors and windows insulation can be a perfect one for your old house. If you are in a home that has single-glazed windows or doors, you will understand that these windows or doors can be cold and draughty. But with this simple and cheap doors and windows installation, you can efficiently insulate your house.

You can simply put a layer of plastic film on your window or door frames and then use a hairdryer to make out any wrinkles smoother. And you can buy a window film kit at an affordable price. I know old windows and doors look classy. But these are not energy efficient insulation. You have to add a layer to insulate.

For costing, it completely varies from windows to windows, doors to doors. The lowest cost is $58 to $72 for windows, and the highest might be $1,932 to $2,500. But it is for replacing windows. And if you want to just add a layer, you can do it within less price. For doors, it is more.

Insulating the Attic

In general, old homes have a large attic. You may think that it is a lot easier to Loft insulation. But the reality is not that at all. Because of that vast space, there might be large gaps as well. So covering all the gaps and insulate your home is not easy. Even if there is a half-inch gap, your all efforts will end up in a vein.

Now how will you cover those gaps? You can use spray foam or foam to seal those gaps. It will be comfortable and energy efficient insulation. And it will be cheap enough as well. You may use plastic to avoid spray foam to get into the places where you do not want. The same goes for a loft, roof, or flat roof. One-fourth of the heat is gone through the roof. So do your Loft insulation it at first.

Maybe you are thinking about the Roof insulation cost. The roof installation cost is not that much. You can do it at $400. However, it varies from area to area, types of insulation, and labor costs.

Insulating Walls in an Old House

If your house was built prior to 1920, your house walls might be solid enough. However, there might be some gaps between the walls. And if your home was built after 1920, then chances are high that the walls are cavity walls. The gaps are more there. So, you have to insulate your walls for energy efficient insulation if it is cavity wall.

To cover the walls, you can use rigid foam or rigid board insulation for better insulation. It will save a lot of energy to make your home warmer in winter and cool in summer. It might be tricky to insulate the old walls, but you know, it is not impossible.

Costing depends on the area, labor cost, and types of materials or insulation you use. However, for insulating your walls, the average national cost is $1.00 per square foot.

Crawl Space and Rim Joist Insulation

One of the main problems with the old home is Crawl Space and Rim Joist Insulation. These crawl spaces can be 5 feet high and made of stone. And this can be a big problem when it comes to insulating your old house. So if you want to insulate your house, you should cover these spaces for sure.

The best thing you can do to cover these spaces is spray foam insulation. You know, spray foam insulation is an easy and cheap way to insulate any home. And it is a great energy efficient insulation as well.

And the cost varies a lot when it comes to crawl space insulation. The reason is, the space is not the same and it cannot be calculated by square foot cost. It varies from $3 for one roll to a $300 for larger spaces.

Insulating floor

If you want to insulate your room, then you have to insulate your floor. An insulating floor can be a great way to save energy and energy bills from your house. However, you need to insulate your attic only if you are living on the ground floor. You do not need to do it if you are living on the upper level.

But you can do it as well even if you are living on the upper floor because the heat or cold can go down through the floor. You should use rigid insulation foam to insulate your floor and to save energy. And since you are using rigid insulation foam, it will cost $0.75 to $1.65


Insulating makes your old house can make it more comfortable and more enjoyable. But insulating your old home can be expensive, and it might not save your energy. That is why I have discussed How to insulate an old home cheaply with Energy Efficient Insulation. I hope this article will help you insulate cheaply that can save energy.

Now you know the types of insulations and how you can do it. Now it is time for action. You should start applying the process or steps I have mentioned above. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional. But I will suggest you hire a professional. You will get the best result — best of luck.

Does Energy Efficient Windows Make Your Home Environment Better?

We are living in an era of technology. Technology is making our life better and better. Energy efficient windows are one of those amazing technologies that come to make our life better. It is not popular among a lot of homeowners.

There are two reasons for its popularity. As the name implies, it helps you efficiently use the energy and thus reduce the energy cost of your home. And the second one is that it makes the home environment better.

However, still, a lot of people are confused about whether energy efficient windows can make the home environment better, and if it does, then how it makes the environment better. If you are one of those people, then this is the article for you. Read until the end, and you will find your answers.

Details About Energy Efficient Windows

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows are windows designed to prevent cooled or heated air escaping from your home so that it can use energy efficiently and thus save your energy consumption. And thus, it save your bills. At the same time, it keep your home environment better. How? We will talk about that later. These windows are also called energy-saving windows.

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient? 

So you have come to know that these windows save your energy and bills. But the question is what makes a window energy efficient. What are the factors that present in the window that can help it to save energy and use energy efficiently? Well, here are these factors that make a window energy efficient.

Multiple Window Glass Panes

One of the main factors that make the window energy efficient is the multiple window glass panel. Some glasses named double-paned windows or triple-paned windows are made of multiple layers of glasses. And there are gaps between every layer. These gaps are filled with different gases that make the glasses energy efficient glass.

These gaps are sealed shut to prevent any air from entering as well as escaping. These multiple layers of glasses prevent any heated or cooled air comes to your room or goes from your room. Because of this mechanism, your room remains heated in the winter and cool in the summer.

Quality Window Frame Materials

No matter how Energy Efficient Glass you have for your window. It won’t work if the frame is not good enough to prevent air from entering or escaping. A well-made, good quality window frame can help the window to prevent air from entering and escaping to save energy.

Wooden frames are high efficient where aluminum frames are least efficient. Good thermal insulation glass, along with good energy-saving frames, can significantly reduce energy consumption. And that is when it can reduce your energy cost every year. Some other frames are Fiberglass, Vinyl, Combination, and Composite. These are well-made, good quality materials for the frame.

Glazing/ Glass

Glazing is a term that often use to describe double or triple glazing use in the latest windows. Unlike traditional old glazing, this modern glazing incorporates coated glasses. These prevent the hot or heated air escape through your windows.

This glaze is designed in such a way that it makes the glass thermal insulation glass, and as a result, it saves your energy a lot. This coat can consume or prevent the heat that might come to your room. Also, this can consume or prevent the cold air from entering your house. And that is how it helps you save a lot of money every month and keep your room fresh.

Energy Efficient Glass

Other than these, there is energy efficient glass. The glass is made in such a way that it reduces the carbon dioxide of your home and at the same time, prevents heat or cool air from escaping. As a result, your room remains cool or heated all the time, and also, your room remains fresh, and most importantly, you can reduce the carbon footprint from your home.

One of the main problems is carbon dioxide in this era. And the main culprit to damage the room environment is this gas as well. This efficient glass can keep yourself out of this dangerous gas and make your room environment better.

Low-E Glass Coatings

Low-E Glass Coatings is another great factor that can help your home remain cold during the summer or heated during the winter. In other words, these coatings, also known as low-emissivity coatings, are designed in such a way that it can keep hot air out of your room in summer and cold air out of your room in the winter.

In addition to that, these coating can prevent ultraviolet, as well as the infrared light entering your house. At the same time, it allows the sunlight passing through the glass and entering your room so that you can get enough light, and your room remains to refresh all the time.

In the northern world, where heat gain is desirable, this low-e-glass coating can work reverse. It allows the full light to come into the room and at the same time, keep the inside heat trapped. As a result, it creates a greenhouse type effect and keeps the room warm as well as lighted.

Window Gas Fills

And the last factor is gas. As you know already that in the double or triple pan, the gas is filled between the layers of the glasses. It creates an Insulated Glass Unit, and this Insulated Glass Unit protects the outside air from coming inside, and at the same time, the inside air goes outside. Krypton, argon, and other gases are used in these gas filling.

These gas are non-toxic, colorless, and odorless. So you will have no problem with these gases. Also, your room environment will not be hampered because of this gas. You can have a healthy environment despite the presence of this gas.

4 Ways Energy Efficient Windows Make Your Home Environment Better

Well, now you have understood the factors that make the energy efficient windows. But do you know how these energy efficient windows can make your overall home environment better? Here are four ways of how these windows make your home environment even better.

Reduced Heating Bills

One of the biggest benefits and one of the main ways to make your room environment better is that it reduces the heating bill. About 15% of the overall heat escapes from the room. Besides that, if the window is old, old-fashioned, and flawed, then the amount of wasted heat is more than 15%.

That means a large amount of additional heat energy needed to keep your room warm. Now to produce this additional heat need more energy. And when you are using more energy to produce more energy, you are wasting more money, and you are damaging the environment of your room by producing more carbon gas. By reducing the energy-wasting, it is saving your bills and keeping your home environment better.

Re-Sale Price

You need extra money as energy efficient windows cost. Though it is less than the money, you are saving from energy efficiency. But when you sell your house to someone, he or she will agree to give you more money for this energy efficiency.

When you can make anyone understand that he or she can save a lot of energy and thus money, and at the same time, he or she can keep his or her room environment better, he or she will agree to give you more money for your house. That means you will get a more re-sale price for this feature.

Environmental Impact

As I told you, to produce more heat during the winter or to keep your room cold during the summer, you need a lot of energy. And when you do not have energy-saving windows, a large amount of additional energy is wasting. The more energy you are consuming, the more carbon and other dangerous gas-producing.

And when this happens, you are ultimately damaging the room environment as well as the overall environment. But if by reducing the waste of energy, energy efficient windows can reduce the impact of these gas. It is your responsibility to make the environment free from this gas.

Aesthetic Value

And lastly, it increases the aesthetic value of your house, and thus it makes your room environment better. One is that when you use the good frame and glass for energy-saving windows, it makes them look better. Besides, when you use these glasses or windows, it enables more light to come in and make your room looks fresh and dynamic.

Also, from the outside, it looks better than previous when you are using energy-saving glasses. It has some aesthetic values, as well. That means when you are using energy-saving windows, these are adding some aesthetic value to your home.

Energy Efficient Windows Cost

Now we have come to the most common question. How does the energy efficient windows cost? Well, it depends on many things. It depends on brands, energy-saving features, frames, and window glasses. Based on all these, the average cost of energy-saving windows starts from $335. 

However, you need to add labor costs, as well. So overall, the minimum cost with star rating can start $385 on average. And this is for a vinyl window with double panel glass. But if you are looking for a large window with a wooden frame, then you should have a budget of $825 on average. 

But the thing is that you can save around $27-$111 per year for this window. Maybe you think that it takes several years to earn back your money. But saving money is not the thing you should calculate. A home with energy-saving vinyl windows can add up to $12000 additional value when it comes to selling. So you can easily imagine that it is more than worthy to set these windows.


So overall, energy efficient windows can help you save your money, add aesthetic value to your home, increase the overall price of your home, and, most importantly, improve the home environment even better. As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to having these windows.

So for any smart homeowner, it will be the right decision to install these energy-saving windows not only for saving money or adding extra value to the home but also for reducing the impact of dangerous gas on the environment. So be responsible, save your energy for the next generation and be happy. 

6 Essential Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Wood Frame for Your Home Improvement

An outdoor kitchen is a great place to have fun during the summer. It is a place where you can have amazing foods with your family and have a party in every meal. Even you can invite your neighbors as well as friends and relatives to the party to make it more enjoyable. You cannot do these things in your home kitchen for sure.

However, many people run out of Outdoor Kitchen Ideas. That is why I am going to tell you six essential Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Wood Frame. Wood is inexpensive, easy to use, removable, and, most importantly, improves the aesthetic look of your home.

You may build an outdoor kitchen with other items such as concrete, steel, boards, and a mix of all these as well. But these are not as convenient as wood. You can customize wood as you want that is impossible with other materials.

That is why we will talk about the wooden frame for your good looking outdoor kitchen in your backyard. All you need to do is to read the article carefully until the end. Here are six outdoor kitchen ideas with a wood frame for your home improvement.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Wood Frame

Build a wooden floor

The first step of the Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Wood Frame to designing an outdoor kitchen is to build a wooden floor. Maybe you are thinking, why do you need a wooden deck where you can use the ground as a floor, right? Well, we are talking about a kitchen where you can cook, eat, have fun, and throw parties. So it has to be good looking and safe.

I am mentioning ‘safe’ here because, at night, different types of insects might come here due to light. You never want your children to expose to these insects for sure.

And when it comes to aesthetic look, a wooden floor will add an amazing look to your outdoor kitchen for sure. And at the same time, it will make your outdoor kitchen apart from your neighbor’s outdoor kitchen.

Making a wooden floor is not that tough. You can do it with ease. I know it will take extra time for you, but trust me, you will love it when it is done. You can add texture, color, or finish on the wooden floor to make it even more attractive.


Create a kitchen cabinet with a wooden frame

The main part of these outdoor kitchen design ideas is creating a kitchen cabinet with a wood frame. Since the kitchen cabinet is the main part of the kitchen, you need to put extra care while making it. Besides that, the kitchen cabinet will come to the touch of water, heat, moisture, and others. So you have to put extra care.

If you decide to use wood for the kitchen cabinet, then you should consider pressure-treated pine wood. The reason is simple. It holds up extreme heat that will be produced from your cooking or grilling, and at the same time, it will rot less than other wood.

But this wood itself might not be enough. You should use a cement backer board both inside and outside. It will protect the wood from extreme heat and water, as well. And one more thing here, always remember to be aware of fire safety. No matter you are using cement backer board or not.

Once you have done attaching the cement backer board, you can then add different types of decorative stone, stucco, concrete panels, and others. Remember? We are talking about the aesthetic look of your outdoor kitchen? So it has to be good looking.

You can make the frame whatever size you want and whatever design you want. It is all up to you. It is another outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Wood Frame.


Try shade

Shading is also important while it comes to outdoor kitchen ideas with wood frame. Of course, it is equally important for other materials as well. A shade will protect you from extra heat and also from dirt. Since it is your backward, there will be trees and tree leaves as well.

You can use curtains, draperies, and other shade treatments to cover the shade. But these will block the sunlight before it goes down. If you want a long-lasting approach that will provide you natural light for a little bit while then you can consider pergola overhead.

It will maintain some natural sunlight without compromising the shade for your kitchen. However, it is up to you what you want.


Keep a dining table in nature

As we told before, we are talking about outdoor kitchen ideas with wood frames for both cooking and dining. So there has to be a dining table. And since it is in the backyard garden, it will be in nature. Just imagine the scenario. You are having lunch or dinner or even breakfast with your family and friends in the garden, in a dining table.

And the good part is it is one of the outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget. You do not have to use a lot of money on it for sure. Even you can take your existing dining table from your dining room as well.


Decorate the kitchen with small herbs

When it comes to backyard kitchen ideas, there should be some small herbs. Why? Well, having some natural herbs will keep your kitchen fresh all the time, and at the same time, you can use some of them for cooking. Who does not want to have fresh foods, right?

And that you can add as one of your outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Wood Frame. Another benefit of having small herbs in the kitchen is that it will keep your kitchen even fresher. That means by this simple change, you can have a fresh food and fresh air. What else can you expect from this small change?


Add light for dinner

And the last step of your backyard kitchen ideas is considering the lighting in your outdoor kitchen design ideas. You should use light for two purposes. One is that lighting will help you see clearly at night. And the second one is that it will make a soft ambiance and mood for entertainment.

Don’t just rely on the natural light. You can use different types of lights of different colours. Or even you can use candle for candlelight dinner as well. It will surely add some value to your party.



These are six outdoor kitchen ideas with a wood frame that will help you build an amazing kitchen. It will add some value to your home and set you apart from your neighbors or others. Now it is time to arrange a party and invite your friends and relatives to let them know about your kitchen.

Making an outdoor kitchen might take your valuable time, but when you complete it, you will understand that it is worthy of your time. It will improve your bonding with your family, friends, kids, and relatives, or even neighbors. When are you going to make your one?

Are You Embarrassed by Your Open Terrace Covering Ideas Skills? Here’s What to Do.

A terrace is an excellent place for leisure activities such as sitting, reading, resting, or strolling. That is why you should make it as beautiful as possible to keep yourself fresh all the time. In the summer, the open terrace is good. But when it is winter or rainy season, it has to be covered.

However, many people out there are running out of open terrace covering ideas. Even some people are embarrassed by their terrace shedding ideas. But if you just think a little bit, you can find some amazing ideas for sure.

Don’t want to brainstorm?

Well, let me help you. Here are some amazing open terrace covering ideas for you. Also, I will tell you some terrace shed designs as well so that you can make your terrace even more beautiful.

Open Terrace Covering Ideas

Open terrace covering ideas doesn’t have to be hard. read these tips

You can decor your open terrace by add terrace shed cover and design it. And your can apply your skill on the terrace space as well.

Some amazing Terrace shed ideas

Here are some effective and attractive terrace shed ideas for you.


Textile terraced roof Terrace shed

The textile terrace roof is one of the most popular as well as the most flexible way of covering your open terrace. No matter it is summer or winter or rain, you can use it, and it will give you all the benefits. The best part about the textile roof is its flexibility. You can take off, roll up, and stretch the fabric fully when necessary. 

In the summer, when the sun is too hot to tolerate, you can stretch the fabric fully to cover the entire roof frame. It will provide you shed. And in the rainy season, it will shelter you from rain. On the other hand, when it is winter, you can remove it to get the sweet sunlight. 

Even when you do not need it, you can take it off from the roof and wash it and keep it further use. 


Reed-roof patio Terrace shed

If you need a roof that is natural, lightweight, easy to use, and at the same time, good looking and sun-protective, then this one is for you. It is a simple solution to your open terrace roofing problem. And the best part about it is that it is a sustainable natural material.

However, it is not going to protect you from the rain. So, if you are thinking of using a roof in the rain, this one is not a good option for sure. But it is an excellent idea for summer and winter though you can use fiberglass cover on this material to protect you from the rain. 


Stretch fabric Terrace shed

Stretch fabric is one of the great open terrace covering ideas. Stretch fabric is similar to sail. And it is best for winter and summer where you just need to protect yourself from sunlight. Besides, it is super easy to set up and roll-up.

Even in some cases, this sail fabric can be used against the rain if you can choose a suitable fabric material. You know, not all materials are appropriate. However, if you can pick the right materials for stretch fabric, it will protect you from sunlight, rain, and even wind.


Lovely Lattice Light Terrace shed

If you are looking for any natural open terrace covering ideas, then a beautiful lattice can be a great option for you. You will get all the benefits of covering the yard, and at the same time, you will have a nice, good looking, greenish roof.

In that case, you need to set a lattice canopy along with verdant vines. You can use different types of climbing flowers as well. It will definitely add additional beauty to your yards along with the shed you are looking for. It is really one of the most amazing terrain shed ideas.


Pergola Terrace shed

Another great open terrace design could be a perfect pergola. You will get the beauty you need from the covering, and at the same time, you will get the shed you need. The best part about the pergola is that it does not block the sunlight completely. 

Instead, it provides enough sunlight, and at the same time, it provides shadow as well. That means it is offering you a mix of light and shadow. Its thin wood slates enable the ray to come in so that you can feel the warmth of light instead of blocking it. It is great for winter.


Stand-alone Stunner Terrace shed

If you need a temporary, private space in the backyard, then this one is the best open terrace design I can suggest. It is customizable, easy to build, and offers you privacy from your neighbors. It does not even take a day to make.

In addition to that, it provides shed in the summer. And in the winter, it can protect you from the cold wind as well. Even it can protect you from rain as well. The only problem is that it is not any permanent open terrace covering ideas. It is suitable for temporary use. 


Terrace shed designs for more aesthetic look

We have discussed some terrace shed ideas for you. But you can add more value to your yard by adding these terrace shed designs. You know, covering your yard with different item cannot set you apart from others for sure, you need something more to set you apart from your neighbors and friends.

That is why there are some amazing designs that you can apply to make your terrace shed design even more attractive, even fresher than ever. And the best part is that it does not take much time and much effort to do. You can simply do it by yourself easily.



Open terrace design

So how can you design your open terrace? What are the steps you can follow so that your open terrace become something special to you? Here are some ways to make your open terrace more attractive and fresher.


Railing planters

One of the best open terrace designs is railing planters. It has a lot of benefits, to be honest. It will increase the beauty of your terrace. You can choose different colors that best match your patio and yards. And the best part is that you can plants trees on it. 

If you do so, it will provide you more oxygen, more fresh air, and, most importantly, it can offer you fruit, vegetables, or flowers. All depend on your choice. You can plant vegetables for fresh food, you can plant flower trees, or you can plant all kinds of plants to make it more valuable. 


Wooden floor

We have talked about the roof all the time. But the floor is an essential element of the terrace. If the floor is not good enough, no matter how good your roof is or how good your decoration is, all your efforts will end in a vein. That is why you should put an extra effort on the floor.

When it comes to the floor, a wooden floor can be the best option for your terrace design. Why is it best? You see, all of your neighbors are using concrete floors. If you use a wooden floor, it will set you apart from them. Don’t you want it? Besides, it increases the aesthetic look of your terrace as well.


Outdoor seating

As we told you before, the terrace is an excellent place to spend your leisure time. You can spend time there by reading a book, talking to your friends and family, or taking snacks. But all you can do only when you have a place for seating.

That is why you need to make sure you have outdoor seating in the yard under the roof. You can use a table and some chairs to make a proper seating. But it all depends on your choice. But using some chairs or benches can be good for sure. 


Potted trees

Since we are talking about terrace designs, potted trees should come first. Nothing can be more beautiful than natural trees. And when the trees are potted in your terrace, it surely increases the beauty of your yard. Moreover, it will complete the natural look of your terrace. 

Many people think that you need a large space to decorate your terrace with potted trees. But the truth is that you can add one or two potted trees to increase the beauty if you have small spaces. However, the more trees you add, the more natural it looks. Try adding different types of beautiful trees.  


Wall of planters

Potted trees, tables, chairs, or wooden floors are now typical terrace shed designs, to be honest. If you really want to set you apart from the crowd and make your terrace more beautiful, more customized, then you should consider adding a wall of planters.

It will completely change the look of your terrace for sure. It will look like having a wall in the woods. Try adding flowers and colorful plants here. Since you can add the height of the plants here, if you can customize the plant combination here, you will get a killer look for sure.



We have talked about the sun, aesthetic look, light protection, wind protection, rain protection, and others. What about the night? Don’t you want to use your terrace in your leisure time at night? Of course, you do. Spending time with your family or beloved one on your terrace at night is better than a day.

And to do that, you must need light. Without proper lighting, you cannot enjoy the night here. You can use color as well as dim light to make it more beautiful and attractive. Trust me; if you can combine good lighting, you will miss your terrace when you are not at home. So, ensure proper lighting.


Final thought

If you have some fantastic open terrace covering ideas, you can make your terrace mind-blowing, and then your leisure time on the terrace will be more fun than ever. You can have a good time with your friends and family as well. Your terrace will be a place for fun for all of you.

These are some of the best open terrace covering ideas as well as open terrace designs. I hope this article will help you cover your terrace and make your terrace more beautiful than ever. If you find this article helpful, leave a comment and thanks me later.  


Drawing Room Interior Design Doesn’t Have To Be Hard, Read These 10 Tips.

We spend a lot of time in our drawing room. It is our place for discussion, entertainment, and even relaxing. Besides, any guest comes and sits in our drawing room first. That is why the drawing Room Interior Design must be excellent.

Many people think it is tough to decorate our drawing room. But that is not true at all. You can easily do it if you just follow these 10 tips.

Drawing Room Interior Design

Choose the right furniture

Furniture is the heart of your drawing room decoration. If you want to make your drawing room interior design professional as well as mind-blowing, you need to choose the right furniture. Now, what does it mean by the right furniture?

Well, it means everything. You have to choose the furniture with the right size. Size is important because when you select furniture with large or small size, it won’t fit your room perfectly and look odd for sure.

Besides, the furniture type is essential, as well. If you want to design your drawing room in an antique style, then you should choose antique-style furniture. If you want a modern style, you should go for modern style furniture.

Similarly, the number of furniture is not less significant. You should purchase the right amount of furniture for your room so that you have enough space for moving, and at the same time, the place looks fulfilled.


Consider layout in drawing room decoration

Just purchasing the right furniture is not enough. You need to organize it the right way, as well. Otherwise, you will not find enough space for moving, and it will look clumsy. A good layout can change the entire drawing room decoration in a minute.

You can take help from the internet. You will find a different layout on the internet. Along with that, you can copy it from any of your friend’s house or even you can try yourself, as well. Trying yourself will be the best. You should try a different layout at the same time, and after a couple of tries, you will find your one.


Create a focal point

A focal point is a place that people see first when entering the room. It is imperative to make your focal point looks impressive. You know, the first impression is the last impression. A good artwork, a fireplace, an excellent showpiece, or anything that you feel best can be a good focal point.

It is similar to your Living room decor. In our living room, we always keep a focal point. You need to do the same thing here as well.


Choose the right flooring

Many people often make this mistake and do not care about flooring. But trust me, it improves the look, and make your drawing room interior design gorgeous. You can either use the carpet for your flooring or use tiles, as well.

Use whatever you want, but make sure it suits your room mood. Choosing a good colour for the carpet or choosing the right design for the tiles is really important. A silly mistake can destroy the whole effects. So, choose wisely.


Consider wall art for drawing room design

Wall art is a great way to improve drawing room design. And the best part is it is inexpensive. You do not have to spend a lot of money on it. Besides, you can change it quickly, as well. If you are not interested in using wall art, you can use wallpaper, wall stickers too.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with wallpaper and wall stickers. You will find different types of wallpapers or stickers with different styles or designs. These are cheap, easy to use, and easy to change. Try these.


Use right drawing room colour

The drawing room color tells you the mood of the room. You can make your drawing room interior design warm, cool, dark, dynamic, or others by choosing the colour. And it is not that tough to choose the right colour.

All you need to do is to find out what mood you want to bring in your drawing room, and based on your demand, choose any color. And if you have any confusion, it is better to consult a professional in that case. You should not take a risk with the colour.


Lighting is important

All of your efforts will end in a vein if you do not add good light in your drawing room interior design. A small change in lighting can change a lot of your drawing room looks. It does not take much effort to use proper light and set up the light in the right position. So, do it.

Position, as well as angels of light, is really important. Also, figure out if you could use the daylight or not. Nowadays, sunlight adds an extra aristocracy in the room.


Furniture cover

This is a simple thing, but I don’t know why people ignore it. People purchase furniture by investing a lot of money, but they do not want to spend a little money on furniture cover. It is strange. But these simple covers can add tremendous effects on your room design.

Add good covers in your sofa cushions, add a table mat on the tea table, and window curtain. Window curtain tells the aristocracy of a room or even a family. So put an extra caution while adding the window curtain. 


Try houseplants


I love this option. Maybe you have noticed that nowadays, almost every good family, good organization is using houseplants in their rooms. It is a great way to improve the beauty of your drawing room. You cannot imagine how good it looks in the drawing room

You can use it in your living room décor, as well. But remember to place it in the right position. If you can put it in the correct position, trust me, it will improve the beauty a lot.


Use bookshelves

And lastly, use bookshelves in your drawing room. A good-looking bookshelf with a lot of good books will add additional beauty to your room. And it will make your room apart from your neighbor’s drawing rooms, as well. So why won’t you use it?



These are the tips you should follow to make your drawing room interior design gorgeous. And as you can see, these are not that hard. You can do these things by putting a little effort. But this small effort will change the entire look of your drawing-room, and you will start enjoying to stay in your drawing room for a long time.

5 Fundamental Rules When It Comes To Budget Kitchen Remodel

Are you trying to add some values to your house? Renovating kitchen can have a dramatic influence on your home and it can increase your home’s resale value too. This article is going to focus on how you should budget kitchen remodel.

Kitchen is considered as the epicenter of family life. We all love food and kitchen is the place from where you get your meal to satisfy your appetite. All kinds of celebration is incomplete without food and obviously without the kitchen too. The interior of your kitchen holds an importance in your life too. If you are looking forward to budget kitchen remodel, this piece of writing might help you.

Let’s Talk About Budget Kitchen Remodel Process

How to Update an Old Kitchen on a Budget?

Want to have your kitchen renovated but budget is the issue? Okay, keep calm and have a look on the following tips to know how you can budget kitchen remodel.

  • Update your kitchen cabinets without replacing them
  • Get your kitchen walls a new paint
  • Update the cabinet knobs
  • A microhood is good for the kitchen renovation
  • Play with the lights
  • Upgrade to a fancy kitchen faucet
  • New curtains would create a vibrating look
  • A fancy backsplash is a must try for renovating the kitchen

If your kitchen lacks of space, then these small kitchen ideas on a budget might erase your tension of thinking about kitchen renovation on budget.

  • Using a shimmering and glossy texture
  • Choosing the light color for painting the kitchen walls
  • Letting the window uncovered
  • Installing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry
  • Keeping your kitchen scheme simple
  • Not letting any place go to waste
  • Supersizing the sink


Kitchen remodel cost breakdown

It’s not an easy task to budget kitchen remodel. You surely need to run an extra mile to create a plan within your budget. Before budgeting, the cost breakdown of kitchen remodel needs to be identified.

Usually a kitchen remodel cost breakdown might look as follows:


  • Cabinetry and Hardware: 30%
  • Countertop materials + Installation: 20%
  • Appliances: 10%
  • Electrical work:7%
  • Flooring: 9%
  • Lighting: 5%
  • Walls and Ceilings: 4%
  • Design cost: 4%
  • Doors and Windows: 5%
  • Faucets and Plumbing: 4%
  • Other: 2%

This is not the perfect figure but it gives you an idea about how will you spend for each steps in kitchen remodeling. After calculating your estimated budget, you should save some extra money for the unexpected expenditure.


Fundamental Rules to Follow

Doing a kitchen makeover is time consuming and need lots of money too, but the outcome is also beautiful. If you want to budget kitchen remodel in an effective way, then you must follow these fundamental rules:


Refresh Instead of Replacing Cabinets:

Installing new cabinets would cost about 30 to 35 percent of the total budget, a big chunk actually. Do you really need to change the entire cabinetry?

No, most of the time the cabinet is okay but the front side needs an update. You can change the doors and keep the cabinet. Keeping the cabinet will save a larger portion of the entire cost.

Keeping the same cabinet and avoiding the new one is ecofriendly too; tons of glass, plastic and other materials take centuries to degrade.

Some tips to refresh the cabinetry to change your kitchen’s entire look:

  • Following the classic method of refreshing outside, get your kitchen cabinet painted.
  • Going for the resurfacing option will be a cost-effective idea if the cabinets are in good condition.
  • Adding new thermo foil or wood to the outside of the cabinet.
  • Replacing the drawer portions and the doors.

One way to edge cost of wall cabinets is to fix some open shelving. You can feel the vibe of a commercial kitchen within a limited budget.


Cling to the Same Kitchen Layout:

Changing the entire layout will bring a dramatic change but it will drive up the budget surely. On the contrary, keeping the existing layout while changing the elements will give your kitchen a new look within your budget.

If not necessary, moving the existing plumbing is not a good idea. Plumbing services like dishwasher, refrigerator or sink to the opposite wall entails hiring a plumber, which will increase the labor cost. If you move the electrical services like lights or GFCI outlets, you might have to tear out the firewall.

Working within the current layout is cost-effective and it saves your time and labor too. If possible you can add a kitchen island to provide more space and storage.


Paint the Floor Rather than Replacing:

Paint the floor rather than replacing. Sounds weird? Actually it is a budget friendly idea and it really works well in kitchen remodeling.

You can turn your old wood floor into a classy one by getting them painted. It might not be a popular idea to paint wood floor but it will bring a good change. Professional refinishing might cost you up to $2,000, while painting costs $200 only.

$200 or $2,000 is your decision. As we are talking about budget kitchen remodel, of course saving every penny is essential.

Using polyurethane-based porch and floor enamel would be the ultimate choice for a durable finish.


Fix and Refurbish Your Appliances:

People used to toss all the kitchen appliances during the course of a kitchen remodel or renovation. Thankfully, the scenario is a bit different now because many municipalities have restrictions against dumping the kitchen appliances to the landfill.

It’s quite easier now to fix the appliances, there are facilities of readily available information. You can take the help of online services too.

You can fix appliances like:

  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Induction cookers
  • Juicers and mixers
  • Water heater
  • Oven
  • Water softener
  • Garbage disposal

Buying an entire set of kitchen appliances is way expensive, you can easily skip this expense by fixing the old ones. But yes, if they are in good condition.


Limit the Expert’s Cost: Doing it yourself:

Hiring a professional is surely an expensive issue, is it wise to do all things by yourself solely? No, you can’t do all the required jobs to renovate your kitchen, you need to hire a professional. But you can limit the cost of hiring an expert by doing the easier tasks.

If you have time you can do the below listed works by yourself rather than getting it done by a professional to save money:

  • Installing baseboards
  • Hanging drywall
  • Interior painting
  • Installing vinyl
  • Coating floors
  • Insulating open walls
  • Fixing an outlet
  • Ceiling light changing


Kitchen is the heart of your house. Besides adding value to your home, a kitchen renovation would bring a lucrative impact on your home environment. To get the best result within your resources, it is vital to follow the required steps and the tips and tricks too.

You can create a to-do list for better execution of your ideas and plans. Within limited resources beautiful kitchen renovation is possible. You can blend experts’ suggestions and your ideas together to get the desired makeover of your cookhouse.

Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your FRONT DOOR PAINT

Are you thinking of repainting your front door? If yes, then this article is for you. There are some mistakes that you might make, and these will destroy your front door paint for sure.

You know, after a few years of painting your front door, the colour fades away. The door is the first and foremost impression of your house. If the door cannot create a good impression, the chances are high that your inside cannot make a good impression as well.

That is why we need to repaint our front door to retain that fantastic impression. But during the repainting, you might make some mistakes that can destroy the external door paint.. Here are five vital mistakes that can destroy your front door paint.


5 Mistakes of Your Front Door Paint

1st Mistake: Painting over existing door paint

The first mistake people do during the repainting is colouring over the existing colour. People do it for two reasons. One is that they want to save money. But unfortunately, it costs more. When you repaint your door over the existing paint, it is not called repainting. It is called covering.

That means you are covering your problems with paint. As a result, your problems will come up very soon. That means you have to paint it once again very soon and that is going to cost you more.

Another reason to repaint over existing paint is laziness. People do not want to put a little bit extra effort to eradicate the existing damaged paint. But as I said, this simple laziness will cost you a lot.

So never do it. It will cost you more, and at the same time, you will not get an excellent finish, which eventually makes your door looks ruined.


2nd Mistake: Not taking off the door

Another mistake people often do is not taking off the door. When you paint your door with the other stuff of your house, you generally do not take off your door. This is because you color your door first and then the walls.

But when it comes to repainting, you are not dealing with your walls, and your walls are good. So when you do not take off your door, the chances are high that you will end up coloring your walls as well. You know what I mean.

That is why make sure you always take off your door and then repaint it. It will save your time to remove colours from your walls and floors.

It does not take too much time to remove the door from the spot. Also, it does not require many tools to remove. Pull the pins in the hinges and remove it smoothly.

But one thing you need to remember here. If you feel like it will be tough for you to remove the door and there is a chance of breaking it, then do not go for it. This might happen because of the old hardware. So if you are not confident enough, do not go for it. Instead, take help from experts.


3rd Mistake: Not using sandpaper

We all try to follow the easiest way to do anything. When it comes to removing existing paint from the door, we generally try to use paint remover. But the thing is that it damages your door and it cannot completely remove the paint.

That is why all the professionals use sandpaper to remove the paint and make the door smooth so that you get a perfectly smooth finish.

But if you do not use sandpaper, you are not going to get the best finish, and that will destroy your front door paint for sure. So use it.


4th Mistake: Not choosing the right color

It is essential to select a color that can match your internal door colors as well as home color. If you choose a color that looks awkward, then what is the meaning of coloring your front door? As I said before, we are repainting our external door to create a good impression.

So make sure you have chosen the perfect wooden door paint colors that can match your home color. For example, if you have a soft white color in your walls and you color your door with red, then it is not going to look well for sure. So, make sure you choose the right wooden door paint colors

Another important thing you should consider here is the paint brand. A good paint brand will keep your door shiny and colourful for a long time. So choose it wisely.


5th Mistake: Don’t keep it unfinished

And lastly, don’t keep your painting unfinished. Keeping your painting incomplete is worse than keeping it unpainted. When you start painting your door, you should complete it. Otherwise, two things will happen.

One is that your door will look terrible. Just imagine a scenario. You have a door with half painted. And the remaining part is either unpainted or damaged. How will it look? It will look terrible for sure. 

And the other one is, you cannot match your previous painting to a new one. When you keep your painting unfinished, the completed part will be dried after a while.

Then when you start painting the remaining part, you will see a difference between the two paintings. You cannot match those two-time paint. So make sure you do not keep it unfinished. Otherwise, it will destroy your front door paint. Instead, try to complete it and if you have a problem, leave the entire door unpainted and do it in the future.



Repainting is important. It gives your house a brand new look. But if you cannot repaint it properly, it gives a punk look. I have mentioned five mistakes that you should avoid to not destroying your front door paint.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you will easily get a stylish look, and it will make your home look like new. And if you do not want to take any risk, you should hire a professional who will do it nicely for you without making these mistakes.4

3 Mistakes in ROOF REPLACEMENT That Make You Look Dumb

Do you know a silly mistake in roof replacement can make you look dumb and damage your entire roof?

Yes, some mistakes will make you look dumb during the replacement of your roof.

As a homeowner, you should take care of your roof all the time, and if necessary, you should change it.  And you should do it with full caution. A lot of people have misconceptions about replacing the roof, and they try those without knowing the right things expert.  Any mistake can damage your rooftops and at the same time, can make the current situation worse.

That is why you should know those mistakes. Here are three common mistakes in roof replacement that you should avoid to stay away from damaging your roof as well as home.


Reusing old flashing in Roof Replacement Process

Flashing is that thin metal sheet around the skylights, chimneys, vents, and other projections intersecting on your roof. It plays the most important role in the protection of your roof from moisture. This is the thing that determines the longevity as well as the health of your roof.

The Flashing channels away the moisture from all the vulnerable places of your roof. Thus it protects your roof from water intrusion. As a result, your roof remains protected all the seasons from potential damages.

During the roof replacement, a lot of people use old Flashing to reduce the roof replacement cost. And it is not uncommon since old Flashing might look pretty new. But if you observe carefully, you will find the wear under the surface. This wear reduces the ability to channel away water from your home and put your roof under the potential damage.

That means you can save a little money by reusing your old Flashing, but ultimately, you are losing more money and putting your home under some potential damages. Do not do it. Instead, always use new Flashing.


Adding layer over existing shingles

In many municipalities, adding a new layer over the existing shingles without removing it is illegal. Even if it is allowed in your area, you should not do it. If you do it, it will damage more, and finally, you will feel dumb for sure.

A lot of lazy roofers make this mistake. They add a layer over the existing shingles. They do not feel the necessity to remove it first. They do it for three reasons, actually. They want to save time, save money, and cut corners.

But if you are a smart homeowner or roofers, you will not do that. Doing this will make places for moisture and dirt. As a result, it will create a path for fast deterioration and damage, which you don’t want for sure.

Also, it will add additional weight to the roof. This will damage your home’s wall as well as the roof structure. In this case, the roof replacement tips for you will be removing the old layer first. You know, adding a new layer over the old layer is like adding a mask over the problem. It is not solving the problem.


Don’t care about attic ventilation

And lastly, a common mistake people often do is not caring about attic ventilation. You cannot even imagine how important it is for your home health.  A roof is a combination of many components.

The temperature of your inside depends a lot on the attic ventilation system. During the hot summer, your roof becomes too hot. And during winter, it becomes too dry. If the attic ventilation is not good, your foo will be too hot in summer and too dry in winter. As a result, there will be moisture, and it can lead your roof to severe damage.

This is the most straightforward reason why you should care about attic ventilation in your roof replacement process.



These are some common mistakes you should avoid during your Roof Replacement Process. Some additional roof replacement tips will be for you; Try to hire a professional, Match the shingles, and check your roof every season. If you do these and don’t make the stupid mistakes that I have mentioned above, you can keep your roof healthy and damage-free all seasons.

A smart homeowner knows what he needs to do to keep his roof safe and new all the season. Are you a smart homeowner or roofer?

12 Questions Answered About WALL PAINTING IDEAS FOR HOME

Are you looking for some exciting and interesting wall painting ideas for home? Do you want to give your home a new look? Your living room color is boring, are you thinking of trying some trendy wall painting designs? Lots of queries, and  I am here to help you with the 12 questions answered about wall painting ideas for home and get the best suitable answers.

Let’s get started with the most important questions about wall painting ideas for home.


1. How do I select the perfect color of paint for my living room?

Living room is the center of a home, where you spend a quality time with all family members. Your taste of interior will reflect by the overall image of your living room. Choosing the right one among popular living room is the toughest part of painting your home. You can choose among these five colors-

  • Green- the splash of life will be brought by green color.
  • Blue- looking for a calm and stabilized look? Blue will do the rest.
  • Beige- if you love the minimalist look go for beige.
  • Black- want to try something unexpected and dramatic? Black is the right color for you.
  • Gray- will do great for comparatively small spaces.

2. What factors I should consider before start painting for my home?

While searching wall painting ideas for home, certain issues should be considered, such as-

  • Budget
  • Room orientation
  • Sources of light
  • Fixed and furnished elements
  • Surfaces
  • Paint finishes
  • Mood

3. How to prepare a room for painting?

Some steps of preparing a room for painting are:

  • Taking furniture out
  • Removing wall decorations
  • Unscrewing all switch plates and outlet covers
  • Covering the outlets
  • Filling in any holes with spackle and let it dry for 1 day
  • Sanding the walls with sanding block or 220-grit sandpaper
  • Wiping your walls with soapy water to remove any dirt and stains
  • Putting shields over furniture
  • Laying drop cloths on the floor
  • Applying primer if you are using a dark color

4. How do you clean walls before painting?

Before painting your walls you should clean them. After removing the wallpaper or old paint, washing down the targeted surface with warm water and liquid detergent is necessary. While painting the kitchen, don’t forget to use a stronger detergent as the walls are greasy. You must leave the walls to dry completely after rinsing off all the residues.

5. What is the best way to paint a room?

Following the right order is the best way to paint a room. The following painting order should be maintained:

Ceilings > Walls > Woodwork > Floor

Covering the larger space would be a wise decision because it will make you work quicker.

6. Should entire house be painted same color?

You can go for just one color to paint the entire house. It would be a less expensive wall painting ideas for home and you need not to think much for choosing separate color for each spaces. If budget and time is no issue, then you can choose different colors for different spaces.

While one single color for the entire house might look monotonous, different shades add more color and fun to life. For kitchen you may go for yellow or red, bright color will give you more energy; but for your bed room a light green or warm white instead of red would be more suitable as you will feel relaxed and calm in a light-colored room.

7. How to paint a ceiling?

Several steps are required to paint your ceiling:

  • Using the perfect roller and pole
  • Choosing a flat paint
  • Covering floor
  • Moving furniture
  • Covering the trim with tape
  • Applying the stain-blocking primer before painting

8. What color should I paint my trim?

Use a lighter color trim on dark walls, it will look good. On light walls, any dark color specially black or gray will a good choice.

9. How to choose the kitchen wall colors?

If you want to feel fresh in the beginning of your day, your kitchen color should be white. Vibrant colors like red or yellow will increase the appetite, so you can choose any between them. Light green or warm grey would also do well.

10. What would be the ideal exterior wall paint colors?

If you are searching for the best wall painting ideas for home, then you might be serious about the exterior wall paint also. The exterior represents your personality, so be wise while choosing the color. Colors like chocolaty brown, warm green, creamy white or brick red will look both traditional and classy.

11. Should I paint walls before installing trim?

It’s tougher to cut a line on the woodwork, so before painting the walls you better sort out things with the trim. Using a 9 inch roller would really help you paint the walls.

12. Should I fit skirting before painting?

Yes, you should fit skirting first to avoid hassle of touching up afterwards and it will save your time also.

These above-mentioned Q&A would certainly help you find the interesting wall painting ideas for home. Home is the place where live and breathe, so making it beautiful is everyone’s desire. Choosing the perfect colors will bring an outstanding impact to your home and life as well.

What Everyone Must Know About AVERAGE COST TO ADD A BATHROOM

What everyone must know about average cost to add a bathroom? In this present era, almost everyone is persistently busy and always working hard just to advance their way of living. I guess you are no different. If you designing and calculating the average cost to add a bathroom to a house is a major decision for the attainment of your desired lifestyle. Calculation of the average cost to add a bathroom to your home can be tricky. Doing so depends a lot on your preferences. However, in this article, you will get a brief guideline for it.



Value Addition to a Home

Adding a bathroom to a home is a very important home renovation work. It ultimately increases the value of a home. The average cost to add a bathroom will be dependent mostly on your budget and taste. Suppose, you have a tight budget and everything else in the existing bathroom is in good shape. Then you can consider paint, light and other stuff for making the bathroom feel larger. Having a handful of money to spend on this purpose you can surely build a lavish bathroom for your home.


Types of Bathrooms and Average Cost to Add a Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to your home can cost an average of around $2,000 for remodeling in an existing space at least or about $25,000 for a new addition. if you have got enough budget and mindset, then the sky is the limit. It depends on your ability, intention, and taste. Yet, there are some types of bathrooms that you can choose to build according to your needs.

  • Half Bathroom: The half bathroom has a small space that consists of a toilet, sink, mirror or maybe a closet for keeping all the toiletry stuff. In which, the toilet will cost around $200-$1800, the sink will cost around $400-$800 and the mirror will cost around $50-$100. The new addition of such a bathroom overall will cost around $8k-$12k.
  • Three-Quarter Bathroom: This type of bathroom has medium space. It will include a toilet, sink, mirror and a stall shower. It also includes a closet. The price range for the toilet, sink, and mirror remains the same as half bathroom but the shower costs around $100-$2500. These types of bathroom will take small space. Yet, these bathrooms will have more usefulness than the Half Bathroom. The average cost to add a bathroom like this will be around $13k-$20k.
  • Full Bathroom: The size of it is medium to large. It consists of a toilet, sink, mirror, and a tub/shower blend or both separately. Everything remaining the same tub/shower blend will cost around $500-$1500. It will have enough storage space for needed toiletry stuff. Adding a toilet to a house like this one will cost around $22k-$30k.

So these are the basic types of toilets that you can consider adding to your house according to your budget and need.


Cost Determining Factors

As it is being said earlier while adding a bathroom to your home in terms of cost relating to its sky is the limit. Yet, the cost depends largely on some factors like these;

  • Budget

Your previously determined budget plays a crucial role. If you have a frugal mindset you will tend to spend less and ensure to attain the highest utility at the same time. For doing so you will have to study a lot to get the best out of very limited resources.

  • Space

If you have a small spare space in your home you can consider half or three-quarter bathroom rather than the full one. The full bathroom will take more space and it would make the home even smaller.

  • Plumbing and Electrical Systems

If you have an existing plumbing and electrical system the cost will be much lower compared to creating a new one. Creating a new one would cost more as it would require cutting through the concrete to get the pipes and other stuff.

  • Location

The location of a adding bathroom is important. Suppose, the place of adding a bathroom to your home is near to the living space. It is going to be made for guests. Then you should make a small bathroom. But, if it is being made for upstairs or near to the rooms make a semi or three-quarter bathroom.

  • Return on Investment

When you are adding a bathroom to your home for increasing value to your home consider making a full bath. It increases 20 percent of the resale value of the home right away. In case you are considering selling your house soon; while planning for the cost of adding a toilet you must think about return on investment. In a bullish housing market the resale value of the house after the addition of toilet you might be able to get 100% of your investment.


Bathroom Installation Additions cost

Well, sometimes you don’t need to build a new bathroom all you need some extra additions to your existing one. So, for your ease I am giving you the average cost of such installation in brief;

  • Tile:

The average cost of a tiling project can vary on some factors. Like if you have chosen a DIY project or hired a professional. Considering both the cost range will be around $59-$100 per 5 square feet (approx.).

  • Toilet:

It takes a professional to install a toilet which costs around $200-$1800. While installing a toilet make sure that it is being installed properly. Any sorts of defects later might cost you even more. That is why it is good to hire a professional for it.

  • Sink:

For installing a sink in a toilet it would cost $400-$800(approx.) for you. Same as installing a toilet while installing a sink it is important to see if there is any leakage. Leakage might cost you more afterward.

  • Cabinet:

Installing a cabinet for keeping all toiletry stuff can cost around $100-$150.

  • Flooring:

Flooring would cost $1-$18 per square foot which depends on the materials.


Professional Labor Charge

 Most of the works of adding or remodeling bathroom require professionals. So you need to pay them while getting your works done. Professionals like contractors charge $65-$85, plumbers charge $65-$90, and tile installers charge $35-$70 per hour and so on. The cost may vary according to your demand and the state you are living in. It is a good practice to hire professionals with license and insurance. Make sure you inquire about it before hiring them.


Cost to Add a Basement Bathroom Vs Upstairs Bathroom

Adding a bathroom in your basement will cost you around $10k-$15k. It would cost even more if there is no existing plumbing facility. Running water down there and make a path to back out again can be a daunting task. So installing water pipes will be also a big challenge. The cost to add a bathroom upstairs or adding a bathroom to second floor cost the same as a regular cost. But it supposes to be comparatively more convenient. As there is more likely to already have an existing plumbing facility and water pipelines.


Adding Bathroom to Second Floor Cost

 When it comes to adding bathroom to second floor cost will be around $10k-$25k. Of course, the overall cost of adding this bathroom depends on some factors. Such as, if the location of the bathroom is near to the existing plumbing or a new one needs to be set up by cutting through the concrete.  Setting up a new one would cost much higher than the existing one. Moreover, the overall cost also depends on the types of fixtures you choose while adding a bathroom to the second floor of your home. In the market, you will find various prices of your needed toilets, sinks, faucets and bathtubs from high-end to the low-end. Among all of these, you will be able to choose the ones that go with your budget and preferences.


Appropriate Cost for Adding a Toilet to a House

 When it comes to determining how much you should be ready to spend for adding a toilet to a house, you got to take a very sane decision. Mid range upgrade may bring a good return on investment whereas a lavish upgrade may not bring much. When your current home has one bathroom only, you can think about adding another bathroom to it rather than remodeling. Such a decision would increase the value of the home significantly. When you own a home of little investment adding a new lavish bathroom may not make any sense. But, home of good investment will bring a lucrative return on an investment after the addition of a newly lavish bathroom with it.


Final Words

So, we can conclude in a way that the average cost to add a bathroom to our home can depend on so many factors. Considering all these factors you can easily choose in which way you can add a suitable one for making your lifestyle and home a bit better for your future. This going to be a very important investment decision for your coming days so it is better to always take a well thought decision.