3 Mistakes in ROOF REPLACEMENT That Make You Look Dumb

Do you know a silly mistake in roof replacement can make you look dumb and damage your entire roof?

Yes, some mistakes will make you look dumb during the replacement of your roof.

As a homeowner, you should take care of your roof all the time, and if necessary, you should change it.  And you should do it with full caution. A lot of people have misconceptions about replacing the roof, and they try those without knowing the right things expert.  Any mistake can damage your rooftops and at the same time, can make the current situation worse.

That is why you should know those mistakes. Here are three common mistakes in roof replacement that you should avoid to stay away from damaging your roof as well as home.



Reusing old flashing in Roof Replacement Process

Flashing is that thin metal sheet around the skylights, chimneys, vents, and other projections intersecting on your roof. It plays the most important role in the protection of your roof from moisture. This is the thing that determines the longevity as well as the health of your roof.

The Flashing channels away the moisture from all the vulnerable places of your roof. Thus it protects your roof from water intrusion. As a result, your roof remains protected all the seasons from potential damages.

During the roof replacement, a lot of people use old Flashing to reduce the roof replacement cost. And it is not uncommon since old Flashing might look pretty new. But if you observe carefully, you will find the wear under the surface. This wear reduces the ability to channel away water from your home and put your roof under the potential damage.

That means you can save a little money by reusing your old Flashing, but ultimately, you are losing more money and putting your home under some potential damages. Do not do it. Instead, always use new Flashing.


Adding layer over existing shingles

In many municipalities, adding a new layer over the existing shingles without removing it is illegal. Even if it is allowed in your area, you should not do it. If you do it, it will damage more, and finally, you will feel dumb for sure.

A lot of lazy roofers make this mistake. They add a layer over the existing shingles. They do not feel the necessity to remove it first. They do it for three reasons, actually. They want to save time, save money, and cut corners.

But if you are a smart homeowner or roofers, you will not do that. Doing this will make places for moisture and dirt. As a result, it will create a path for fast deterioration and damage, which you don’t want for sure.

Also, it will add additional weight to the roof. This will damage your home’s wall as well as the roof structure. In this case, the roof replacement tips for you will be removing the old layer first. You know, adding a new layer over the old layer is like adding a mask over the problem. It is not solving the problem.


Don’t care about attic ventilation

And lastly, a common mistake people often do is not caring about attic ventilation. You cannot even imagine how important it is for your home health.  A roof is a combination of many components.

The temperature of your inside depends a lot on the attic ventilation system. During the hot summer, your roof becomes too hot. And during winter, it becomes too dry. If the attic ventilation is not good, your foo will be too hot in summer and too dry in winter. As a result, there will be moisture, and it can lead your roof to severe damage.

This is the most straightforward reason why you should care about attic ventilation in your roof replacement process.



These are some common mistakes you should avoid during your Roof Replacement Process. Some additional roof replacement tips will be for you; Try to hire a professional, Match the shingles, and check your roof every season. If you do these and don’t make the stupid mistakes that I have mentioned above, you can keep your roof healthy and damage-free all seasons.

A smart homeowner knows what he needs to do to keep his roof safe and new all the season. Are you a smart homeowner or roofer?