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How We Improved Our EASY CHEAP FLOORING in One Week

Do you want something to renovate your room, bedrooms, bathroom or kitchen? Do you think how we improved our easy cheap flooring? The interior of your living room will be as beautiful as you keep the floor of the room. If you want to make your house more attractive then use home flooring to renovate it. The great news for you is that in this article you will get an easy and one of the best new flooring ideas to renovate it.

Designers could be the best options for refurbishing a home or improving it beautifully. You can get designers in different budgets. I will exclude this option as you won’t have much money. If you think cheap flooring is impossible without a designer then that is your mistake. Some research, creativity and intense desire will help you achieve your goals.

The idea I would share for easy cheap flooring is “TrafficMASTER Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank”. It can be the best option to get the best results at the fastest time and the lowest cost.


 What is TrafficMASTER Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank:

 TrafficMaster is a well-known brand that is owned by Shaw Industries, Inc and it was opened in 1954. This brand comes with 46 varieties of wooden laminate which allows you to choose your favorite one from some popular materials. You can find this product in various places like hardware and flooring retailers or even at Home Depot.

The first thing I will tell you of this new flooring idea is the installation of TrafficMASTER Allure. Since you are unwilling to hire a designer, you need to have a good idea about the installation process of it. So, let’s get started to it.


1st Step: Prepare Surface in a Convenient Condition

 Trafficmaster Allure is useful for installing on different types of surfaces such as wood, concrete subfloors, tile flooring or even existing vinyl. If you want to install vinyl flooring on an existing tile floor, one thing you must keep in mind is that the grout lines are not larger than a quarter inch.

If you see that the grout lines are large, you need to level the floor using a patching compound. On the other hand, if you want to install vinyl flooring for the concrete subfloor, you must check the moisture of the concrete. If you see the humidity level above 5% then you must use 6mil poly underlayment for it.


Step 2: Take the Right Measurement for Installation:

 At this step, you need to take the dimensions of the length of the rooms and use the length of the planks to divide them. While taking the dimension of the length, keep in mind that it should be a quarter inch gap on both ends. If you notice that the resulting level is less than 12 inches, and then you need to avoid less than 12 inches on the other side of the room, and for that, you need to cut the first board according to that size.

After taking the measurement of the length, you need to measure room width and after it, divide the width of the board. If you find that the result is shorter than half the width of the board, then you need to cut down the first and last rows of the same width. Performing all of these tasks will help you have a balanced appearance. Will you feel bored to do this, you better not.


Step 3: Start Installing from the First Row

 In this stage, you need to start working at any corner of the room and with the under edge, lie down the first plank facing the wall. When you get ready to install, make sure that there is quarter-inch difference between the wall and the planks. When you do this, it will give you support for subfloor contraction and expansion. When this is done, you will need to place the 2nd plank. While placing it, make sure that there is an angle of 45 degrees with the overedge on the undersize.

Always try to keep the board tightly and then press on the seam. Now your job is to reinforce the grip strips bond and for that, you can use a hand roller so that you can do it easily.

Have you already lost patience to do this? Please do not lose patience, you obviously know that patience results sweet.

If you find that the seam is not tight, you need to separate the planks and then start from the beginning. Of course, make sure that the grip-strip is not damaged and therefore pull the top panel very carefully from the bottom board. Now adjust the board again and roll the seam. Keep placing the boards until the rows are finished, and continue to rotate the seams.


Step 4: Install the Planks Carefully

 When you are going to place the second row of the plank score, you need to snap the first plank so that the seam is stuck at least 6 inches from the first row. Of course, keep in mind that at the end of each row, there should be a continuous gap in the wall and for this, you can use spacers on both ends.

While installing the plank in the opening area, the best way is to cut the door casing as it will allow the blade to slide down. Place the plank next to the casing on your own and keep the casing intact. Now, cut the doorcase with a saw or jam cutter.

Installing vinyl flooring is a very easy task that you can do yourself. This is the best way for easy cheap flooring, it is extremely durable, virtually maintenance-free and it will create a beautiful addition to your home.


New Flooring Cost (Vinyl Flooring)

 As I mentioned earlier, the idea of this easy cheap flooring is quite cheap so there is no reason to worry about it. Of all the ideas that cheap flooring has, this is one of the cheapest options that can give you the best service. Since Trafficmaster has appeared in many styles, you can buy most of its styles for $ 0.50 to $ 2.00 per square foot. Another great thing is, you can get most of the laminates with the warranty of a lifetime residential or limited commercial or 15-year residential. 


Facts to Know

Some users have noticed that TrafficMaster planks have some issues in those areas that have high humidity such as a kitchen or bathroom. in areas with high humidity in areas such as kitchen and bathroom. For this reason, before you install this new flooring idea in this area, you need to dry the cisco space carefully and take extra care. You also have another option which is, avoid using new vinyl planks in those areas.


Final Thoughts

Does your home need flooring but you don’t have enough money? There is no reason to despair, just chill, you have many options available for easy cheap flooring. However, not all options or ideas may be useful, so you must take careful action in this regard.

We have detailed in our article the idea of ​​easy cheap flooring which will an exceptional innovation you to your home at a very small cost. There can be no better option than this idea to ensure effective installation with a low-price tag. So, follow this idea properly and renovate your home. 

3 Mistakes in ROOF REPLACEMENT That Make You Look Dumb

Do you know a silly mistake in roof replacement can make you look dumb and damage your entire roof?

Yes, some mistakes will make you look dumb during the replacement of your roof.

As a homeowner, you should take care of your roof all the time, and if necessary, you should change it.  And you should do it with full caution. A lot of people have misconceptions about replacing the roof, and they try those without knowing the right things expert.  Any mistake can damage your rooftops and at the same time, can make the current situation worse.

That is why you should know those mistakes. Here are three common mistakes in roof replacement that you should avoid to stay away from damaging your roof as well as home.


Reusing old flashing in Roof Replacement Process

Flashing is that thin metal sheet around the skylights, chimneys, vents, and other projections intersecting on your roof. It plays the most important role in the protection of your roof from moisture. This is the thing that determines the longevity as well as the health of your roof.

The Flashing channels away the moisture from all the vulnerable places of your roof. Thus it protects your roof from water intrusion. As a result, your roof remains protected all the seasons from potential damages.

During the roof replacement, a lot of people use old Flashing to reduce the roof replacement cost. And it is not uncommon since old Flashing might look pretty new. But if you observe carefully, you will find the wear under the surface. This wear reduces the ability to channel away water from your home and put your roof under the potential damage.

That means you can save a little money by reusing your old Flashing, but ultimately, you are losing more money and putting your home under some potential damages. Do not do it. Instead, always use new Flashing.


Adding layer over existing shingles

In many municipalities, adding a new layer over the existing shingles without removing it is illegal. Even if it is allowed in your area, you should not do it. If you do it, it will damage more, and finally, you will feel dumb for sure.

A lot of lazy roofers make this mistake. They add a layer over the existing shingles. They do not feel the necessity to remove it first. They do it for three reasons, actually. They want to save time, save money, and cut corners.

But if you are a smart homeowner or roofers, you will not do that. Doing this will make places for moisture and dirt. As a result, it will create a path for fast deterioration and damage, which you don’t want for sure.

Also, it will add additional weight to the roof. This will damage your home’s wall as well as the roof structure. In this case, the roof replacement tips for you will be removing the old layer first. You know, adding a new layer over the old layer is like adding a mask over the problem. It is not solving the problem.


Don’t care about attic ventilation

And lastly, a common mistake people often do is not caring about attic ventilation. You cannot even imagine how important it is for your home health.  A roof is a combination of many components.

The temperature of your inside depends a lot on the attic ventilation system. During the hot summer, your roof becomes too hot. And during winter, it becomes too dry. If the attic ventilation is not good, your foo will be too hot in summer and too dry in winter. As a result, there will be moisture, and it can lead your roof to severe damage.

This is the most straightforward reason why you should care about attic ventilation in your roof replacement process.



These are some common mistakes you should avoid during your Roof Replacement Process. Some additional roof replacement tips will be for you; Try to hire a professional, Match the shingles, and check your roof every season. If you do these and don’t make the stupid mistakes that I have mentioned above, you can keep your roof healthy and damage-free all seasons.

A smart homeowner knows what he needs to do to keep his roof safe and new all the season. Are you a smart homeowner or roofer?

12 Questions Answered About WALL PAINTING IDEAS FOR HOME

Are you looking for some exciting and interesting wall painting ideas for home? Do you want to give your home a new look? Your living room color is boring, are you thinking of trying some trendy wall painting designs? Lots of queries, and  I am here to help you with the 12 questions answered about wall painting ideas for home and get the best suitable answers.

Let’s get started with the most important questions about wall painting ideas for home.


1. How do I select the perfect color of paint for my living room?

Living room is the center of a home, where you spend a quality time with all family members. Your taste of interior will reflect by the overall image of your living room. Choosing the right one among popular living room is the toughest part of painting your home. You can choose among these five colors-

  • Green- the splash of life will be brought by green color.
  • Blue- looking for a calm and stabilized look? Blue will do the rest.
  • Beige- if you love the minimalist look go for beige.
  • Black- want to try something unexpected and dramatic? Black is the right color for you.
  • Gray- will do great for comparatively small spaces.

2. What factors I should consider before start painting for my home?

While searching wall painting ideas for home, certain issues should be considered, such as-

  • Budget
  • Room orientation
  • Sources of light
  • Fixed and furnished elements
  • Surfaces
  • Paint finishes
  • Mood

3. How to prepare a room for painting?

Some steps of preparing a room for painting are:

  • Taking furniture out
  • Removing wall decorations
  • Unscrewing all switch plates and outlet covers
  • Covering the outlets
  • Filling in any holes with spackle and let it dry for 1 day
  • Sanding the walls with sanding block or 220-grit sandpaper
  • Wiping your walls with soapy water to remove any dirt and stains
  • Putting shields over furniture
  • Laying drop cloths on the floor
  • Applying primer if you are using a dark color

4. How do you clean walls before painting?

Before painting your walls you should clean them. After removing the wallpaper or old paint, washing down the targeted surface with warm water and liquid detergent is necessary. While painting the kitchen, don’t forget to use a stronger detergent as the walls are greasy. You must leave the walls to dry completely after rinsing off all the residues.

5. What is the best way to paint a room?

Following the right order is the best way to paint a room. The following painting order should be maintained:

Ceilings > Walls > Woodwork > Floor

Covering the larger space would be a wise decision because it will make you work quicker.

6. Should entire house be painted same color?

You can go for just one color to paint the entire house. It would be a less expensive wall painting ideas for home and you need not to think much for choosing separate color for each spaces. If budget and time is no issue, then you can choose different colors for different spaces.

While one single color for the entire house might look monotonous, different shades add more color and fun to life. For kitchen you may go for yellow or red, bright color will give you more energy; but for your bed room a light green or warm white instead of red would be more suitable as you will feel relaxed and calm in a light-colored room.

7. How to paint a ceiling?

Several steps are required to paint your ceiling:

  • Using the perfect roller and pole
  • Choosing a flat paint
  • Covering floor
  • Moving furniture
  • Covering the trim with tape
  • Applying the stain-blocking primer before painting

8. What color should I paint my trim?

Use a lighter color trim on dark walls, it will look good. On light walls, any dark color specially black or gray will a good choice.

9. How to choose the kitchen wall colors?

If you want to feel fresh in the beginning of your day, your kitchen color should be white. Vibrant colors like red or yellow will increase the appetite, so you can choose any between them. Light green or warm grey would also do well.

10. What would be the ideal exterior wall paint colors?

If you are searching for the best wall painting ideas for home, then you might be serious about the exterior wall paint also. The exterior represents your personality, so be wise while choosing the color. Colors like chocolaty brown, warm green, creamy white or brick red will look both traditional and classy.

11. Should I paint walls before installing trim?

It’s tougher to cut a line on the woodwork, so before painting the walls you better sort out things with the trim. Using a 9 inch roller would really help you paint the walls.

12. Should I fit skirting before painting?

Yes, you should fit skirting first to avoid hassle of touching up afterwards and it will save your time also.

These above-mentioned Q&A would certainly help you find the interesting wall painting ideas for home. Home is the place where live and breathe, so making it beautiful is everyone’s desire. Choosing the perfect colors will bring an outstanding impact to your home and life as well.

What Everyone Must Know About AVERAGE COST TO ADD A BATHROOM

What everyone must know about average cost to add a bathroom? In this present era, almost everyone is persistently busy and always working hard just to advance their way of living. I guess you are no different. If you designing and calculating the average cost to add a bathroom to a house is a major decision for the attainment of your desired lifestyle. Calculation of the average cost to add a bathroom to your home can be tricky. Doing so depends a lot on your preferences. However, in this article, you will get a brief guideline for it.



Value Addition to a Home

Adding a bathroom to a home is a very important home renovation work. It ultimately increases the value of a home. The average cost to add a bathroom will be dependent mostly on your budget and taste. Suppose, you have a tight budget and everything else in the existing bathroom is in good shape. Then you can consider paint, light and other stuff for making the bathroom feel larger. Having a handful of money to spend on this purpose you can surely build a lavish bathroom for your home.


Types of Bathrooms and Average Cost to Add a Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to your home can cost an average of around $2,000 for remodeling in an existing space at least or about $25,000 for a new addition. if you have got enough budget and mindset, then the sky is the limit. It depends on your ability, intention, and taste. Yet, there are some types of bathrooms that you can choose to build according to your needs.

  • Half Bathroom: The half bathroom has a small space that consists of a toilet, sink, mirror or maybe a closet for keeping all the toiletry stuff. In which, the toilet will cost around $200-$1800, the sink will cost around $400-$800 and the mirror will cost around $50-$100. The new addition of such a bathroom overall will cost around $8k-$12k.
  • Three-Quarter Bathroom: This type of bathroom has medium space. It will include a toilet, sink, mirror and a stall shower. It also includes a closet. The price range for the toilet, sink, and mirror remains the same as half bathroom but the shower costs around $100-$2500. These types of bathroom will take small space. Yet, these bathrooms will have more usefulness than the Half Bathroom. The average cost to add a bathroom like this will be around $13k-$20k.
  • Full Bathroom: The size of it is medium to large. It consists of a toilet, sink, mirror, and a tub/shower blend or both separately. Everything remaining the same tub/shower blend will cost around $500-$1500. It will have enough storage space for needed toiletry stuff. Adding a toilet to a house like this one will cost around $22k-$30k.

So these are the basic types of toilets that you can consider adding to your house according to your budget and need.


Cost Determining Factors

As it is being said earlier while adding a bathroom to your home in terms of cost relating to its sky is the limit. Yet, the cost depends largely on some factors like these;

  • Budget

Your previously determined budget plays a crucial role. If you have a frugal mindset you will tend to spend less and ensure to attain the highest utility at the same time. For doing so you will have to study a lot to get the best out of very limited resources.

  • Space

If you have a small spare space in your home you can consider half or three-quarter bathroom rather than the full one. The full bathroom will take more space and it would make the home even smaller.

  • Plumbing and Electrical Systems

If you have an existing plumbing and electrical system the cost will be much lower compared to creating a new one. Creating a new one would cost more as it would require cutting through the concrete to get the pipes and other stuff.

  • Location

The location of a adding bathroom is important. Suppose, the place of adding a bathroom to your home is near to the living space. It is going to be made for guests. Then you should make a small bathroom. But, if it is being made for upstairs or near to the rooms make a semi or three-quarter bathroom.

  • Return on Investment

When you are adding a bathroom to your home for increasing value to your home consider making a full bath. It increases 20 percent of the resale value of the home right away. In case you are considering selling your house soon; while planning for the cost of adding a toilet you must think about return on investment. In a bullish housing market the resale value of the house after the addition of toilet you might be able to get 100% of your investment.


Bathroom Installation Additions cost

Well, sometimes you don’t need to build a new bathroom all you need some extra additions to your existing one. So, for your ease I am giving you the average cost of such installation in brief;

  • Tile:

The average cost of a tiling project can vary on some factors. Like if you have chosen a DIY project or hired a professional. Considering both the cost range will be around $59-$100 per 5 square feet (approx.).

  • Toilet:

It takes a professional to install a toilet which costs around $200-$1800. While installing a toilet make sure that it is being installed properly. Any sorts of defects later might cost you even more. That is why it is good to hire a professional for it.

  • Sink:

For installing a sink in a toilet it would cost $400-$800(approx.) for you. Same as installing a toilet while installing a sink it is important to see if there is any leakage. Leakage might cost you more afterward.

  • Cabinet:

Installing a cabinet for keeping all toiletry stuff can cost around $100-$150.

  • Flooring:

Flooring would cost $1-$18 per square foot which depends on the materials.


Professional Labor Charge

 Most of the works of adding or remodeling bathroom require professionals. So you need to pay them while getting your works done. Professionals like contractors charge $65-$85, plumbers charge $65-$90, and tile installers charge $35-$70 per hour and so on. The cost may vary according to your demand and the state you are living in. It is a good practice to hire professionals with license and insurance. Make sure you inquire about it before hiring them.


Cost to Add a Basement Bathroom Vs Upstairs Bathroom

Adding a bathroom in your basement will cost you around $10k-$15k. It would cost even more if there is no existing plumbing facility. Running water down there and make a path to back out again can be a daunting task. So installing water pipes will be also a big challenge. The cost to add a bathroom upstairs or adding a bathroom to second floor cost the same as a regular cost. But it supposes to be comparatively more convenient. As there is more likely to already have an existing plumbing facility and water pipelines.


Adding Bathroom to Second Floor Cost

 When it comes to adding bathroom to second floor cost will be around $10k-$25k. Of course, the overall cost of adding this bathroom depends on some factors. Such as, if the location of the bathroom is near to the existing plumbing or a new one needs to be set up by cutting through the concrete.  Setting up a new one would cost much higher than the existing one. Moreover, the overall cost also depends on the types of fixtures you choose while adding a bathroom to the second floor of your home. In the market, you will find various prices of your needed toilets, sinks, faucets and bathtubs from high-end to the low-end. Among all of these, you will be able to choose the ones that go with your budget and preferences.


Appropriate Cost for Adding a Toilet to a House

 When it comes to determining how much you should be ready to spend for adding a toilet to a house, you got to take a very sane decision. Mid range upgrade may bring a good return on investment whereas a lavish upgrade may not bring much. When your current home has one bathroom only, you can think about adding another bathroom to it rather than remodeling. Such a decision would increase the value of the home significantly. When you own a home of little investment adding a new lavish bathroom may not make any sense. But, home of good investment will bring a lucrative return on an investment after the addition of a newly lavish bathroom with it.


Final Words

So, we can conclude in a way that the average cost to add a bathroom to our home can depend on so many factors. Considering all these factors you can easily choose in which way you can add a suitable one for making your lifestyle and home a bit better for your future. This going to be a very important investment decision for your coming days so it is better to always take a well thought decision.

How to make cabinet door

How to make cabinet door
How to make cabinet door
Rip the board
Coping sled
Coping sled
Assemble raised panel
Assemble raised panel

Are you trying to build your own new cabinet door? Or, are you thinking for a Replacement kitchen cabinet doors of your current one by your own hands? But don’t know how to make cabinet door! If that’s the case, please continue reading this article. This will give you step by step easy cabinet doors guide to build your own cabinet door in quick time.

Dimension of the Door

Cabinets are one of the essential elements for any house. Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen, you always need a cabinet for sure. These cabinets come from different size and shape according to people’s need. So, the door size and design also vary from person to person.

So, when you will start making raised cabinet doors the dimensions are important. You have to plan accordingly as well. This will be also a cheap cabinet door. After making the cabinet doors, you have to make sure that it is perfectly fitted. Otherwise, all the hard work will go in vain. So, without further due, let’s begin our process of making cabinet doors.

Necessary Tools:

  1. Walnut Wood.
  2. Sander.
  3. Round Rail and Stile Router Bit Set.
  4. Quadra-Cut Raised Panel Router Bit with Backcutters.
  5. Woodpeckers Coping Sled.
  6. Router tables.
  7. Router Bit Set-Up Jigs.

Lets Learn How to Make Cabinet Door

Step By Step Guide:

  1. You might have understood now that I’ll be making the door from walnut wood. So, at first cut some walnut boards for the raised center panel portion by 1 inch longer than it needs.
Center pannle boardCenter pannle board
  1. Then rip the board into smaller pieces to make sure its functionality as a raised panel. Once you have ripped, it’s off to the jointer to get one side flat.
Rip the boardGet one side flat
  1. Move your wood through the jointer to get the board perfectly thin shaped. This is not something that you will get by using a planer. Because planer will force the board to be flat with uniform shape.

Jointer Machaing

  1. Next, make your board parallel from the top by using a planer. You can use pencil mark to get the trace of the top side.
  1. After that, it’s time to use the jointer to make the board square and flatten on one edge. Make sure this part is done very carefully. Otherwise, the shape can be mismatched.

Flatten on one edge

  1. Then use the table saw and put the jointed edge against the fence. Take a tiny bit off of the other side with the blade in order to make the board perfectly flat, square and parallel.

Against the fence

  1. Now it’s time to put the panels together. Use more than enough glue to thoroughly cover the entire surface. After putting the glue, join the parts carefully and dry for an hour before proceeding next step.
Panels togetherPutting the glueJoin the parts carefully
  1. After unclamp, scrape off the large chunks of glue that were left behind by using a wet rag. Then it’s time for a quick sanding to perfect it looks. Use a sander with 150 grift paper.

Quick sanding

  1. Now, use the router table to make router panel joints- rails, stiles and of course the raised panels. The rails are the horizontal piece that goes across the top and stiles are the vertical piece. You can use template guide if you are doing it for the first time. It will be a great help, trust me!
Template guideTemplate guideTemplate guide
  1. Use the coping sled and slide up the rail pieces into it to do the coping cuts. Then unclamp the coping sled, flip the board and continue same procedure for another side. The bottom rails are always 1-1.5 inches in width and the tops are normally 3 inches in width. The center rails naturally have 2 inches in width. But you can always use your own measurements if you want.
Coping sledCoping sled
  1. Then it’s time to cut stiles. It’s better to keep the good side down. But it doesn’t matter which side you put against the fence as both sides are same. But don’t forget to cut both sides. The size of stiles normally remains the same. The natural width of stiles remains from the 2-2.5 inch. This size can vary from design to design and on individuals taste also.

Cut stiles

  1. Now, time to route the raised panel. Be sure about height and width before doing this. Set your router to the slowest possible speed. You can repeat this step for the smoothest possible result.

Route the raised panel

  1. So, all the rails, stiles and raised panels are ready. Now, you need to sand the burn marks off of the raised panel. Use the soft sanders with sandpaper to do this for a better result. This kit comes with six different blocks which are why they can sand any sheet.

Use the soft sanders

  1. Finally, time to assemble raised panel Use the glue on both sides of rails, stiles, and panels to make sure there is no shortage of glue. Make sure you put the glue on every joint and dry them for over night at least.
Assemble raised panelAssemble raised panelJoint and dry them
  1. After joining all the parts, you can use the sander with 320 grame paper for the last time to guarantee perfect sanding. That’s it. Your door has been made.

Door has been made

I hope you got your answer of “how to make cabinet door” after reading this step by step guide. In this way you can also make Kitchen cabinet doors. It is my pleasure to be a helping hand for the people. Thank you.

How to Make a Couch from Pallets for Your Patio | Modern Outdoor Sofa

Just imagine that you are enjoying a summer evening with your family. And you are sitting on modern outdoor sofa or a couch at the patio.  Isn’t a great time? So everybody should have a couch on their lounge. Let’s learn how to make a outdoor sofa from pallets.

It will be a cheap and time saver work. This homemade outdoor furniture gives you comfort and become artistic to have a modern  sofa just at the porch or next to the door. Now a day it is easy to make outdoor furniture made from pallets.

How to Make a Modern Outdoor Sofa

To do so, we need 9 pieces of 2×4 @72″, 13 pieces of 2×4 @ 25.5″, 2 pieces of 2×4 @ 28.5″ boards. Apart from these, we need wood glue, sandpaper, some relevant tools like saw, measuring tape, square, drill with driver and mini pocket hole jig.

how to make a couch

First of all cut the boards perfectly with the help of a saw.

how to make a couch

To do it, place 72″ two boards keeping 25.5″ distance from each other and put five more 25.5″ boards inside the two long boards 16″ apart. It will look like a ladder.

modern outdoor sofa

Attach these five boards with the long two, by 2.5″ self-taping exterior decking screws using the drill bits.

modern outdoor sofa

Now it is time to frame the arms. Attach the 28.5″ armrest to the 25.5″ two legs. Use 2.5″ exterior decking screws. Then add a support of 25.5″ board at middle or 14″ up from the bottom of the legs horizontally.

outdoor furniture made from pallets

To complete the arms, include another piece of board underneath. We’ll utilize this board to tie into the seat frame. In this way will make another arm frame, using the same screws. Thus make two arms for the both sides of the sofa. After this step we are in the middle of our learning, that how to make a couch from pallets for your patio.

outdoor furniture made from pallets

After that attach the seat floor to the vertical supports of the two arms using the same 2.5″ exterior decking screws. We can take the help of a clamp.

outdoor bench plans

Now add six 72″ boards as seat slats screwing down to the seat floor by 2.5″ exterior screws.

outdoor bench plans

At last we need to attach the back of the modern outdoor sofa. Take only the rest one 72″ board and place it horizontally at the top of the arms. Only this time with the help of a mini pocket hole jig use 2.5″ pocket hole screws to attach the back. We have completed our learning, that how to make a couch from pallets.

outdoor bench plans

Last word

Now our cherished homemade outdoor furniture is ready to use. Buy appropriate cushions of your own. Hope you understand how to make a couch from pallets for your patio. Next time we will learn more outdoor furniture made from pallets.

Do You Know-Which Router Bit to Use- Straight or Spiral

Day by day wood router bits technology are getting better. So I can say technology is come a long way. It’s good to know about the different type of wood router bits. There are several type of wood router bits you can get in the market. But we have some confusion that which router bit to use. The bits are made with tempering hit, so handle with care. If it fall down on the floor it could be broken.

Which router bit to use

Let’s have a look a couple of option in your wood router. In broad way we find two types of routers, one is straight bit and another is spiral bit.

Which router bit to use?

Straight Router Bit

Usually straight router bit has one or two flute with carbide tipped. It can use for plane edges, rabbets, cut grooves, dadoes, and slots. Moreover the straight router bit is used where the flat bottom is required like. Hope It is now clear regarding straight router bit works.

Straight Router Bit

Spiral Router Bit

Spiral router bit are looking like a drill bit. So this bits are better for the plunge cutting. When you cutting a piece of wood and move the spiral router bit through an angle and started cutting it straight you will get the better surface.

Spiral Router Bit

Moreover we can segregate the spiral bit in two types. Spiral upcut router bit and down spiral router bit. There are many aspects for Woodworking to the selection of up up cut spiral router bit or downcut spiral router bit is necessary. You can understand these differences until you work with them.

In fact, the flutes are twisted in the opposite direction of the bits. Usually a router is turned in the same direction. In this respect down cut spiral bit are used in handheld mode and up cut spiral are using as a router table mounted. If the question is come that which router bit to use, the above para has been answered.

Spiral Router Bit

Spiral upcut router

The spiral upcut router which is used in router table, is very much suitable for evacuate the dust form the hole. If the hole is deeper than one forth inches then the evacuation is required.

The two flutes of the spiral upcut router are twisted in such way that the dust can come out from the hole. Generally it is used to drill deep mortises.

Spiral upcut router

Down spiral router bit

To furnish a clean and crisp edge of slicing or hole the down spiral router bit is used. With the down spiral router bit the chips of dusts are not evacuate from the hole. Generally it is used in hand hold wood router.

The carpenters are use the down spiral router bit to cut visible design or slot and cut dados, rabbets as well.

Down spiral router bit

Dados Design
Dados Design

Rabbets Design
Rabbets Design

Wood Design
Wood Design

Compression router bit

There are also a bit you can buy from the market which name is compression router bit. It is a combination of up cut and down cut bit. In compression router bit you can find two step of flutes twist.  Usually, compression router bit has an up cutting single flute at the top of the bit around 1/3 of the cutting length of the bit. And the other 2/3 of the bit has a down cutting twist.

It is using for the double sided laminated board or veneer board which need the clean finishing at top and bottom

Wood Design

Final Verdict

I beg apology for that there are lot of thing, I cannot focus in this short description. I have tried to focus the main point of the most common spiral router bit. If it is helpful for you, my effort will be successful.

Thank you very much for reading the “which router bit to use” review. Keep comment to write more effective reviews.

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