Type of Wood Routers and Router Accessories

Type of wood routers

“Different types of best wood routers are available and different manufacturers produce the routers for different wood works.” Source: http://myhandtools.com/

Type of wood routers


Carpentry has reached into the form of an art and the each of the routers has different use but all of them are necessary for carpentry. Among the routers, the most notable routers are as followed –

Plunge Routers  

Plunge routers are handy in use and allow you having depth cut by keeping the router on but the plunge mechanism increase the weight of the router.

Fixed Base Routers

Light in weight and a compact size and the depth cut is pre-set before you switch on the router.

CNC Routers

Computer numerical control (CNC) routers are used for making objects using woods and works based on Cartesian system. The designs are made using computer and the cuts are done with the router.

Combo Routers

Such wood routers come with both the fixed base and plunge base routers and helpful to save your bucks. There are one motor but with several bases to get you done all types of wood routing jobs.

Variable speed Routers

The routers are able to control speed at different levels particularly during the depth cut, making design etc.

Laminate Trimmer

A small scale router that is made to perform the small scale jobs. Mostly it lacks the energy to complete any large wood working jobs.

Wood routers accessories

There are different wood router accessory is also found in the market for your wood routing jobs. The most notable craftsman router accessories are:

Router bits – Usually the router bits are the cutting tools in a router. They help creating cylindrical holes in cutting.

Sometimes the router bits are provided with the best wood router and in some cases, you are to get them from the device selling stores.

Fences – it is a kind of protecting material for the routers. The fence is also used to assist the router bit. When the bit creates holes in the wood, the bit is moved against the router to make the holes perfectly. Sometimes the fences are given with the router kit and at times you have to get them externally.

Clamps – are the device that helps binding different element together and for router, but clamps are used in wood working routers for different purposes like it mostly binds the motor with the base and in some cases, it keeps the other tools together.

Clamp is also used to lock down the joints of a router and different other use. They are easy to lock and unlock and could be done in a few seconds.

Speed controls – it is the way to control the motor speed of the router. Wood workings require different speeds to run the motor and it varies for the wood surfaces. When the woods are soft, you need to use the lower speed as if you increase the router motor speed that may damage the wood.

Again, if the wood is hard enough to penetrate, you have to increase the speed for a smooth execution. Speed control feature of the best wood router helps to decide the required speed of the router according to your application.

Jigs – it is the tool that helps to control the location of the router. When you are routing on a piece of wood, the jigs help to guide the router on the desired way and also holds it on its position. The jigs are most of the time associated with the router kit.

Switches – Switches are one of the key elements of the routers. They are a must to on or off the tools. Almost all the routers come with switches and those are mostly used in the starting of the devices.

Besides, there are also different other switches in the router for controlling the router motor RPM. The switches are primarily attached with the routers and if those get damaged, you have to replace them.

Router table – the router table is used to contain or set the router on a table for steady works and helps to speed up the routing process. The tables are the most essential elements for getting different shapes in wood works.

The router tables are made of different design and type based on the necessity and types of the routers.

Router accessories templates – The template is the premolded design or guide which helps to make designs on wood by the router. Template direct bushings transform you switch into an example adherent.
Template directing proves to be useful for a wide range of uses, for example, lettering, decorates, and molding indistinguishable furniture parts.

Not only that some brand company are making router accessories whom are the popular for their wood router also. Router accessories Bosch one of them. They are producing good quality of router and accessories as well.